August 31, 2008

Interview with [LZ] gavin

Before we start off, can you tell us more about yourself, and the team?
Hi I am Gavin , 20 years old and currently playing for Team [LZ].

First of all, congratulations on your win for the National qualifiers. What are your thoughts on the match?
It was an exciting match, and we finally get our revenge on ESWC Malaysia 2 months ago.

How did the team react once you won the last round and realized, "This is it, this is Germany!!"?
Before the last round ended, one of my teammate stood on his chair and shouted at our opponents, that is what I recall! Haha and of course that was it! Our winning call :)

What preparations did you have prior to WCG.National qualifiers?
We didn't practice much, just a bootcamped right before the qualifiers started.

How will you be preparing for the Grand Finals?
WGT Malaysia is around the corner right before we depart for the grand finals. Most probably we'll be joining that tourney as well to polish up our teamwork since it is pretty hard to find any teams locally to spar with us.

Do you feel you are unbeatable in your country now?
Definitely not, there are still a couple of good and strong team out there that able to defeat us.

What are your ambitions in Germany? / What do you hope to achieve in Germany?
We hope to go as far as we can, and if possible, we would like to clear our group stage. That is our first aim.

Let’s say, suppose this is the last year that your country is going to host a Counter-Strike qualifier, what do you hope to do for the rest of your gaming career?
I'll probably quit gaming and focus on my real life.

Any last words / shout-outs?
Thanks to our sponsor V2 cybercafe and all our friends that supported us. We'll give our best shot in Germany!

August 30, 2008

Happy 21st Birthday To [LZ] syck!

seanlau@KL says:
i wish to be the richest man on earth
seanlau@KL says:

We at spotgamers wish him and his team all the best in Cologne.

2nd on the right , Sean Lau aka syck.

August 29, 2008

OFFICIAL : Yamateh will not quit Kingsurf.Gaming

After the rumors I've posted yesterday, has just released their official news. Here is the news.

Someone has claims that yamateh is quitting Kingsurf but the fact is everytime Kingsurf lose a major tournament all of the players will have a break to calm down themselve. Stop the rumour!
by KS-eryc

It is good to have yamateh remaining in the team and Spotgamers wish all the best and jobs done at the ESWC grand finals. KS fighting!

August 28, 2008

Rumours: Yamateh to Quit from Kingsurf.Gaming

After their first best achievement which most Malaysia has not done which is to play in an international competition final (ESWC), Kingsurf.Gaming who won 1st Runners up may lose thier popular star KS.Yamateh. After the end of the ESWC, Yamateh will withdraw from KS.Gaming because of personal problems with the other members of the team. Recruiting new members to replace the slot of Yamateh is still unknown. It has been a great loss to our gaming community and also our country to see one of the best DotA team in the world losing its King. We will update you all on this topic as real sources are out. Thanks.


August 27, 2008

ESWC Grand Finals 08 - Day 2 Team Malaysia Updates


Hola everyone,
It's time for another edition of spotgamers coverage at ESWC Grand Finals @ San Jose. A short recap on yesterday that Luige had to say goodbye on his TMNF campaign after gaining 3rd place on a losers bracket round.
But what's more interesting is Kingsurf performance on the 2nd day.
More news after the hyperspace.

ESWC Grand Finals Live Results
ESWC Malaysia Official Website

They managed to beat MYM from Denmark in the semi-finals and also making the first ever Malaysian e-sport players to ever achieve getting into the finals in a world class event.
Tomorrow Kingsurf will be up against Zenith from Singapore for the last and final match to see who's worthy to hold the first champ title for DotA in ESWC.


August 26, 2008

Soul Calibur IV tutorial for nubs

Hola everyone
Today while I was lurking as usual around the internetz, I found some nice omake on Soul Calibur IV tutorial targeted for newbies.
Just for extra information, there is a high chance that Soul Calibur IV will be voted as the next competitive fighting games in next year edition of e-sports tournaments.
Other potential games will be Virtua Fighter 5 and Street Fighter IV
It's too bad Tekken 6 had to be only for PS3, else it would've got into the competitive scene as well.
Well what are you guys waiting for? Start grabbing your sticks and controller and practice for the future.
Credits on translation goes to
Read from left to right unlike the normal japanese manga
Omake after the hyperspace.



ESWC Grand Finals 08 - Day 1 Team Malaysia Updates


Hola everyone,
and welcome back to another spotgamers coverage for ESWC Grand Finals 2008. Although we're not over at San Jose for a live coverage but updates will come from numerous sources all over the net and will be feed to our readers here.

ESWC Grand Finals Live Results
ESWC Malaysia Official Website

First of all is the round-up of our boys who went to the Grand Finals for 2008 and that is Kingsurf playing DotA and Luige playing Trackmania Nations Forever.
Unfortunate events took place before this as Team Hybrid and Paulyan couldn't attend for their personal reasons.

As for day 1 of the tournament PhotobucketKingsurf managed to pull off a sweet victory over all of their opponents except losing to PhotobucketSK Gaming who eventually got 3rd placing in the group league after losing PhotobucketSerious Gaming and PhotobucketEvil Geniuses.
As for their opponent in their quarter final match, it'll have to wait on the results of DotA matches on day 2.

As for our TMNF player, Luige this isn't just his day as he was dropped into the losers' bracket after a serious whooping. On day 2 he will be playing against PhotobucketSky, PhotobucketMojo and PhotobucketPipo. Glhf to everyone who's currently competing at San Jose.

