June 30, 2009


Well guys, remember what we promise as a surprise for our Gaming Walkaround last week?

So, here's our surprise


Join us for day to day coverage as we would cover the whole event including The Games Xpo and WCG Singapore Open Category as well.

We would be there from the day of arrival on Friday morning until the curtain call of WCG Asian Championship 2009 which is scheduled on Sunday evening.

For our fans and readers in Singapore who bumped into us, don't forget to say Hi! :D

June 29, 2009

We should really learn to Eat, Sleep, Play!

The news of who's champion of the sniper category sure spreads fast! And yes, as you all know who he is:


The runner ups for this category are:

1st Runner up: [ESP].NoFear
2nd Runner up: [SWL]*kLavieR

Who is this [ESP].NoFear? I believe most of the Call of Duty community would know who he is but for those who do not, he actually won champion for the ACGC FFA tournament a year back but he went to Australia.. until now.

Oh and yes, have you noticed?

All 3 champions of the MAA categories are in the same team! They have shown great resilience even in 5v5 tournaments and leagues as they just won the semi-finals against [SWL] 2 days back. Indeed, they form a great team and we're looking forward for more challengers to compete against them for the titles in the future.

Anyways, coming back to the review on this category, there are actually 2 types of sniper, the rushers and campers. However, it should be noted that the essence of sniping should be interpreted as undetectable and accurate. The "rusher" capibility only comes in handy whenever your enemy comes in close range and you've been detected. The famous "no scope" would be deadly if it doesn't come down to using the hand gun as well as jump-proning to avoid your enemy's fire.

Some of the participants pulled out of the registration at the very last minute such as FFF.BlackRos! and Pia.Star! because they had issues to settle at their respective schools. What an irony as we believe the community are eager to witness Blackros' sniping compared to his SMG and assault. We'll just have to wait for the next season. And of course, a great thank you to clans that showed up such as eG (Extreme Gamers) as well as other participants that came from various places

Photos of the winners!

Champion: [ESP].Nobie (left) & me (s u n d a e) giving him his prize (right)
Prize: RM300 by Blitzone, Razer Messenger Bag (Sling Edition) worth RM299 and champion shirt of the category + exclusive frag movie

[ESP].Nobie's journey: [ESP].Nobie 36-29 [SWL]*kLavieR, [ESP].Nobie 38-34 YanMc, [ESP].Nobie 28-26 [SWL]*Flaver, [ESP].Nobie 32-27 [SWL]*kLavieR (Semi-finals), [ESP].Nobie 31-21 [ESP].NoFear, [ESP].Nobie 17-17 [ESP].NoFear, [ESP].Nobie 24-17 [ESP].NoFear (Best out of 3, Grand Finals)

1st Runner up: [ESP].NoFear (right) and me (s u n d a e) (left)
Prize: RM200 by Blitzone, Razer T-shirt+1st runner up shirt of the category

[ESP].NoFear's journey: [ESP].NoFear 42-22 [ESP].superchai, [ESP].NoFear 42-32 [SWL]*Grr!, [ESP].NoFear 32-27 oNv|NiH, [ESP].NoFear 36-33 XIII|`Kura (Semi-finals)
[ESP].NoFear 21-31 [ESP].Nobie, [ESP].NoFear 17-17 [ESP].Nobie,
[ESP].NoFear 17-24 [ESP].Nobie (best out of 3, finals)

2nd Runner up: [SWL]*kLavieR (right) & me( s u n d a e) (left)
Prize: RM100 by Blitzone, Razer T-shirt+2nd runner up shirt of the category

[SWL]*kLavieR's journey: [SWL]*kLavieR 27-19 [JEDI-T] Strayfer, [SWL]*kLavieR 29-36 [ESP].Nobie, [SWL]*kLavieR 46-33 RieFlakes, [SWL]*kLavieR 29-26 [ESP].Quack, [SWL]*kLavieR 39-20 XIII|Hitler, [SWL]*kLavieR 31-20 Oreo, [SWL]*kLavieR 43-38 [SWL]*Flaver, [SWL]*kLavieR 27-32 [ESP].Nobie, [SWL]*kLavieR 39-23 XIII|`Kura (3rd placing)

Do check out http://cod4sea.blogspot.com/for more information and video interviews.


