January 27, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year! Moooo~

We the Spotgamers Team would like to wish everyone a very happy and prosperous Chinese New Year to all our readers and gamers in Malaysia. At the same time we would like to thank everyone for your support although we are still new and we promise to try our best to promote healthy competitive gaming in Malaysia

Im So Proud.. Its My Year Now!

According to feng shui this year if you spend more time at the south west position of your house you gonna bring luck into your life. So you must eat,sleep,play at the south west position of your house even if its a toilet! LOL

Cheers everyone ^^

PS: They said Rabbit gonna suffer this year. Nooooooo~ :(

January 12, 2009

Updated: Its Done!

Spotgamers will like to say thanks to everyone who turn out for the event, especially the COD 4 communit y who are very sporting and supportive through out the entire event. Hope u guys enjoyed the foods n drinks.. judging that the food is gone in less than 2 min i guess u guys really do. lol

Not forgetting our sponsors, UCPRO,MYGO Solution Sdn Bhd and Sendi Mutiara Multimedia who make this event come true. Without them, everyone would go back empty handed. Too bad for those who didnt come for not getting the FREE GTA IV,Warcraft 3,Starcraft and Diablo 2 original PC DVD.

Here are the list of the winners:

1. FIFA: [W|nDs]Vin
2. NFS: Forza
3. RTS: Vic Viper
4. DOTA: Kingsurf
6. COD 4: ESP Gaming
7. Newcomer: PGA
8. Marshall: Nles
9. Organizer: SMM thru SGNDT 08
10. Best gamer: Forza
11. Best clan: Kingsurf

And also.. the award for the largest community registered during the gath is.... Call Of Duty 4!

Congratz to all the winners and as well for the nominees. We are already planning for the next event even as we speak. Hopefully to see u guys again next year.

Good luck and majulah E-sukan untuk negara! ^^

January 11, 2009

Updated: Free Gifts And Prizes List

Ok Guys Here Comes The Gifts and Prizes List for Spotgamers 1st Malaysia Gamers Gath & Award Ceremony!

UCPRO is kind enuff to sponsors us this cool free gifts such as:

1. 50 pieces of free UCPRO T-Shirts for the 1st 50 registered UCPRO members during the gath.
2. 500 pieces of Sudden Attack CDs for free
3. 10 pieces of Sudden Attack Design A posters
4. 10 pieces of Sudden Attack Design B posters
5. 180 pieces of FIFA Online 2 CDs for free
6. 1000 closed beta codes for gamers to start enjoying the Sudden Attack game.
7. 100 Free membership card by Special Discount Zone which allow you guys to play at selected cybercafes for RM1/hour and also other privileges as well from other partners! Only for the largest gaming community registered during the event.

As we said earlier everyone will not go back empty handed.

The free gifts is nice rite? Wait till u see what do the winners get!

Winners will get:

1.Award trophy of their games respectively sponsored by our favorite gaming company MYGO Solution Sdn Bhd .

2.As well as Sendi Mutiara Multimedia Sdn Bhd is kind enuff to provide us the prizes for winners which is:

5 x Warcraft Battlechest

5 x Starcraft Battlechest

5 x Diablo 2 Battlechest

5 x GTA IV boxset

We will be also giving out some of the prizes above in our Lucky Draw! So you dont want.. i repeat U DONT WANT to miss this gathering.

And again we confirm that we gonna have free foods n drinks for everyone! But pls do come earlier coz there gonna be lots of hungry wolf out there. Foods and girls... beware!

So cancel all your other activities and come join us at PWTC 6pm-8pm. U may have other weekends for other activities but Spotgamers Gath & Award Ceremony is only once per year.So pls make it as ur priority yea ^^

Support your local gaming community! ^^

January 9, 2009

Updated: Spotgamers Promotional Vid Featuring Forza And COD4 Council

Recently, we did vid involving pro gamers in Malaysia to promote Spotgamers Gath & Award Ceremony. Hope you guys will be there as well. Enjoy the clips below:


January 6, 2009

Updated: Spotgamers Award Nominees

ok guys d nomination is out and as follows:

FIFA: [W|nDs]A13x, [W|nDs]Vin,[MyFES]Snake and [W|nDs]Loonatic

COD4: ESP Gaming, RnF, FFF, RvG, SWL & FsN


NFS: Forza, H3aven, RedbullY2k, Liang

DOTA: Kingsurf, USEEPRO, DNA-SK, Cybertime GoV

RTS: Paul Yan,Vic Viper, Serry, Pin, M1-John Rambo, M1-Marine

Marshall Of The Year: Ben, Nles, Colin, Douglas

Organizer Of The Year: Gameaxis, Games Monster, Go International, In2 Marketing, SMM

Newcomer Of The Year: PGA(DOTA), USEEPRO.LZ(CS1.6)

Gamer Of The Year Overall: [W|nDs]Vin, Forza, H3aven

Clan Of The Year Overall: W|nDs Clan, MyFES Clan, Kingsurf, ESP Gaming, USEEPRO.LZ

How we select the nominees and the winner(Gamers)?

1st of all we will compare their achievements above all. Only then we will value other criteria such as sportsmanship, community contribution and etc etc.

How we select for marshall and organizer?

The hardest part is to value subjective and behind the scene works. There are many aspect to covered. For marshall we will value management,discipline,attitude and etc. For organizer we will value in terms of management,prizes,coverage,qualifier,promotion,participants and other quality values.

We welcome any suggestion/opinion if you feel our list is incomplete or feel that our nominees doesnt deserve the to be nominated. All suggestion can be directed thru this forum or thru our blog at Spotgamers. The dateline for suggestion/opinion is until this Friday 9/1/09. So if u feel u or ur team should be nominated, voice out and lets us all know why ^^

As for the nominees, wear nice cloth and prepare your winning speech ^^

January 2, 2009

Update: Spotgamers Gath And Award Ceremony

ok guys update on the Spotgamers Gathering And Spotgamers Award Ceremony.

The Bad News: sad.gif

1.The organizer could not fit in with our request to have frenly matches due to the fact that there isnt enough power point for the pcs. So we have to cancel the Pro-Gamers Frenly Matches together with Predict The Winner Contest.

2. Our only activity will be on Sunday 11/1/09 6pm-8pm Mezanine Hall. We wont be setting up booth for the 3 days event at PWTC. So you dont have to come all 3 days jst come on Sunday only.

The Good News: laugh.gif

1. We have decided to expand the award by games and added up 3 new award as follow:

a. Gamer Of The Year: FIFA
b. Gamer Of The Year: NFS
c. Clan Of The Year: COD4
d. Clan Of The Year: CS1.6
e. Clan Of The Year: DOTA
f. Gamer Of The Year: RTS(which include Starcraft,Warcraft and CNC3) NEW!
g. Marshall Of The Year: Overall NEW!
h. Tournament Organizer Of The Year: Overall NEW!
i. Newcomer Of The Year: Overall
j. Gamer Of The Year: Overall
k. Clan Of The Year: Overall
l. Largest Community Registered During Gathering: Recognition

A total of 12 award has been added and to be won!

2. Foods and drinks will be served during the event.

3. There will be some sponsors opening booth during our gath so u guys can get ur favourite gaming items at a discounted price!

4. We will be doing a very cool video about gaming so u guys can enjoy during the gath. Who knows you might be featured in our vid!

Orait guys stay tune for more updates! since we wont be having d 3 days booth anymore we will focus all our energy on the gathering and award ceremony to make it a success!

So come join us! Register here to get your free pass.