December 28, 2008

Malaysia 1st Gamers Gath At PWTC!

Hi everybody!

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We are here to invite everyone to join Spotgamers at Youth 09 Festival, the largest youth festival in Malaysia more than 50000 people and over 100 activities to participate.

Spotgamers have been invited to join up with the other youth community around Malaysia in the Youth 09 Festival 9-11 January at PWTC. This is the chance for the gaming community to get the exposure and also maybe even future contacts to help the gaming community grow.

What is Youth 09?

Malaysia's largest youth lifestyle event[/B] is a 3 day festival to be held on 9th-11th January at the Putra World Trade Centre, bringing together youth communities from all over Malaysia for a range of exciting activities. Themed "Malaysia's Largest Youth Lifestyle Revolution", 50,000 young Malaysians aged 16 to 28 from different backgrounds and youth communities will be coming together to organize and participate in over 100 activities involving fashion, dance, music, entrepreneurship, personal growth, career and other youth interests.

You can view the trailer, event details, and meet youths who are going at

So what are the activities we gonna do?

At our booth we gonna have: History Of Competitive Gaming in Malaysia
: A guide through on how to be a pro-gamer.
: A guide through on how to create a gaming clan.
: Free play for selected games such as Guitar Hero,FIFA 09 and etc etc

It looks nice right? But WAIT! We still havent announce our main event! Our main event is...

The 1st Official Gamers Gathering in Malaysia

Date:Sunday, 11 January 2009
Venue:PWTC (Hall will be announce soon)

Yup guys its the 1st ever gamers gathering in Malaysia! We will be having food and drinks for everyone(unless u guys are very hungry!) and a place for us to just chill around and have fun together.

But we wont waste this opportunity just for a meet up. We will be adding 2 more cool event which is:

1.Friendly Matches Between Pro-Gamers:

The suggested games are CS 1.6,FIFA09,COD4,NFS and DOTA.

At the same time we will be having Predict The Winner Contest. Those who guess correctly stand a chance to win some cool prizes as well. So u wont go back empty handed.

And the 2nd main event is:

2. Spotgamers Gamers Award Ceremony

This are the award we will be giving away:- Spotgamers Gamer Of The Year
:- Spotgamers Clan Of The Year
:- Spotgamers Newcomer Of The Year
:- Spotgamers Largest Gaming Community During The Gath Award.

Just like The Grammy and AIM, Spotgamers will be conducting our own award ceremony to our best gamers in Malaysia.

Not just that, we will be giving away freebies so that you guys wont go back empty handed! You guys will receive a free 2 hrs play at selected cybercafes as well as a membership card for u to play at selected cybercafes for just RM1/hour! And many many more other great freebies to give away.

So what are you waiting for? come join the fun! ^^

Register here to get your free pass.

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December 27, 2008

e-Club Christmas Bash Day 2

These are the remaining teams for tomorrow finals.

PwyH vs KS.mix (Loser Bracket Finals)
UCpro (Winner Bracket Finals)

4th placing - TMK (gavin ,hix ,KrixxKroxx ,sHadZz ,rico)

KS > TMK 16-9 de_train

December 26, 2008

e-Club Christmas Lan Party Day 1

Seriously what do you guys think about tournament? punctuality ? schedule running on time ? it will never ever happen in malaysia scene, as usual the players will be late , teams register but not participated aka "ffk". We've 20 teams showed up in the christmas bash tournament, below are the teams name