June 27, 2009

Gaming Walkaround: Edition 2

Heyya guys, we are back again with another edition of Gaming Walkaround. Last week, we have saw how's the atmosphere of the games tournament in the expo or exhibition. For this week's edition, we would focus on the unknown roots of the gaming scene, where most of professional gamers like us were before storming into the scene, which are...

Casual gamers.

We start up with the first visit to PETRONAS Management Training Centre in Bangi where PETRONAS Family Carnival was being held recently. Apart of activities such as dunk the boss and star-studded performance, there are also a mini e-sports tournament or likewise what they named as "Computer Network Games"

Even though we might already advancing with latest release of games, they have decided to stick with the old when Need For Speed: Most Wanted has been chosen as the game title for the competition, yet there are 18 participants turned up to test out their skills.

After all, it's a good effort that the secretariat realizing the potential of e-sports tournament. Who knows that they might go bigger next year, and might end up as PETRONAS Malaysian Cyber Games :D

Pros: A good move by the organizers as a reason for people to have fun after long working hours. Besides, we met a very supportive mum where his son ended up as runner-up during the tournament.

Cons: The rules are not very clear since they change the format during the tournament itself. It's actually co-organized by eStudioNet cyber cafe in Sri Petaling and looks like they have lack of experience organizing tournaments. After all, it's a casual tournament anyway

Rating: 6/10. A good start, but needs to be improved

After a long day in Bangi, Spotgamers quickly makes its way to e@Curve at Mutiara Damansara to watch Fly FM's Playa's Got Game 24 hour battle, where the battle is currently on-going. Unfortunately, we are too tired to wait until the wee hours as we are on preparation to give a surprise to our Spotgamers readers.

Considering the location which is directly straight from The Curve, the competition has garnered a lot of attention, where Fly FM DJ such as Basil, Hafiz, Hunny Madu, Prem and Jules turn up to give their support to the gamers.

However, it was later known to us that the format is a single elimination knock-out and round robin after the 4th round which might be started around 3 am? And the game title for this competition is Tekken 5 in PlayStation 3. Basil also made an error when he mention in his blog that PS2 will be played. Promotion faux then.

Pros: Half-hour RM 100 giveaway for the lucky person to beat their announcers in games either Street Fighter 4, Need For Speed: Pro Street, Winning Eleven 2009 or Guitar Hero III. Who wants to miss such chance?

Not forgetting the lucky draw. One fella comes with nothing and goes back with a PSP. Maybe someone who went home with PS3 on his couch. Lulz

Cons: Massive walkover occured. Approximately 60-70 people failed to turn up during the event. Maybe some registered in the morning and get the free T-shirt and M.I.A after they knew they would be playing Tekken 5, in 3 hours later? Lulz

Rating: 6.5/10. A good exposure, but Fly FM should diverse the game for the 24 hours battle. Even our Cyber Fusion heroes diverse their game to avoid themselves from getting sleepy. Lulz

Spotgamer's Gaming Walkaround for this week has come to an end.

Actually, we are not sure whether Gaming Walkaround is on for next week as we are preparing surprises for our loyal readers on next week. Whatever the surprise is, stay tuned for any future hints or announcements.

That's all for now. Cheers! xD



by Han
published by Rinie 27 June 2009

The 1st half of the year has come and gone. For Fifa 09, it has been an exciting time for Malaysian gamers. The highlight has to be Cyberfusion, where a large scale event was organized with lucrative prizes. The Clan War was also organized for the clans to pit their wits against each other. Also, other tournaments like the DRG Cup and online tournaments like Spotgamers Cup attracted great interest also. With WCG Asia and WCG Malaysia coming, the next 6 months promises more competitive thrill for the FIFA gamers and fans out there. Here to help us with our analysis is the leader of the W|nDs FIFA clan. Loon4atic.

The Effect of Cyberfusion

Loo4tic believes that Cyberfusion has helped keep gamers on their toes in terms of practice and gaming awareness. Here are his thoughts:

"In competetive FIFA gaming, Cyberfusion had done a great job. Usually FIFA gamers will start prepare themselves somewhere around June or July due to the CELGames competition. However, with Cyberfusion, I can see some FIFA gamers already start preparing themselves for the competition. Though most of the top FIFA gamers from my clan had been involved in FIFA Online 2 more, but they are still doing well in FIFA09. I think Cyberfusion should be held every year and give more attractive prizes to motivate players to start their intensive training early."

