March 31, 2009


Today, we're gonna reveal some of the freebies that your gonna get during the LAN Party... and here it goes!

Lan Party participants will stand a chance to get:

1. 200 Original Copies of Orange Box (Thats TF2 for u!)
2. 30 Original Copies of Portal
3. 10 Original Copies of Left 4 Dead
4. 30 Left 4 Dead Mousepad

We've manage to ask how are they gonna distribute this, its still unofficial but they were thinking of dispersing it through early birds, groups that runs their own events, lucky draws around the clock and many other creative ways to keep everyone pump up!

We hope that everyone would appreciate the organizer effort for trying to bring excitement and give us more than we can imagine.

So guys, better get yourself ready physically and mentally as the judgement day getting closer ^^


March 27, 2009

Do You Know????

Hey guys!! I'm back!

So for this weeks Do You Know I thought of doing a topic about the months HEADLINES which is CyberFusion!!

Ok, well maybe my post ain't sooo much about CyberFusion but I'm gonna tell you guys again about the aim for CyberFusion.


Do You Know?? That Nvision LAN Party '08 set the Guiness World Record for the Longest LAN party ever held? The record was OVER 203 people playing games for a total of 36 HOURS which started at 11p.m., 25th August(Monday) until 11a.m. on the 28th of August(Wednesday)!!

Wow!!! Guess what? CyberFusion says that they are gonna top it! So, let's get the record!


March 26, 2009


Guys, guess wat?


We have reach 200 by today and another 100 will be coming in from participating Cybercafes to make it 300!

So for those of you who are still interested to join, the only way now is to go thru Cybercafes, which means you will be using the Cybercafes PCs and have to wear their T-Shirts if there are any.

You can still send your registration if you want to but you will be put into the waiting list. The organizer will re-contact all of those who are in the list to confirm their spot. If let say they couldnt come, those guys in the waiting list will be taking their place.

If some of you is still not on the list, email to me your form at I will only receive the 1st 10. So 1st come 1st serve. You will be under my Cybercafe (Autosurf)

And im also giving priority the spot to those who have been waiting but still not on the list.


UPDATE: Ahoy 3rd Name List!

Setelah Beta melihat anak bulan di Bukit Melawati dan mendapat persetujuan mohor Di-Raja, dengan ini Beta menitahkan Senarai Name Ke-3.

Rakyat jelata boleh download di sini.

Sekian, Beta menitahkan dari Istana Agong.

PS: Some of the guys at call me Sultan for no reason :P

March 24, 2009


I saw someone fainting just waiting for the 2nd list. Well faint no more as we feed you the 2nd list!

We have compile the 1st batch and the 2nd batch together. Click here to download the full name list.

The 2nd batch start after Sophian Shahirul(thats Forza!).

More name list to come! Stay tune~

Edited: You can also preview the name list here with search engine function.

March 23, 2009


The tournament schedule is now up! Click here to download.

Edited: Sorry guys there seems to be problem with the hosting issue. We will just summarize everything here.

On Friday 10th April 2009: FIFA 09 And DOTA
On Saturday 11th April 2009: COD 4 And Sudden Attack

Registration starts at 10AM on each respected date but its best to come by 9AM. Better to be safe then sorry.

Wow! 200 Post Already!

Credit to: LINK

Can you believe it? Neither can we. Spotgamers has just reach a total of 200 post! There were times where we doubt we could even sustain the blog but reaching 200 just prove our dedication towards giving you the news that matters in our gaming community.

We would like to thank all our readers for your kind support. We hope that you will stay here as long as we do as we will strive to keep improving and bring you more hot and juicy stuff related to our gaming community.

For that, Happy 200th Post Spotgamers! ^^


UPDATE: Whats In The Goodie Bag?

As promise, we are now here to reveal what are some of the prizes that will be available in your goodly Goodie Bag!

And it is.. May i get a drum roll please? *Drum Playing*


Of course you have to break the record to receive the prize.

For the 2nd name list, they are compiling another 80++ name so its gonna take some time yea.

So can i get a "Yeah!!"? Crowd: Yeah!! ^^


March 22, 2009

Apa Itu LAN Party?

If you guys have been wondering how does a LAN party look like, check out the video below from the current record holder for the longest LAN party in the world, nVision LAN Party 2008. The current record is at 36 hrs with 203 people. Click read more to watch the video.

It looks simple rite? Think you can do better? Then join Cyberfusion 2009! ^^


March 21, 2009

1st Batch: Cyberfusion Name List Is Out!

I know I know you guys have been wondering where is my confirmation email? How do i know that my registration has been accepted?

Well worry no more as we have the 1st batch Cyberfusion name list. Game Gen has been kind enough to provide us the name list and thus we shall post it up just for you guys!