1.TMK (gavin, hix, KrixxKroxx, sHadZz, rico)
2.FUBAR (Harpreath.S , Gee C.W, Lee T.W, Koorosh.C , Alan T.)
3.Team Kingsurf.cs Mix (kEn, spyko, insanity, matrix, Jbee)
4.ANT (Masterhym ,Shiro ,Zaraki ,Bane ,cexo)
5.SFX (Faction, Tripod, Dranz, cookie, Vegetable)
6.HPC (Wawa, kobah, Joey, bck, Spammer)
7.NCAA (Clanton ,Foo ,Chong, Adrian, Kwan)
8.SAS (Zoro, Apex, camper, Knight, Kyrex, Preg88)
9.XTC (Muffin ,Firebabe, Strife, KANON, PAWL, CBzhaii)
10.EX ( Trevor, bobo, harris, stay_x, sinclair)
11.UCPRO (syck ,mAsh , nitroN, Jbrz, Sniggy)
12.PWYH (Jacky, Marky, FukaDa, Jovy, Tecky)
13.DMZ (Coolest Steel, almaN, iratez, mervin, azim)
14.AR (Lim ,Wu ,Aw ,flaming_theory, Nick)
15.Burden's (Koh, sousi, Kenny, Gan, Phay)
16.Natural Ones (Rexa, Mav, beziCt , jetzy, asdasd)
17.WSS-Gaming (Preston ,wanro , TBA)
18.Kilat-Gaming (Supertrains, KyewY, Fluckz, neeb, carbon)
19.Old Stars (hellswarm, x3ntify, anyxter, h4z4rd, Supernova)
20.Nilar (Hoe, Hao, kaiko, Bzzmang, freestyler)

December 7, 2008

Want USD600/month? Play FIFA Online 2!

This Sunday morning boy are we glad to give you this goooood news!

FIFA Online 2 will be giving away USD300 every 2 week for those who participate in the league. And since its an online league, it is FOC!

Now you can earn up to USD600(more than RM2k!) every month. Plus the 1st and 2nd runner up of every season will also get USD200 and USD100 respectively. Play games and just see the dollar sign rolling to you.

Me=Dollar Sign

This will definitely breed more hardcore FIFA gamers as well as pro-gamers into the scene. So what are you waiting for? Lets kick some balls!

For more info check out FIFA Online 2

December 6, 2008

Rumous: New Home For FIFA09 And NFS

Rumors has it that a popular gaming client will be adding up FIFA 09 and NFS into their hosted server.

An insider source told us that they will be adding up both of this establish game soon and have many future plans to work on it.One of it is to held an online tournament and league.

This will definitely boost the NFS and FIFA09 lovers and add up more colors for the gaming community in the future.

This is one rumors that we hope it will be true in the future.

December 3, 2008

Spotgamers At QUAS DOTA Tourney

Last weekend, Spotgamers "We Find Reason To Play" went to QUAS DOTA Tourney to do some coverage. Instead of writing, as usual we came up a video to show you guys how nice ahhh the tourney.

Check it out ^^

To watch in high quality, view it at our Spotgamers TV at Youtube.

A Review for WGT 2008 Malaysia & EAH4870 TOP

ASUS is indeed a great brand and provides good services. Whenever I join WGT known as World Game Master Tournament, I always hope to win great prizes from ASUS, its hardwares, thus, I was downhearted when I got to know the prizes for the WGT 2008 were cash prizes. However, it is still good because ASUS had increased the cash prize from RM 14,000.00 to RM37,000.00. It was a great experience for me personally and I am looking forward to defend my title next year for WGT 2009.

The PC performance in the WGT2008, thanks to ASUS that has brought us gorgeous visual and to another level of Vista as it is always unstable. Afterall, we are the only country uses Vista, I am proud of ASUS Malaysia for this achievement. Additionally, it's nice to see the EAH4870 TOP outperform the HD 4850 by 20 FPS at 1600x1200 with 4x AA, 8x AF and HDR enabled.

Almost five months ago ATI Radeon HD 4850 and HD 4870 were launched, ASUS has overclocked Radeon HD 4870 for even more power, "TOP" card in the form of the EAH4870 TOP. The TOP line-up from ASUS is prestigious that they don't get a card and just add an extra 10MHz to the core and 20MHz to the memory, the TOP line-up of cards are really well overclocked cards that stand out from the competition.

Like most other HD 4870s on store shelves, the EAH4870 TOP sports 512MB of GDDR5 memory and a 256-bit memory bus. In fact, this card is awarded with 2nd Generation 55nm GPU Solution, World's Fastest DDR5 Memory on board (3.7GHz). Additionally, the card features support for DirectX 10.1, Shader Model 4.1, and CrossFireX multi-GPU technology. ASUS has increased the core from 750MHz to 815MHz. The memory clock has also been increased from 900MHz (3600MHz Data Rate) to 925MHz (3700MHz Data Rate).