The 1st half of 2009

Loon4tic believes that the 1st half of the year has been rather quiet, but the FIFA scene would be in full swing in a couple of months time with major tournaments coming up.

"Though with the Cyberfusion event, it still kind of quiet for FIFA 09. For FIFA Online 2, it had been great so far and lots of tournaments are held not only locally, but also at International level where qualifiers are held in Malaysia. It is still a little 'cold' for FIFA09 but I can feel the heat is coming especially WCG is just 1-2 months away."

Hopes and Thoughts for WCG

Loon4tic is our Malaysian representative for WCG Asia. And helping him to fly the flag for our country are his clan mates and other rivals who are there to help improve each others skills. Here are his thoughts for the future.

"Personally, I hope that I myself will do well in this year's WCG and not finish as a 1st runner up like last year. However, I also do hope that my clanmates who put their effort into FIFA09 will succeed as well. We had already conquered WCG and really hope to maintain the winning streak as long as we can. Hopefully whoever wins WCG Malaysia, will do us proud in the international events and push Malaysian gaming a step further."

WCG Asia will kick off in a week or so. Loon4tic have a tough task ahead of him- to defend the title won by Si Jali last year. Here’s hoping he would be able to do our country proud and go all the way this July. And also for other gamers out there, the WCG represents their best chance of representing Malaysia, so buckle up and start playing!


June 26, 2009


Today, we were sadden by the shocking news that the King Of Pop Michael Jackson has passed away due to heart attack. It takes me awhile to accept the facts since i grew up with his songs. Though he is not a gaming icon but to those who actually care about our gaming community, he has send us a message thru one of his songs: Man In The Mirror.

In his lyrics he stated: "If you wanna make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and then make the change!"

So if you wanna make our gaming community better, if you wanna make Malaysia better, and if you wanna make the world a better place, you can make that change by changing yourself 1st!

I dedicated this song in the memories of Michael Jackson. Shall he rest in peace in mind and soul.

Ooh ooh ooh aah
Gotta make a change
For once in my life
It's gonna feel real good
Gonna make a difference
Gonna make it right

As I turned up the collar on
A favorite winter coat
This wind is blowin' my mind
I see the kids in the street
With not enough to eat
Who am I to be blind
Pretending not to see their needs

A summer's disregard
A broken bottle top
And a one man's soul
They follow each other
On the wind ya' know
'Cause they got nowhere to go
That's why I want you to know

I'm starting with the man in the mirror
I'm asking him to change his ways
And no message could have been any clearer
If you wanna make the world a better place
Take a look at yourself and then make a change, yey
Na na na, na na na, na na na na oh ho

I've been a victim of
A selfish kinda love
It's time that I realize
There are some with no home
Not a nickel to loan
Could it be really pretending that they're not alone

A willow deeply scarred
Somebody's broken heart
And a washed out dream
(Washed out dream)
They follow the pattern of the wind ya' see
'Cause they got no place to be
That's why I'm starting with me

I'm starting with the man in the mirror
I'm asking him to change his ways
And no message could have been any clearer
If you wanna make the world a better place
Take a look at yourself and then make a change

I'm starting with the man in the mirror
I'm asking him to change his ways
And no message could have been any clearer
If you wanna make the world a better place
Take a look at yourself and then make that change

I'm starting with the man in the mirror
(Man in the mirror, oh yeah)
I'm asking him to change his ways, yeah
No message could have been any clearer
If you wanna make the world a better place
Take a look at yourself and then make the change
You gotta get it right, while you got the time
'Cause when you close your heart
(You can't close your, your mind)
Then you close your mind

(That man, that man, that man)
(That man, that man, that man)
(With the man in the mirror, oh yeah)
(That man you know, that man you know)
(That man you know, that man you know)
I'm asking him to change his ways
No message could have been any clearer
If you wanna make the world a better place
Take a look at yourself then make that change

(Na na na, na na na, na na na na)
Oh yeah
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
(Na na na, na na na, na na na na)

Oh no
Oh no, I'm gonna make a change
It's gonna feel real good
Sure mon
Just lift yourself
You know, you got to stop it yourself
Make that change
(I gotta make that change today, oh)
(Man in the mirror)
You got to, you got to not let yourself, brother oh
You know that
(Make that change)
(I gotta make that make me then make)
You got, you got to move
Sure mon, sure mon
You got to
(Stand up, stand up, stand up)
Make that change
Stand up and lift yourself, now
(Man in the mirror)
Make that change
(Gonna make that change, sure mon)
(Man in the mirror)
You know it, you know it, you know it, you know
Make that change



Exciting news indeed when Online e-Club announced at Asian Cyber Games about Left 4 Dead Tour ACG Qualifier. Stand the chance to win more than RM2000 worth of prizes on each venue. The best part, its FREE!