So check it out below:

For Cyberfusion Record Breaking LAN Party List:

1. Hoe Shu Ying
2. Foo Sek Meng
3. Lee Wei Yip
4. Arvin S Inthiran
5. Foo Kim Yew
6. Tan Wei Heng
7. Wong Chun Lum
8. Kong Yih Chaw
9. Lee Kok Fu
10 .Tan Wee Yee
11. Hwung Hsien Loong
12. Hwung Hsien Ming
13. Julian Tay Qingta
14. Wan Muhammad Azri Azizi Bin Wan Pauzi
15. Wan Muhammad Zahri Amir Bin Wan Pauzi
16. Fadly Manojit Bin Abdul Aziz
17. Nor Uzair Bin Nor Ayob
18. A.Sharil Fazlee Salleh Bin Hj A.Suhaimi
19. Muhammad Zul-Hilmi Mohammed Din
20. Darren Lim
21. Navine s/o Balasubramaniam
22. Mohd Shefri Bin Mohd Zulkefli
23. Rinie Bin Ramli
24. Neoh Chin Hui
25. Eric Seah @ Seah Hock Han
26. Mohd Irman a.k.a Bun
27. Hairul Izman Bin Hanafiah
28. Chin June Lui
29. Tan Lek Siang
30. Ng Hao Ping
31. Ng Tai Wei
32. Ong Say Wei
33. Mohn Asyraf Fadzlee Ramli
34. Muhammad Amin Bin Zulkafli
35. Mohd HafizBin Ab Wahab
36. Muhammad Farhan B. Arbain
37. Mohamad Alif Jamil
38. Ahmad Mustaqim Bin Hisham Ahhon
39. Ahmad Sharizal Bin Abdul Seliban
40. Michael Ling Leh Ngie
41. Tan Soon Lai
42. Lee Chen Hong
43. Lim Yong Chin
44. Yeo Thiam Soon
45. Khesvin Patel
46. Aaron Chester Danker
47. Milton Ng Eng How
48. Mohd Kassim Bin Abdul Ghani
49. Low Jianwei
50. Tan Hui Lin,Elaine
51. William Gallyot
52. Alvin Hoh Khai Ming
53. Muhammad Noh Bin Bahrin
54. Matthew Khaw Eu Chin
55. Daniel Lee Chin Lian
56. Nor Azdan Bin Nordin
57. Gavin Ng Thiam Choon
58. Yong Kok Keong
59. Ng Eu Gene
60. Lim Shi Zhong
61. Izmee Zayummi Bin Abdul Malek
62. Sophian Shahirul

For FIFA 09:

1. Chew Hoe Sheng
2. Nishanth George
3. Liaw Way Gian
4. Mohd Afifi B Mohamed Zaki
5. Mohd Shahril Mispardi
6. Choong You Qi
7. Mohammad Rusdan Saamri
8. Tong Yi Dien

Thats all for now. There will be more coming up soon so hurry up and register!

PS: For those of you who have register but your name is not on the list do let us know and we will kacau the organizer again just for you ^^


March 20, 2009

Shoutcaster Wanted!

Gamegen is looking for those who are interested to shoutcast during Cyberfusion 2009 LAN Party and One Nation Tournament.

They are looking to breed our own local breed of shoutcast who in the future will have the chance to shoutcast in numerous gaming event.

What is shoutcast?

To put it simple, they are game commentators who gonna commentate on well games. It is very popular in Europe,China,Korea and Australia but now we are looking to breed our very own local shoutcast.

If your passionate about gaming, have decent English, and loveee to talk, then try it on! Its gonna be fun to see our gaming community consist of different kind of roles.

If you have any question please feel free to drop a message here. If your interested you can email to me at

Come lets make our gaming community stronger and bigger! For Gaming! For E-Sports! For Malaysia!!!


March 19, 2009

Do You Know????


Do You Know how this works? It is meant to improve your knowledge about gaming, games, gamers and everything that you know that starts with 'game'.

For this week's Do You Know?? is still under Malaysian gamers.

So, now.

Do you know that last year was Malaysia's biggest LOSS of winners in the MYWCG? The previous winners like Paulyan, Hybrid, Si_Jali, Forza and other winners were taken down! The only winner who remained champion was John.Rambo.

And now you know!!


March 18, 2009

The G-Life Ep 6: Lanci

The G-Life Ep 6 : Lanci

Kids.. dont be lanci!

Based On True Story. Credit to Kieran for the pics.