With a higher price as well as increased clock speed, the Asus TOP will have to beat the Nvidia GeForce GTX 260 soundly to be worth buying.The overclocked memory leads to increased memory bandwidth, boosting it from 115GB/sec to 118.4GB/sec, partially more than the 112GB/sec from a stock-speed GeForce GTX 260. Comparing the performance of the Asus TOP with that of a stock-speed HD 4870, we can see some definite improvements.
I have played Call of Duty 4 to test on the Top Card, as well as on GeForce GTX 260. The latter provides an interesting comparison with the Asus TOP. The GTX 260 is the best at all resolutions by a stock-speed Radeon 4870, so it's no surprise that the Asus TOP is even faster. A little tweak can be done on a pre-overclocked graphics card, and by using AMD's GPU Clock Tool v0.9.8, we raised the GPU frequency from 815MHz to 860MHz. This increased the minimum frame rate of CoD4 at 1,920 x 1,200 by 2fps to 42fps.I managed to overclock the GPU of the Asus TOP to 880MHz but, while CoD4 ran without any graphical corruption, we saw no further increase in the frame rate. Settling on a GPU speed of 860MHz, I increased the memory from 1.85GHz to 1.98GHz (3.96GHz effective), and managed to squeeze a further 1fps out of CoD4 at 1,920 x 1,200. My overclocking increased the minimum frame rate by 3fps at 1,920 x 1,200.

In conclusion, looking at the numbers, the ASUS EAH4870 TOP is faster than a stock-speed GeForce GTX 260 (and even the pre-overclocked Zotac GeForce GTX 260 AMP) in CoD4.

There's only one thing that Radeon HD 4870 users are worry about which is the heat that being produced. A research team found out that Radeon HD 4870 graphics cards using the reference cooler do get very hot, with the average idle temperature exceeding 70 degrees without any software tweaks. Increasing the fan speed does help, but then that also increases the volume, turning an otherwise quiet graphics card into a bit of a hair dryer. As a result, this overclocked Radeon HD 4870 should only run slightly hotter than the standard cards as the fan will simply throttle up more regularly to deal with the additional heat. Therefore, we do expect that this Radeon HD 4870 will make a little bit more noise than usual, with the advantage of a little extra performance.

What people really want when they buy a TOP card from ASUS is performance and this card manages to deliver, therefore the feminine look of the cooler with its pink flowers on the card isn't an issue at all. Moreover, you don't see because the card facing down all the time. But it was still a surprise to see the design when pulling the card out of the box.

However, overall the ASUS HD 4870 TOP is a good card. With all the cables and accessories we need to the card up, we can easily setup the card without any hassles. A few extra dollars, you do not need to overclocking yourself as wrongly overclocked, might burn up the motherboard and spoil the card.


December 1, 2008

Vid: 2 Girls And Nice Ah!

Today we will show you 2 clips: 1 from WGT 08 and another from last weekend QUAS Dota tourney.

The 1st vid is about 2 girls who join NFS which all NFS players brag about during the tourney :P

Our 2nd video will tell you what is the most popular phrase among DOTA players:

Can you guess it? LOL ^^

For better quality check out our Spotgamers TV at Youtube.

November 28, 2008

Winning Eleven 2009 Pre-Launch Event‏

Playstation Babes~

Our friend TPK once again kind enough to provide us with the coverage for the Winning Eleven 2009 Pre- Launch Event. Read below to know more.

After much hype, Konami has given Malaysia a honour to have an early insight of Winning Eleven 2009 with the pre-launch event which was held in Sony Style, The Curve, Mutiara Damansara, Selangor. The event was launched by Vice President of Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC), Mr. Kamil Othman. Also present there are Mr. Taku Taguchi, General Manager for Product Marketing Division in Sony Malaysia and Mr. Andrew Tan, Operations Directors of Play Interactive Sdn. Bhd, official distributor for Konami games in Malaysia.

This launch signals a recognition to our gamers community as the game will be only launched worldwide on 28 November 2008.