Here are the details:



REGISTRATION METHOD: ON-SITE (Each venue will be responsible for their own registration)

TEAM LIMIT: 8 or 16, depending on the venue.



- Champions for each venue will qualify to the grand finals which will be held in Selangor/KL area in the month of August/September. More info on this will be released.
- Champions are not allowed to enter the other qualifiers.
- 2nd and 3rd place winners are only allowed to enter 2 total qualifiers where they end up as 2nd or 3rd place.

More detailed information on the venues and their contacts, please click >HERE<.

If you have any queries or questions, please contact:

Our office, e-Club at: (603) 90564855 | (603) 90596291
or Frankie: 016-3112308

Information on this page may change without prior notice. Please check this page often.

It is indeed nice to see that our local game distributor is taking the initiative to promote our local competitive gaming scene. So let them know how good your zombie whacking skill in Left 4 Dead Tour!

Source: Asian Cyber Games



Recently, ESPGL has been organizing their very own 1 v 1 tournament series called Master At Arms. Basically each of the participants will have to use certain weapon according to the theme of the tournament and show off who has the best weaponry skill on the field. Now entering their 3rd Master At Arms Series, Eagle Eye(Sniper) it sure is gonna be a hell lot of fun! Here are the announcement:

by Sundae COD 4 SEA

It's actually pretty much the same for the turret announcement but as a reminder and for those who only registered for this category do take heed of these announcements:

1. Don't be late. 9.30 is the briefing time for the rules and regulations along with some minor procedures to be familiar with. We experienced some difficulties with the schedule for the Braveheart category plus the fact that it's only 19 participants. So don't make it too difficult for us to make this event smooth for you guys, be there early, have a hearty breakfast at choy kee/centrepoint mcd's and then head over to Blitzone for briefing.

2. Please, bring your sound cards. We are still facing issues of adjusting the volume for the computers in Blitzone which well, would affect your gameplay tremendously if you can't hear your opponent's footsteps and so on.

3. Just in case you guys missed this out during the briefing (I hope not but anyways), there is a fixed schedule for you guys to have your lunch break. If you're unsure about the schedule or anything for that matter, the only confirmation you can get is from me (s u n d a e). Don't ask the Blitzone counter, don't ask the cleaners, don't ask susu or ZoK or Grr.. well you get the point.

4. Yes you're allowed to load your profiles. As long it's Promod Live. Yes, you can also save your demos in your thumbdrives for reference and so on.

5. Remember to maintain your professionalism! Don't throw your tantrum or be overly emotional about your match as how bad it was and so on. This works as a learning experience as well.

Well, that's pretty much about it. If there's anything I would add in, I'll edit this post and inform you guys about it. Do check back here on Friday night to see if I've made any changes or whatsoever.

I wish to all, all the best. Train hard on your accuracy, spots and tactics. Looking forward to see you guys in action.

For more info check out their website here


June 25, 2009


by Han
published by Rinie 25 June 2009

The 1st half of 2009 had been an exciting time for DOTA players. From major tournaments (Cyberfusion etc), New version release (the latest game maps) and weekly mini tournaments (FTZ Tuesday tournament), it has been a great time. Here is a recap of those events and a look to the future through the eyes of our dota analyst, Underminer.

The Effect Of Cyberfusion

Underminer believes that Cyberfusion has been a success in terms of staging the tournament, but stressed that follow up work needs to be done for Malaysia to become a gaming superpower.

"Cyberfusion generated much needed media attention for "gamers" overall. But no followup work from the organisers and community overall will render it to become yet another event and not part of a growing scene matching Korea's"

SMM Grand National Dota Tournament

The SMM Grand National Dota Tounament is coming up, which is fantastic news for those ardent Dota gamers out there. Underminer believes this is a great tournament which will help the Malaysian Dota scene.

"The best thing to happen in Dota locally is the announcement of yet another year of SMM Grand National Dota Tournament which promises to be the greatest Dota tournament in the World of 2009. Gaming as a whole took a step backward with the bancruptcy of ESWC and MYM."