Another creative work by Rinie Ramli


March 17, 2009


If you guys were wondering and were cracking your head to find the answers of all your questions, well search no more as we have compile to you the most frequently ask question by the gamers. We have set out a list of FAQ which most of you guys have been asking around, even those not so intelligence answer too. We have taken the initiative to ask the organizer themselves and here it goes:

1. What Is A LAN Party?

2. Can I Join The LAN Party And Tournament At The Same Time?

No because both are separate events and we fear that it might affect your health. We know that its fun to join many activities but it wont be good to those who are serious. Imagine someone who join the tournament and after it ends have to join the LAN party,with no sleep and no rest, continue back tomorrow to play his game. We dont want someone who havent sleep for 24 hrs to play during the grand final of the tournament do we?

3. Can I Bring My Laptop For The LAN Party?


4. Do I Have To Bring My CPU For The Tournament?

No, we do provide CPU for the tournament but not the LAN Party. Remember the tournament and LAN Party is 2 separate events.

5. What Else Do I Need To Bring Beside My CPU/Laptop?

We will provide the monitor but you have to bring your own keyboard,mouse,speaker and wiring power cables. You can even bring your own chair,pillow,doll,troll,blanket,jacket,sleeping bag and etc etc. Anything you like to bring just bring. You can even decorate your station and make it as comfortable as you please. We might even have mini events for the best decorated station.

6. What Games Do We Have To Play During The LAN Party?

You can play any game you want, be it single player game or multi player game. It doesnt matter what game you want to play, as long its a game. You can even play bejewelled or solitaire if you want too. Its still a game.

7. How many people can register for the LAN Party?

There is no limit but there is a catch; the 1st 250 gamers who register for the LAN Party will receive cool, i mean supa dupa cool goodie bags once you've broken the record. So if there is 300 people registered, im sorry to say only the 1st 250 people registered will receive the goodie bag. Everyone will receive a certificate prove that you've broken the record. So hurry up and be in the lucky 250!

However if let say the 8th person who register was disqualified for some unwanted issues, the 251th person who register will receive his goodie bag. But still i believe Malaysian are strong rite... so register now before its too late!

8. What if im not using original OS/'ehem' version games?

Cyberfusion 09 support all original OS and games. Other than that, its your own responsibility.

But if you want to get the support from the important names in the industry, "Gunakanlah Barang Yang Original. "

9. Will food/drinks provided?

Yup foods/drinks provided during the whole course of the LAN Party. We also have medical teams just in case you need some help.

10. Do i need to bring truth brush,extra clothes, etc etc?

You will be there 38 hrs. Bring anything that you feel can keep you awake till then.

11. Do i have to be in the LAN Party area the whole 38 hrs?

Not necessarily. Every gamers have at least 5 min break for every 1 hour. So in compilation each gamer have 4 hours for his time off. So use it wisely as time is precious here.

Plus you dont have to actually stay at your station the whole 38 hrs. You can go around, look at your friends pcs, hang out,chit chat and have fun! Remember its a PARTAYYY~

Though 100 gamers must be in the LAN Party area through out the whole event. So be cautious.

12. What time does the registration start?

The registration start at 3pm until 9pm. So you can still come after you've finish your work. Dinner will also be provided after 9pm so no worries. The record attempt will start at 11pm.

13. Can i torrent/heavy download?

How do you feel when your COD 4 or Sudden Attack lag and hang... and you died? Of course no! Light download is still ok but please, you come to play or to download? Geez...

14. Can i reserve slots?

We will start the registration soon through online and selected premises. You dont have to reserve anymore just go ahead and register. Remember, 1st come 1st serve basis!

Updated: You guys can actually register here

15. What happen if we fail to break the record?

Then Malaysia has proven that they have fail in any international event, not to mention will give negative feedback to sponsors and public across the world. Mark my word, if Malaysia fail, you can say bye bye to the gaming industry. No more pro-gamers, no more si_jali, no more Forza, no more Kingsurf... no more...

So i guess thats all for now. I believe we have covered all FAQ including those nonsense brainless question. Talking bout common sense...

LOL anyway we still have our final message about Cyberfusion. We believe that Cyberfusion is THE EVENT that can change the entire perspective about gaming in Malaysia. Why? For years gaming has always been linked to private sector/companies but this time, for the 1st time a gaming event is being organized by a collaboration of GOVERNMENT & PRIVATE SECTORS through Cyberview SDN BHD, AMD and MMU supported by MDEC.

If you have... that one chance.. one opportunity.. to prove that.. we all matters.. will you take it?

I will be there.. we will be there.. but what about you?


March 14, 2009

Do You Know!!??

Sorry readers, for the delay. Busy for these few days.

If there are school kids reading this, happy holidays to you!

For the Do You Know this week....

We are having something quite interesting.

It is something like WCG(in fact it is WCG)....


Know that???

WCG Asia was first held in Singapore in 2006, a year after they host WCG International 05. It was a 2nd version of a regional base tournament after WCG Euro. Singapore was also the host for WCG Asia 07 and WCG Asia 08. Will they be the host again this year?