Updates: It's unfortunate that Luige, our TMNF player have been disqualified from the tournament after getting 3rd placing in the loser brackets. Now all our hope for a medal win will go to Kingsurf who will be playing in the semi-finals on the 2nd day tournament.


August 23, 2008

Kingsurf.DotA going to San Jose!

After their win at the ESWC Malaysia National Finals in July, Kingsurf.Dota has obtained their visa and will be going to San Jose, United States to compete in the ESWC Grand Finals. But there was a surprise for team Kingsurf as our Malaysian Leader, Dato Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi called to meet the team and gave them blessing for their upcoming journey to San Jose. He also wish them best of luck and try to make Malaysia proud.

We at Spotgamers will also wish Kingsurf and the rest of the squad, Luige and paulyan' all the best in the ESWC Finals in San Jose.
More updates on Team Malaysia members on the jump.

Updates On The Others: It is heard from numerous sources that Team Hybrid is very unlikely to attend the ESWC Grand Finals due to lack of sponsorship and also paulyan' having difficulties in grasping a US visa since he missed his scheduled interview with the US Embassy due to sickness. However Kingsurf are not alone because our legendary NFS player Luige manage to obtain his visa as well.

So all the best to both of them. May our flag raise high with glory there ^^


August 22, 2008

Interview: Warcraft 3 WCG Champion, Ct.XreV-Serry

I managed to catch up with Serry after he won the WCG National Finals against the Orc, SiN[Pin.zz]. He managed to come from the losers bracket, win it all and take the title. He even managed to eliminate our 5 year unstoppable champion, Paulyan'.

Spotgamers: Hello, Serry. Before we begin can you give a brief introduction?

Serry: My name is Yap Teng Lian and I'm 18 years old this year. My main game is Warcraft 3
The Frozen Throne. I use the race Night Elf

Spotgamers: Congrats on your win at the WCG Malaysia Finals? What was your feeling after
you found out you have won?

Serry: Firstly I would like to thank my sponsors Cybertime. I was so happy that I can't sleep at
night. I cannot use words to describe my feeling. But WCG 2008 is my passion.

Spotgamers: Ok, do you think you will do the same in Germany?

Serry: I am confident. But comparing my skills with the other players in the world, I'm still far
behind. I just wish I can do well for Malaysia and also Cybertime.

Spotgamers: You went for National Service for 3 months, did it effect your training in Warcraft

Serry: I guess so. I did not touch the game for 3 months. But I missed the game while I was

Spotgamers: Thats really a passion for the game. Some technical questions. In WCG Malaysia,
the patch used was 1.21. In the grand finals, the patch that they are using is 1.22.
There are changes like staff-passing, do you think it will effect you?

Serry: I don't think so. I did well because of my ability and not the staff-passing. Its all about
micro and macro. So I think it will not effect me in the Grand Finals.

Spotgamers: Yup, true. So as the Grand Finals is approaching, how much time do you take to

Serry: When I have time. What I usually do is watch replays beacuse replays helps a lot. It
makes a big difference.

Spotgamers: Replays are important. A community related question. Most players think
Warcraft 3 is imbalance, it is one sided. What is your opinion?

Serry: For me, NO. There is no imbalance in the game. As I said, micro and macro is
imporatant. And if one race wins forever, everyone will play that certain race right?

Spotgamers: Thats correct. So some short questions. Favourite matchup?

Serry: Night Elf versus Orc

Spotgamers: Because you've beaten Pin? Haha. Favourite Map?

Serry: Twisted Meadows

Spotgamers: Hated Race?

Serry: Random

Spotgamers: Haha, as you won't know what race he will go right. Funny question. Pretty girls
or lala girls? :D

Serry: Cute girls who are good :D

Spotgamers: Missed this question earlier, you have beaten paulyan' and many others. Do you
think you can maintain this winning streak just like paulyan' , who did it for 5

Serry: I never thought about it. I enjoy the game more than winning.

Spotgamers: Well we from Spotgamers wish you all the best in Germany and thanks for the

Serry: Thank you too.


August 19, 2008

WGT Gear Up Party 08

Yesterday WGT 2008 kick off by holding its own gamers party at Basif Leaf. The party was concept with "Red In Town" so almost everyone were wearing red clothes. Nuff said lets just let the pictures speak for itself ^^

WGT Desktop PC on grass~

WGT Laptop Version

Gaming Area

So many people until no sit!

Our favourite host.. who else?

Opening Ceremony Kick The Ball!

Wow he can kick in that pants~

Where is the fireworks?

Hix In Action

Hix taking a break by posing to our camera ^^

Wheel Of Fortune Contestant Chee Wei~

And the treasure hunt begins!

We win ASUS Watch!

And we thought puzzles were easy..

I donno how to play golf~

Mari sini biar abang ajar main puzzle~

LZ win the friendly match~

See gamers have social life you know

Mari mari aiskrim aiskrim~

Jali showing off his golf skills

Another Treasure Hunt Winner

Mystery Gift Winners! They are "so happy!"

Treasure Hunt Windows Vista Winner

Treasure Hunt Ultimate Winner.. LCD 22 INCH!!

The face which many people would like to slap XD

Overall it was a great party with good foods as well. Everyone seems to be having great time. Gamers can also register for the WGT Gamers Idol during the party as well. We hope that there will be more party in the future. Its nice to see for once all the gamers gather around mingle with each other and no need to think hard about their games for awhile.

Lastly all the best to WGT and may the event be a successful one this year ^^