The Ommission of DOTA From WCG Malaysia

As expected, Dota has not been included in the exclusive list of games for WCG Malaysia. Here are Underminer's opinions about this issue.

“It’s a disappointment for Dota for being overlooked yet again in WCG this year. Reason being Dota does not generate cash for the organisers in Korea due to its nature as a community generated game. ACG promises to be the most anticipated tournament for the scene this year as it will be a true "nation’s cup" for Dota."

This concludes our report for the 1st half 2009 in the Dota scene. However, the second half of the year promises to get even better. With the WCG Asian Championships coming up, SMM Grand National Tournament, and new version release that would spark great debates, it is truly an exciting time ahead for Dota players out there. Until next time, happy pawning!



by Dota Allstar Blog

Here's something useful for all the dota players out there. This is a detailed guide on how to escape from ganks or a chase. Thanks to Dota-allstars blog.

Dota fans out there, today we present a simple guide for you players, called juking. Juke spot is the best place to escape from your enemies chase or simply confusing them, or even buy time for your allies to come over to help you. If you haven't know what is juking like, you can check it out here on the Dota juking guide. Reading this post could save your lives on your next Dota game ;) Here are all the juke spot for the new layout, click the images to enlarge.

This is one of the new juke spot added, don't miss this one! ;)

Hopefully this article can help players out there flee safely from ganks and survive better. Who knows, it may even help you to set up ganks yourself.




by XtC Gaming


Xtreme Chaotix LLP (XTC LLP) one of the establish clan in Singapore, has announced that CM Storm & Cooler Master, 2 renowned brands have become XTC's sponsors.

This new & exciting partnership will enable the XTC's players & staffs to use both CM Storm & Cooler Master products in their bid for future tournament conquests. In addition, XTC will be tasked with the responsibilty of enhancing CM Storm and Cooler Master's already well established reputation in the Asia Pacific.

It is indeed good news that arrived at the appropriate timing. With their various gaming squads playing in a total of 5 different offline tournaments this weekend & next weekend, it will be a key motivational & morale boosting factor that is vital in all of the teams bid for their glorious conquest.

To view or download the official press release, go to: XtC Press Release

(Note: You will need adobe reader to view the press release.)

For more information on CM Storm, visit: www.cmstorm.com

For more information on Cooler Master, visit: www.coolermaster.com

For more information on this partnership, you may contact Michael Phee (65) 97866480 or email michael[at]xtc.sg. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Source: XTC Gaming


June 24, 2009


It's finally here, the draw to the Asian WCG Championships for Dota, FIFA 09 and Guitar Hero World Tour.

The draw will bring us some intriguing match-ups, here is the draw in full.



Guitar Hero World Tour

Here is the draw in case you are too occupied to watch how it occured:


  • Group A: India, Singapore, Korea, New Zealand
  • Group B: Malaysia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Vietnam
  • Group C: Philippines, Chinese Taipei, China
  • Group D: Australia, Indonesia, Japan


  • Group A: Malaysia, India, New Zealand, Chinese Taipei
  • Group B: Vietnam, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Korea
  • Group C: Philippines, China, Singapore
  • Group D: Japan, Australia, Bangladash

Guitar Hero: World Tour

  • Group A: Japan, Korea, China, India
  • Group B: Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Philippines
  • Group C: Indonesia, Bangladesh, Malaysia
  • Group D: Chinese Taipei, Vietnam, Sri Lanka

DOTA as far as we know, it shldnt be a problem for our national team to go through. But it would be interesting to follow up FIFA because we are in the same group with last year Silver Medalist, India. Are we going to see a repeat of an interesting match between Malaysia and India? We shall see.

Overall, it looks like our national representative will have a good chance to qualify from each of their respective group. But at the same time, we hope that all the representative must understand the importance of this tournament and how does it reflect to the pride of our nation. So stay focus guys and all the best!

Source:Rapture Gaming



by Han
published by Rinie 24 June 2009

They say all good things must come to an end. Therefore we should not be too surprised to know that, Activision’s partnership with Sony maybe coming to an end. The main reason for this is of course, money.

Here is a quote from our news source

“The PlayStation 3 is losing a bit of momentum and they don’t make it easy for me to support the platform. It’s expensive to develop for the console, and the Wii and the Xbox are just selling better. Games generate a better return on invested capital on the Xbox than on the PlayStation.