It was also the year that Malaysia for the 1st time brought back a Gold Medal for WCG Asia. It was taken by Si_Jali in FIFA 06! Si_Jali was the hot favourite to bring back the gold medal after this amazing achievement in the previous WCG International 2005, getting 4th in the world.

So now you know!

That is all for now!

See you guys next time!


FIFA Online 2 National Championship Pre-Kick Off

Ahoy FIFA Online 2 players in Malaysia, get ready for some face to face battle, as MyCNX has announced that they will organize FIFA Online 2 National Championship Tournament. To give some early tune-up, they will be holding a Pre Kick-Off of the National Championships 2009 with RM1,500 CASH PRIZES to be won!

There will be 2 brackets to compete in;

1v1 and 2v2; 16 teams in each bracket. Places are limited and will be given on a first come first served basis. Players shall register for this tournament from 11th March till 18th March.

The pre kick-off will be held on SUNDAY, 22 March 2009 from 1 pm to 4 pm at Anime, Comic and Game Convention in Tropicana City Mall, Petaling Jaya.

So, what are you waiting, grab your gaming gears and ready to play!

More information can be obtain through this link:-

FIFA Online 2 National Championship Pre-Kick Off @ ACGC


Cyberfusion 09: Register Now!

Now you can register for Cyberfusion through online! Just head to their official website here or download all the R&R and form at Mygozone (GameGen as Official Consultant). But there are good news and bad news. Click read more to know err more about it.

The good news is.. you can bring your laptop down as well! Some us dont have desktop and use their laptop for gaming purpose, well worry no more as you can show off your laptop during the LAN Party as well. However they are still finalizing everything but the chances are very high.

Another good news is... Astro has been confirmed as part of the event's sponsor. So there is a high chances that you get to be on TV! *Hi Mom!* Though i think those who appear will look like zombie for participating in the record breaking attempt.

The bad news.. Counterstrike 1.6 has been pull out from the tourney list because of clashing dates with KODE5 South East Asia Qualifiers in Hanoi, Vietnam. It is a sad news for our local powerhouse teams but on a brighter side, you can still join the LAN Party to break the world record.

Orait thats all for now. Do visit often to know whats new in our gaming community.


March 13, 2009


All The Table Has Been Use For Gaming... Sigh~

Our Blogmate, TPK is kindly enough to have taken the initiative to upload all the pics of the event at his own Picasa Web Album.

So if you wanna have a look with your own eyes how happening the event is, check it out at


March 11, 2009

UTP ESC 09: Gamers Forum

On Sunday 8th of March 2009, i was invited for UTP ESC 09 Gamers Forum to talk about gaming in terms of a pro-gamers view. It was a really happening forum i have to say due to the fact that there were 3 different speakers present to give their views in gaming. From the student view we have Mr. Khairul Ridhwan Project Manager of ESC 09 and from an academician view Dr. Mohd Fadzil Bin Hassan(BSc, MSc, PhD) Senior Lecturer Of Computer and Information Sciences Department. The crowd consist of students,gamers and even school students accompany by their teachers. I was inform that they was actually the one who call up to ask if they could participate in the forum as well.

They had recorded video of the forum but unfortunately due to some technical problem some of the video files is missing. Therefore i've taken the initiative to summarize the discussion and debates during the forum.

The forum format consist of 3 rounds which the host will ask 1 question in each round to be discuss. A set time of 20 min was given for each round. In between the round there will be a few min break as well as Q&A session from the crowd.

So without further due, here are the questions that was directed to me during the forum:

1st Round

Host: There are a lot of cases that students neglect their studies because of gaming. How do you perceive gaming activities among student? Is it a positive or negative? Could you give more examples on that?

Rinie: I would say both. First of all we need to know why do the student play games? How do they perceive gaming as? Do they play for casual or play to be a pro? If they are playing to be a pro then there are more positive than negatives. For example, most people thought that those who play games neglect their studies. But do you know that almost all the best pro-gamers in the world are college and university students? It shows that if you wanna be the best, if you wanna be a pro-gamer, you gotta be smart. You cant be good in what you're doing if your not smart. All the best pro-gamer in the world are smart intelligent people. So kids if you wanna be a pro- gamer, if you wanna be the best, stay at school!

Crowd: Play games suppose to reduce stress. But losing will also make you stress. What do you think?

Rinie: We all like to win. Nobody like to lose. As the Malay saying goes "Menang kalah adat permainan". But do you know that losing or failure is the 1st step to success? You got to lost to learn how to be better. When you had learn your mistake you will be better and stronger in the future. Even i myself have to face a lot obstacles to be where i am now because success takes time. So everytime you lose, tell yourself this "Im 1 step closer to success"!

2nd round

Host: What are the positive aspects of gaming that everyone should look for and bear in mind?