During the launch, the game itself was sold in a discounted price of RM 199 (normal price RM 299), plus the buyers also receive a football jersey, courtesy of Adidas. There is also a mini tournament was being held in conjunction of the pre-launch event. During the tournament, Kepet, a professional Winning Eleven player won the tournament, followed by Mohd Shahril and Mohd Fadzil. All three of them receives a PlayStation 3 jackets, Sony t-shirt, Winning Eleven poster and a copy of Winning Eleven PC DVD game, courtesy of Sony & Play Interactive.

Not only that, Play Interactive also unveil their PlayCard Tournament Pass, where holders can enjoy discounted price on Konami games, receive invitations for Play Interactive events and get discounted rates for Play Interactive tournaments.

Enough with the stories, let the pictures tell the stories.

Mr.Messi On Cover

WE09 Game Showcase

We <3 Free Play~

The 3 Heroes~


Mohd Asyraf Fadzlee Ramli,
Information Communication Technology Student,
Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS,
Tronoh, PERAK

2619(28), Jalan Selangor Off Jalan Damansara, Bukit Persekutuan, 50480 Kuala Lumpur

H/P: 017-4106001

November 27, 2008

MMORPG CHALLENGE: FELDA,School And Angry Treant!

The Inn. I Wonder If They Have "Special Room Service"

Once again, our journey continue in the World Of Kung Fu!

But this time we have a slight changes in terms of completing our mission quest. Instead of killing mobs or sending some quest stuff, we are now force to gather material by a more conventional method, farming! Basically we started off as kung fu hero and now we are stuck in gathering materials to complete our quest. We are force to cutting grass for herbs, chopping trees for woods and mining for ore. This game really should be used by FELDA instead to promote agriculture as a legitimate business, which is true! In this game, one of the best earliest way to earn money is to gather raw materials,open your own shop and sell it to other players!

Dont believe we spend our time farming? Check this out:

Warning: Cutting Tress In Real Life Is Hazardous To Environment. Dont Try This At Where Eva U Are

This is definitely not a game for environmentally friendly people. But do not worry, the trees will grow back like mushroom after the rain.

Since Triz a.k.a SinisTers(In game nick) is on SPM period as well as waiting for our new 3 friends who wanted to join our journey lvl up, we decided to just play farmer for awhile as well as forging our weapons and armors to make it stronger. It wasnt that hard to forge it but after +4, the forging item have a tendency to break if fail. So its best we keep it to +4 until we are rich enough to afford to keep on breaking our precious item.

Didnt i mention we have 3 new friends? Yup we manage to get 3 new players to join us after we post our previous article here. Since i got NBTD, better i help them lvl up by killing up quest boss, playing a role as big brother and sifu in WOKF(although im jst lvl 22).

Helping Newbies In Their Quest

We started to notice that lvling is getting harder from lvl 20 onwards. With lots of stronger monster reapppear and harder to kill in a mob. We recommend everyone to have a habit to partying after reaching this lvl.

Oh btw since i got NBTD again, i manage to gather all the materials required to form our own school!(another name for guild/clan). Since we are doing some sort of review, so we definitely need to try all the aspect WOKF offer in the game.Check it out below:

Founder Jali To You!

LOL the nice thing about having a school is as usuall school war! With lots of cool exp and items not to mention bragging rights, its something we definitely must try. Though maybe not now since we definitely gonna be squish like flies.

So thats all folks! I end this week journey with some interesting and amazing pics below. Till then, everybody loves kung fu fighting! Huhhhh!

Some Nice Graphic I Must Say

Ooo My Staff Is Shining~

Mother Nature Respond!

Angry Treant: This Is For My Trees! Jali: This Is For My Life!

If you guys would like to join us and have fun, download World Of Kung Fu Here!


November 26, 2008

Blizzard releases patch 1.16.0 for Starcraft

I'm writing this article not because there are many Starcraft players who care about the game. Pratically this game is already dead in Malaysia but all I want is to say is that Blizzard is a company who cares about their games, no matter how old and how sucky it is. So Blizzard recently released the new 1.16.0 patch for Starcraft. Many exploits were fixed and most of them concerns Zerg. So here is the changelog:

Feature Changes

- In-game chat is now saved in replays. Note: whispers are not saved.
- Hitting the Escape key while in the chat room will clear your typed text.
- “/reply” (or just “/r”) will send a whisper to person who most recently whispered you.