They have to cut the price, because if they don’t, the attach rates [the number of games each console owner buys] are likely to slow. If we are being realistic, we might have to stop supporting Sony.

When we look at 2010 and 2011, we might want to consider if we support the console — and the PSP [portable] too.”

The Activision Blizzard President and CEO Bobby Kotick is quoted to ask for Sony’s licensing fees reduced, and a price cut for the ever popular PS3. He probably would not mind seeing some incentives like advertising dollars, either.

For the record, Activision Blizzard produces the following games: Call of Duty, Guitar Hero, Tony Hawk Series, Dreamworks and Marvel movie titles, World of Warcraft, Starcraft and Diablo—although the Blizzard games are yet to be available for console, you get the picture how big this company is.

With the credit crunch munching into various industries, even massive companies like Sony and Activision are feeling the pinch. How would Sony respond to this in the long term? Would the PS3’s price be reduced because of this threat? Would other major game developers follow suit? Keep reading Spotgamers to stay updated.

1st Source: Multiplay
2nd Source: Gizmodo




The results are out!


Roster of JEDI DP from Singapore was:

[JEDI]aBc (Captain)

Roster of eG from Malaysia was:

eG.LuckyCharm! (Captain)

Crash: JEDI DP 13 - 5 eG

Strike: JEDI DP 13 - 7 eG

Congratulations to JEDI DP on their victory and we shall see what happens next when they meet their next opponent, Team Coop!

Source: COD 4 SEA


June 23, 2009

PLAY Interactive To Distribute Black Bean Games Lineup In Asia Pacific

by Chapree Multiplay

Last week, PLAY Interactive announced that they has signed a Asia Pacific-wide distribution deal with Black Bean Games, a game publisher from Italy. The Italian company is known for their European-based racing games such as Evolution GT, SCAR and also their official game series for Superbike World Championship called SBK.

PLAY Interactive has already started administering Black Bean Games entry into Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan and Hong Kong market, starting with the company’s latest lineup which include SBK’09 Superbike World Championship and Superstar V8 Racing. Expect these games to pop up under PLAY Interactive badge at your local stores soon.

Source: Multiplay


by dota-allstars-blog

Dota-Allstars 6.61 Beta Map is Leaked! Looks like there will be less new content on Dota 6.61, but a lot of balance has been made. Let's check it out!

Dota 6.61 Beta 3 Map Changelogs:

* Fixed natural regeneration on rax
* Fixed Living Armor not regenerating structures properly
* Fixed incorrect sell value on some aghanim scepters
* Fixed Double Damage visual effect to properly show when the user is using low graphics mode
* Reduced Double Edge cooldown (25->12)
* Watchers now have collision. They also have 400 less vision range and give +40 more bounty.
- Various misc code fps stuff
- Undid magic stick cd change
- Undid Sil armor change
- Fixed Reverse Polarity, it properly places them infront of you now
* Fixed an error in the damage calculation method for Plasma Field
* Reduced FPS drops when using Shiva's Guard and Plasma Field with some custom import files (PGRu-Unexpect3D)
* Improved Faceless Void's base strength (17->23)
* Improved Silencer's base armor by 2 points
* Restored original cooldown improvement on Scepter for QoP
* Improved Searing Arrows damage from 10/20/30/40 to 20/30/40/50
* Increased projectile speed on Mystic Snake
* Lowered Stone Gaze cooldown (70->35)
* Sven's Storm bolt now uses the normal unit targeting scheme. No gameplay changes, just the interface visuals.
* Fixed -ns mode
* Fixed Napalm not properly stacking and doing higher constant values [needs playtesting since it may be too useless now]
* Slightly increased Eyes in the Forest cast range (+25) to fix some order issue bugs [make sure u can't abuse it]
* Casting Nature's Guise on an allied unit will no longer take you out if if you have it on you
* Reverse Polarity now pulls units slightly infront of you instead of all around you
* Lowered Magic Stick/Wand cooldown from 17 to 13
* Added a new icon for Slardar's Bash (3587)

Dota-Allstars 6.61 Beta 3 Download link:
Dota-Allstars 6.61 Beta 3 via Warcraft Map
Dota-Allstars 6.61 Beta 3 via Rapidshare

Well, i think Dota 6.61 will be focused on balances. Enjoy the new map!