Rinie: There are plenty to be honest but i will state the benefit in terms of competitive gaming scene. The most obvious aspects would be your fluency in English. You will definitely need to use English to communicate with other gamers around the world even in Malaysia. Although i myself came from an English speaking family; my dad speak English while my mom speak Malay.. thats another reason why im not really close to my dad (LOL) but my English improve a lot because i participate in tournaments and play with gamers all across the world.

Second aspect will be your typing skills. Even while your still studying, you will notice that assignments and projects were done on Microsoft Words thus require good typing skills. Gamers easily develop this skills and can finish a 1000 words assignments in jst a few minute. Here gamers have extra advantage compare to those who are not familiar with computer.

Beside gaming act as relieving stress, it actually educate you to learn how to manage your time efficiently. Like my previous statement, pro-gamers have to balance between studies and gaming therefore they need to create a time table for their activities. When i was still studying, i have allocated in the day for studies and at night for gaming. You dont have to allocate that much, just 2 hours of good quality gaming will do. The key word here is quality and consistency, not quantity. And as you can see it works. Therefore there are just more reason why you should never quit school and should play games to be the best.

Crowd: What type of games help in terms of improving reaction? Maybe football games? Racing games? FPS?

Rinie: All the games helps in reaction. Ok when you use ur right hand to write, which brain did you use?

Crowd: Left!

Rinie: What about if your left handed?

Crowd: Right brain!

Rinie: Now if your playing game, which brain did you use?

Crowd: Both!

3rd Round

Host: In a broader sense, what is your opinion on the prospects of gaming career?

Rinie: Ok this time i will be realistic. Usually gaming clan in Malaysia get paid RM4000 per month but this is divided accordingly to each members. So we can safely say that RM800 was given to each member of a clan consist of 5 members. But they still earn a bonus from tournament prizes thus we can estimate their earnings around RM1500-RM2000. This depends on how many tournament they won. As you can see its not that much but efforts has been made to improve our local scene. We are not there yet but we are going there. Its coming. I predict in 5-6 years things will change.

However, this shouldnt stop you from pursuing your dream. Gamers in Malaysia must be creative in finding sources of income, and there are plenty available here in Malaysia. Myself for example had expand from being a pro-gamer into having a partnership in a cybercafe. Not to mention have my own company Rinie ICT Solution which provide consultancy and reseller about TM and Celcom products. And im also one of the founder of Spotgamers which emphasize to give exposure to gamers in Malaysia. Currently im giving out tuition and classes teaching FIFA. I charge only RM50/person for the time being just to test out the effectiveness of the class. Its not that much but wait till it works!

So as you can see, there are tons of opportunities gamers in Malaysia can explore. If you really love gaming, doesnt mean you have to be a pro-gamer. You can also be a journalist in gaming like our friend Marcus Ho (MYM, Gameaxis Singapore) and he is still 21! You can operate your own cybercafe and organize your own tournament. You can even be marshalls and pro-marhsalls are in demand and in need in almost all tournaments. There are just plenty and all are in demand. Just we lack the supply at the moment. But believe me, things are changing and will come.

Crowd: What are the obstacles that you had face to be a pro-gamer?

Rinie: There are plenty. The most obvious one and everyone had to face is from your family. I am glad to have my mom because she was very supportive even in the beginning. But my dad was not. He will always say "Study 1st, Play later" but i will say "Play 1st, Study Later" (LOL). But the worst part was that my father pass away 1 month before i join my first tournament in 2003 which is WCG 2003. It was really sad but that gives me more reason why i want to join tournament. Because i want to prove to him, to everyone that i can be the best, that i can be no.1 in the world. And with that spirit i bring into every tournament. If others they usually target for just get through 1st round or quarter final or anything. But my target was always to be the champion. Nothing less. Like my uncle use to say "Whatever your going to do, make sure you be the best!".

Friends were not really supportive as well in the beginning because most of my friends are those who are really academic base. Once i was surrounded by 10 of my friends confronting me and telling me that my decision to be a pro-gamer is a waste of time. So obviously i dont really care what they think but i understand their concern. But now they have saw how succesful i've been and they have supported me since then. In this world its all about proving your worth. Everyone face obstacles but those who never give up will strive to be on top.

And of course i've face losses to in tournaments. Success doesnt just come easily like that. It takes time. It may look easy but its not. But whatever happens never give up. It jst a phase, a test to see if your worthy to be call the best. As always, failure is the 1st step to success. Always remember that.

Thus the last question marks the end of the forum. We are still waiting for the Gamers Forum Video to be release and hopefully they manage to find all the missing files.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank University Teknologi Petronas Electronic Sport Championship committee who had invited me to the forum. I believe that UTP ESC effort to give exposure to the gaming scene thru conducting forum will be the 1st step in revolutionize the gaming scene in Malaysia. And not forgetting appreciation for your kindness in "layan-ing" me during my stay there. Hopefully we will meet again next time.