Bug Fixes

- Fixed localization issues with “from” and “to” in whispers.
- Starcraft now only uses as much CPU as it needs to run smoothly.


- Fixed an exploit which allowed Zerg players to gain minerals through mutations.
- Fixed an exploit which allowed Zerg players to recycle an upgrading building.
- Fixed an exploit which allowed Zerg players to extend their creep with a drone.
- Fixed an exploit which allowed Zerg players to move Drones over impassable terrain.
- Fixed an exploit which allowed Terran players to drop a nuke anywhere on the map.
- Fixed an exploit which allowed players to pause the game while in the pre-game lobby.


November 24, 2008


Last weekend, SMM Grand National Dota Tournament(SGNDT) 2008 was held at Berjaya Times Square. The launch was symbolize with ice braking ceremony as well as SMM crew wearing skirts officiated by none other than Dr.Ricky Lim!

As usuall, the tournament has never failed to attract more and more people to either participate or just be a spectators. This year SGNDT has boost its cash prize to up to a total of RM120,000 and more! Not just that, SMM go a lil bit further by inviting 8 international teams to participate in the tournament as well. This is trully a challenge to our local team.

Unfortunately, the results was not sided on our local team. The greatest dissapointment is when Kingsurf who got no.2 in ESWC Grand Final only manage to get 4th place when they lost to CANT and Evo-xtc in the winner and loser bracket respectively. But the WCG Asia 2008 Champion Ehome prove that they are the best team through out the whole tournament and as well as the whole Asia.

The result is as follows:

Champion: Ehome

1st Runner up: Evo-xtc

2nd Runner up: CANT

4th Place: Kingsurf

5th Place: Fnatic

6th Place: Survivor

7th Place: Ucpro- Tbun- W4si

8th Place:- PGA

As far as coverage is concern, there is just plenty to talk about. An event which won 2 Guinness Malaysia Book Of Record for most participants as well as the largest cash prizes is undescribeable. Instead we let the pics below speak for itself how awesome the tournament is. And dont forget to watch some interesting videos that we manage to caught. So enjoy! ^^

True Guys Wear Skirts! (IMO No)

There Are Just Too Many People!

The Gurls Team PMS <3

China Powerhouse Ehome

The Crowd On Final Match

Break Dancers Break Your Leg!

So You Think You Can Dance?

Guinness Malaysia Book Of Record For Most Participants and Cash Prize

Kingsurf Only Manage 4th Place

3rd Place: CANT From China

2nd Place: Evo-xtc from Singapore

China Glory!

Champion: Ehome From China

Tournament Trophy!

Ehome Takes It All!

Break Dancers Dancing.. but who is dancing below?

"I Like To Move It Move It!"

Ehome With Their Glory~


November 23, 2008

Busy Christmas for TF2 and CS 1.6 Players

Valve is gonna make your Christmas real busy. On the 25th till the 28th of December, Online e-club management Sdn. Bhd. is proud to bring to you the Valve Christmas Bash (this is not the real event name, one is TBA). The location is the Digital Centre, 2nd Floor Berjaya Time Square. If you don't know where the place is, hop on a Monorail to Jalan Imbi.

There will be a Left 4 Dead free play and mini events during this Christmas Day. Also, sources said that the tournament for TF2 and CS 1.6 will begin on the 26th and end on the 28th of December. The tournament is open to all and the registration price is FREE. Further updates will be provided so stay tune.

Thinking of how to spend time with your family or friends. Hope down and play some Left 4 Dead or watch the tournaments while shopping around.

November 22, 2008

CGS - The aftermath

Despite the demise of the CGS, CEVO Pro continues to carry the torch for CS:Source in the United States. Malaysia should do this too =\ .. Anyhow CEVO Pro Season 7 is in week 5 and here are the standings so far.

CEVO Pro Season 7 Standings

Carolina Core981-110/5724
Jax Money Crew88--97/5524
compLexity LA972-105/6721
Cyber Revolution862-96/7818
New York 3D844-98/7812
Chicago Chimera835-79/989
San Francisco Optx835-72/879
'94 Knicks817-54/1013

Personally I'm with 3D.NY...even though they don't look too good..but things may turn around, so stay tuned =)