1st Source: dota-allstars-blog
2nd Source: Dota-utilities



by Han & Rinie 23 June 2009

Ahh how i miss the pure innocent newbie feeling. I still remember when i 1st joined a tournament, i dont know anything at all. The only thing on my mind was winning the competition. And thats all.

But being a newbie is quite challenging. Nowadays, there are a lot of establish gamers/clans in each respective field. So how does a newbie get through all of this? Here we interview 2 gamers who started out not long ago and is now one of the gamers who manage to make the big boys a run of their money.

Interview with COD 4 team XIII leader, Beng

Clan XIII, a Call of Duty clan based in Subang, is now relatively huge with 3 teams and 20 members. They are formed 6 months ago and are ready to challenge the big boys in the tournaments. Here is an interview with their leader.

1. As a newbie, what firstly got you interested in joining tournaments?

At first my clan consisted of casual players from the cc in subang, and played casually for fun till one day I decided to test out playing competitively with another nearby clan after being introduced into the search and destroy,domination and hq style of playing. As expected we lost badly and from there the determinaton to learn the ways to play more competitively, the adrenaline rush and the hunger to beat most of the teams out there is what got me interested to join tournaments.

2. How do you think the clan has helped you?

Well besides gaming as a clan we do a lot of other activities other than just training and playing Cod4.We have outdoor activities such as going out on trips, playing futsal,etc. Because of that the clan now is like an extended family and being the clan leader and eldest in the clan I guess it has helped me to manage different kinds of characters amongst my clanmates and, like a family they do help when you're in need of help =)

3. Do you feel intimidated when you join tournaments?

Honestly i can say there is always the sense of intimidation at first when facing the much larger and stronger teams out there knowing that they are much more organised and experienced. However, the determination to beat them and to show our best usually overshadows the intimidation part and we would then give our best to take down the opposition. Never say die =)

4. How do you intend to improve yourself?

Well, so far I've been having practice sessions with the more established teams such as Onova and Flakes. Furthermore I've been playing friendly matches with the best teams in the whole of Malaysia, ESP and SWL. I guess playing with the best and learning from the more experienced players will help improve my game. Other than that I guess its all down to training, training and more training!

Interview with Winds youngster, Bigboss!

A rising star in the Malaysian FIFA scene, Bigboss has achieved numerous successes as a young player at an age of only 16. He is not intimidated to take on senior players, and has the ability to pull of one or two shocks. His best years in gaming are still ahead of him, so look out for him in the future. He might be a ‘Bigboss’ in the Malaysian FIFA scene and start dominating tournaments. Watch this space.

1. As a newbie, what firstly got you interested in joining tournaments?

I think one of the reasons is the dream of becoming a champion in something that I really like, which is gaming. Another thing is that the feeling of being in a tourney. It is difficult to describe it, so you must feel it for yourself.

2. How do you think the clan has helped you?

They have helped me a lot in terms of sharpening my skills in FIFA. Before joining the clan, my skills were limited to just a few buttons which is basically just A,S,D. After joining the clan, they have helped me by not just by giving tips on FIFA, but also on giving me mental support during tourneys. They are one of the reasons of making me the person I am now. ^^

3. Do you feel intimidated when you join tournaments?

Yeah, of course. I think everyone feels intimidated in tourneys .I still remember my 1st tourney that after every game my hands were sweaty and shaky lol. But with time I get used to it and try to use that as my advantage instead.

4. How do you intend to improve yourself?

This is a hard one to answer. I think I need more experience in order to improve myself. Besides that, I need to sharpen my mental state, as sometimes against top players I felt I am at a disadvantage before the match starts.

This is another prove why newbie shouldnt run away when ever they meet with bigger challenge. Hey even i myself started out as newbie. And so does all the great pro gamers out there as well. Never stop learning and never give up! ^^


June 22, 2009


by Sync Cod 4 SEA

ACC Season One is back with a bang this week. The finals has finally started, having top eight of the table competing each other to claim the very first champion of the Asian Call of Duty 4 Championship, Season One.