Till then, Majulah E-Sukan Untuk Negara!


Multiplay Source: Malaysia Intention To Host WCG Asia 2010


We are also pleased to have Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC) as the supporting agency for CyberFusion 2009 @ Cyberjaya. As custodian to MSC Malaysia Creative Multimedia Content Initiative (M-CMCI) and the Malaysian Games Operations and Research (MyCORE) initiative, MDeC’s presence lends an invaluable support to CyberFusion 2009 @ Cyberjaya which we hope will serve as catalyst for Malaysia’s bid to host the 2010 World Cyber Games Asian Championship. Quote From Multiplay


For the full story check out


March 10, 2009

The G-Life Ep 5: Sunglow

The G-Life Ep5: Sunglow

Click read more for the rest of the story.

Good boys always listen to your mom!

Another creative work by Rinie Ramli


UTP Electronic Sports Championship 2009

After a long wait, finally the first ever UTP Electronic Sports Championship came to reality last week, when Syntech Organization of UTP have successfully organized this e-sports competition which was held in UTP Multi Purpose Hall.

Despite of the clashing schedule with MMU E-Sports tournament, this does not deter a number of participants to join the tournament, especially some professional teams who are making their way from Kuala Lumpur to join this inaugural event.

About 300 gamers, which consist of 32 teams for DotA, 16 teams for Counter Strike 1.6 and 64 individual players for Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 battle it out to determine the first ever champion of UTP Electronic Sports Championship.

Despite the numbers of minor glitches such as blackout and other problems, the competition still goes on with a lot of exciting moments, especially when clans from Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS test out their skills against the professional teams. The professional teams seems to have psychological disadvantage with the strong crowd support showed by UTP students.

Counter Strike 1.6

After a lot of exciting and breath-stopping competition, Quas Gaming reigned as the first champion of Counter Strike after beating their sister team, Quas.DWTD. who lost to Quas.DWTD placed third after beating UTP team, ReUnite.

1. Quas Gaming
2. Quas.DWTD
4. ReUnite (UTP)

Defense of the Ancients

While in DoTA, x2.Net denies HaNG's hope to become the champion in their own soil after proving that x2.Net is too much for HaNG. As for x|ao-inc, who lost in the semi-finals against x2.Net, they got the 3rd place after beating Pundits.

1. x2.Net
2. HaNG (UTP)
3. x|ao-inc
4. Pundits

Pro Evolution Soccer 2009

In PES 2009, a shocking result when one of UTP pro gamer, TPK was being eliminated from Top 32 by an unknown UTP student after a exciting and tough match up. TPK makes a comeback after trailing 3-1, only to be disappointed with the last minute goal with the result of 3-4.

Khairil Hasrul becomes the king of PES 2009 after beating Amir in a very exciting match. Razif
gains third after beating Muhammad Salim Hakimi who come all the way from MIMET-UniKL. 

1. Khairi Hasrul
2. Amir Abd Rasid
3. Razif
4. Mohammad Salim Hakimi

The prizes and certificates were being given away to the winners by a senior lecturer from Computer and Information Sciences of UTP, Dr. Mohammad Fadzil Hassan. In his speech, Dr. Fadzil ensures that CIS Department of UTP would give their full support for UTP ESC to be held again in the future.

That wraps up the coverage of UTP Electronic Sports Championship 2009. And the rumours are circulating that UTP ESC 2010 would be bigger and better as being said by their project manager, Muhammad Khairul Ridhwan. 

Aha, before that, here's some Nice Ahh! picture from me.

Jali giving out speech during the Gamers Forum

UTP Girl Power !!!

That's all, folks. Cheers! xD


March 7, 2009

Cyber Fusion 09 Press Conference

Yesterday morning, Spotgamers were invited to join and witness the official launch of Cyber Fusion 09 at Cyberjaya Cyberview Lodge. I have to say that the scenery was stunning and i couldnt imagine that a beautiful resort exist in Cyberjaya. Its like a collaboration between technology and mother nature.

The press conference was held to officially announce Cyber Fusion 09 with the concept of One Nation Invitational. So what is Cyber Fusion? It consist of 3 parts:

1. A Guinness World Record Breaking Attempt For The Longest Running LAN Party in The World.

Currently the record was 36 hours with 203 participants. This time they are aiming for 38 hours with 250 participants. I think this should be "kacang putih laa" for all of Malaysian gamers eh?

2. MMU GDC Gamefest 09

With more than RM10k prizes to be won, expect gamers to participate in games such as Counterstrike 1.6, FIFA 09, DOTA and Call Of Duty 4. Though do note that those who join most probably would not be able to participate in the LAN party since both are separate event.

3. Digital Games Exhibition

Of course the spectators wont be left out during the event. There will be tons of games developer showing off their best games titles that they can offer. So you wont be bored when you're there.

Check out some of the pics below:

A Preview Of How its Gonna Be Like

Mr. Redza Rafiq(Mid) Managing Director Of Cyberview Sdn Bhd Answering Question

Chapree Of Multiplay Asking "The Question"

Some People Are Just Born Lucky... *Jealous*

Yours Trully~ (Another Pic For My Friendster Collection)

This event from our personal point of view will definitely rock the whole world and put Malaysia on the map. If you ever looking for the chance... to break the world record... this is it!

I wont say i can do it. Instead, i would like to call upon all Malaysian to prove to the world that Malaysia, is the best country in gaming!

And together you,me and all of us shall say MALAYSIA BOLEH!

Check out their official website here


March 6, 2009

Preview: DOTA At MMU GDC E-Sport 09

By Underminer

Doing this without browsing the team list (there is none to encourage participation), 4 teams come to mind; UCPRO, DNA-SK, Irelax and Fishnet.

Betting against UCPRO and DNA-SK doing well is a no-brainer. Both teams has been carrying Malaysia’s torch in all European Online tournaments since Kingsurf duly retired from it after winning Asia’s first European online tournament (Farm4Fame #3) 2 weeks before SGNDT last year. While results are mixed, both teams managed to get in games against top players from Europe and America week in week out and come with it the vast experience at the top level.

The sacrifices made playing under 300 ping lag at late nights were evident from their dominant performances at Penang (DNA-SK) and Melaka (UCPRO) 2 weeks ago where both teams won their respective tournaments in convincing fashion beating the best the locals has to offer without breaking a sweat.

Irelax features the fan favourite, Flizardo and friends. With friend Achilles, they managed to clinch 2nd place at the Melaka MMU tournament 2 weeks losing the final to UCPRO. Rumours has it, his friend list this time include Sakura, ESWC 2008 Silver Medal winner and Iceman, SMM KL 2008 winner. The inclusion of big names might mask the fact that it is still a scratch team which lack practice. However, to not reach at least the semi finals will certainly be a big disappointment for them.

Fishnet has been undergoing a few roster changes lately but the core of the team remains intact with the team generally maintains their participation at tournaments around the Klang Valley area after SGNDT. With the Freddy brothers in it producing a dazzling area of skills, it will be my best bet to fill in the last of my top 4 pick for this tournament.

All biasness aside, it is really hard to predict the winner out of 2 teams: DNA-SK and UCPRO. Both teams were formed at the aftermath of the “SMM Disaster” in which Kingsurf barely protected the country’s pride by clinching 4th place and they have 3 Singaporeans in it! Teams that are lucky (or unlucky) enough to face them will certainly witness a dazzling display of 5v5 Dota of a standard not many teams out there (even internationally) would be able to withstand.

Based on available information, my predictions for the top 3 are:

3. Irelax

We wish all the teams all the best and may the spirit be with you!


Interview with Eddie of MMU

Simultaneously, MMU will be having a tournament this weekend at their Cyberjaya campus. This will be in the wake of their biggest event, the Cyber Fusion, a world record LAN party and the One Nation Invitational tournament. I managed to interview the manager of all this, Eddie and this is what he has to say:

1) This is the first tournament held by MMU this year, how do you feel about this?

I've hold many tournaments before, but this time i'm excited because of the collaboration of GameFest 09 with Cyber Fusion

2) What are your expectations of this tournament?

My expectation? I wish all the participants will have their pleasant time spending in MMU GDC's E-Sport. And as for the expectation on amount of teams, it will be 32 teams for DOTA, CS and 32 players for FIFA,Need for speed, C&C3

3) How does your team feel about the upcoming tournament? ( stressed, tired, busy...etc)

My team of marshals? They are relaxing until tournament date. Only the directors are busying like a bee now. Take me for an example, I've been working on tournament matters and also Cyber Fusion since 10am till 7pm today. And I don't feel stress as I have lots of experience in organizing tournaments and events, the only thing that I feel is : excitement and I of course hope that all my committees feel excited about the events

4) About the upcoming Cyber Fusion. Its gonna be a world record. Feeling excited?

Yes of course feel excited especially GDC as one of the organizing committee for this kind of huge event.

5) So how many people are you expecting to turn up for this LAN party?

BYOC (bring your own computer) which can come and go at the person's will, estimation is around 300. As for the gaming tournament, 672 players.

6) Shoutouts

Forget your class, forget your job, join the Game Fest, come to Cyber Fusion!

Spotgamers wish MMU all the best in their upcoming tournament tomorrow. Good Luck and GAME ON!!


March 5, 2009

Do You Know?

Do You Know that? Wait. Why am I starting it already?

Hey guys! I'm back to improve your knowledge about gaming and gamers and game tourneys! Its all about games for me. For this time, it's about a local gamer. I think you guys can guess it.

Here it is:

Do You Know? That?:

Paulyan, has been winning the Warcraft III Gold Medal in the WCG since 2003? He only lost last year and that was to Serry!

There's more about him. He is also holds the most Warcraft III wins in the Malaysia ESWC.

Thats it for now! Thank you for reading!


March 4, 2009

Interview with UTP ESC 09 PM Khairul Ridhwan

I manage to catch up with Khairul Ridhwan, the Project Manager of the upcoming UTP Electronic Sports Championship 09. I asked him a few questions and this is what he has to say.

Girls Prepare To Be Melt

1) This is the biggest tournament held by UTP, how do you feel about this?

Having said that we are handling the biggest ever gaming competition in UTP, for sure, me myself as the project manager is very proud to bring this dream comes true. All this while, UTP had never held a big gaming competition which involve outside participants and so on. We only organize a small gaming competition which is always categorized as a side event in other big UTP events such as UTP Convofair and so on. With the mission and dream to bring something new to UTP's calendar event throughout the year, I took the initiative to approach the UTP management in requesting them to grant the permission for me and my IT club; Syntech Organization to handle this first ever gaming competition which is UTP Electronic Sports Championship 2009 with the theme "Challenging The Limits"

2) What are your expectations from this tournament?

My expectations from this tournament is this event will be remembered by all students of UTP and will eventually be noted as an annual big event for UTP like their UTP convofair. On top of that, I want to make ESC as a platform for professional gamers to compete every year just like World Game Master Tournament and World Cyber Games. I want it to be a prestige gaming event like that in the future. The only difference ESC compared to WGT and WCG is that; the venue will be tentatively held in Universiti Teknologi Petronas every year.

3) How does the organizing team feel about this upcoming tournament? ( example : busy, tiring, stressed)

As being the first to organize these event, for sure; me and my team which consists of 100 committees have to face many obstacles from many parties. I; as the project manager at first have the difficulty to convince the UTP management to proceed with this event at first. On top of that, we have difficulty to attract main sponsors for gaming competition like Intel and AMD as they cant sponsor us as they have to lay down many of their workers due to global economic recessions. My sponsor team worked very hard to gain sponsors. At last, we are quite happy with all the amount of sponsors that we gain after full of hard work from last December until now. Here, I want to take this opportunity to express my heartiest gratitude to all my committee members which all of them really work hard to make my event come true and also not to forget my main sponsor for this ESC which is Computer War and Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia.

4) Simultaneously, MMU is running the same type of competition. Did you think of them as a rival?

No, me myself didn't consider them as a rival. UTP ESC actually targeting gamers around the northern region like Perak and so on to participate. There are many gamers at the northern region, however, they always didn't have the chance to join any professional gaming competition like WCG and WGT as they are very far from KL. So with ESC, they can join us easily as it is quite near for them to come.

5) Many gamers usually are located at the Klang Valley. Did the distance effect these gamers?

Yea, i really realise that. Actually the location of UTP is itself have bring so much obstacle for gamers to come here. Of course these will effect gamers that will come to UTP because of distance issue. However, we are smart to counter this distance issue. We offer very attractive prizes to attract them to come. At last we do have participants from KL to join our gaming tourney.

6) How do you feel to have Rinie to speak during that event =D ?

For having Jali in our event, it is really a dream come true for all of us here. We didn't expect him to come here at the first place because he might look down to our small event and he might arise the distance issue. However, we are really glad that he can come and we are happy as he agree to participate in a game forum during our event. For Jali, it will really be an honor for us to have a professional gamer like you to join our event. Jali, you are cool and supportive! =)

7) Shoutouts


Spotgamers wish UTP all the best for this weekends competition. Game ON!

Check out their website here


March 2, 2009

The G-Life Ep 4: Emotion

The G-Life Ep 4: Emotion

Another Creative Work By Rinie Ramli


March 1, 2009

MYM Gains Back Their Warcarft 3 Team

I think most of you might have known but we've been quite busy with our daily stuff that we forgot about this.

MYM aka Meet Your Makers had decided to reopen their Warcraft 3 team. The management had contacted Manuel Schenkhuizen aka Grubby to be their team captain. However their team will consist of players who don't demand lots of money. The rest of the team is Happy, the 17 year old Russian Undead prodigy and Ciara, an ex-MYM europe member. The current team manager is currently none other than Singaporean and also Grubby's girlfriend, fiance' Cassandra Ng.

MYM is currently the leader in the WC3L which has a new format with a 2-0 win. Also don forget to catch the duo Grubby and Happy in the NGL One solo league.

Spotgamers wish MYM the best in all tournaments and in their management.