The eight contenders in their respective ranking order are:

1.JEDI DP - Singapore
2.ESP. Gaming - Malaysia
3.SWL - Malaysia
4.Bf.Nut - Singapore
5.Coop - Indonesia
6.CEBU - Philippines
7.JEDI Mamba - Singapore
8.eG - Malaysia

There will be four matches that are going to be epic! And it is in single elimination format. Three results are already out while we are waiting for the last match of quarter finals. Here are the matches that was held with the results:


Roster of SWL from Malaysia were:

[SWL]*Grr (Captain)

Roster for CEBU from Philippines were:

[CEBU]Perennial (Captain)

Overall the match was quite exciting. The first map was Vacant, won by SWL with score the of 13-4. Almost all SWL players had equal chance to score as their score to each other was very close. The next match was a close one, the map was Backlot, but SWL still snathed their victory with the of score 13-9.

SWL is the first team to enter the quarter finals of ACC Season One. Their next opponent would be ESP.

Vacant: SWL 13 - 4 CEBU

Backlot: SWL 13 - 9 CEBU

ESP vs JEDI Mamba

Roster for [JEDI]Mamba from Singapore were:

[JEDI] `DA (Captain)
[JEDI] Orion041
[JEDI] eCon!
[JEDI-T] jooKs!

ESP's roster from Malaysia were:

esp.quack (Captain)

This match is the most epic so far in the quarter finals, as they have played 3 matches with the first map Strike, which was conquered by JEDI Mamba with score 13-7. The second match was Vacant, however this time, [ESP] beat JEDI Mamba with the score of 13-5. And the final map was Crossfire. This match was really close compared to the previous match as the score was [ESP] 13-9 JEDI Mamba.

Quoted from esp.Ho|yboy from this match "Great game guys just epic".

So for the semi finals, Malaysian teams will face against each other, [ESP] would face again against SWL in semi final next week, as they have fought against each other earlier in this season. Their earlier result was a draw, so let's see what happens this time as they put in their best to emerge as winner of the semi-finals.

Strike: [ESP] 7 - 13 JEDI Mamba

Vacant: [ESP] 13 - 5 JEDI Mamba

Crossfire: [ESP] 13 - 9 JEDI Mamba

Bf.Nut vs Coop

This match wasn't played as Bf.Nut couldn't get their players according to [Bf.Nut]Soldier. As they couldn't get them, Coop were given walkover by Bf.Nut. It is sad that two powerhouse couldn't get their match done in the quarter finals of ACC Season One, as most people are waiting for two of the best SMG players in SEA to compete against each other, [Bf.Nut]Soldier vs coop.Cerberus. Coop Indonesia will just wait the result of [JEDI]DP vs eG which would be determined soon.

So the semi final fixture will be:

coop vs [JEDI]DP or eG.

Be prepared to updated on the results! :)

source: COD 4 SEA



by Rinie 22 June 2009

If you have the passion for games and really wanted to help the gaming community, look no further as I will guide you on what you can help contribute to the gaming community even if your not good in gaming.

We usually have this mentality that the only way to help our gaming community to grow is to achieve the highest rank in any local or international tournament. Yes its true but its only one of the many other ways that can help grow the gaming community. Plus i believe this is one of the hardest way to influence the growth of the gaming community because it requires the gamers to achieve high skills. To make it more worst, there can only be one champion. Plus if nobody knows about your achievement, it will definitely not inspire others to follow your foot step as well. So obviously, there is more factor involve than just winning competition.

Now dont get me wrong. We have to be good in what we are doing. But my main point is this; that you dont have to necessarily be a gamer to help the growth of our beloved gaming community. Here i will list down 1 by 1 on what you can help contribute besides being a gamer:

1. Organizer

Last weekend, i met with some of my friends who is one of the best tournament organizer in town. The interesting facts that he told me is; doesnt mean you're a gamer you can be a good organizer . Painful fact as it seems but he has his own reason to support his facts. When organizing a tournament you got to get out of your "For Gamers" thinking. You got to think on how to expose this tournament to the PUBLIC, not just to the gamers. Notice that i stress on the word PUBLIC. Yes if you do a tournament and your target is just within the same group of gamers, your not a good organizer. Being a organizer is to think how to promote this tournament to the mass public and influence new faces to join as well. Not for the sake of your specialize group of gamers. When i look back on our current community, it just hit me in the head how many tournament organizer made this same mistake over and over again. I too have to admit did the same mistake as well.

But why be an organizer? The reason is simple. Without tournaments, there wont be any competitive gaming scene. Without tournaments, the community is dead. So it is very important to have a number of people who specialize in being an organizer. Believe me, a good organizer can tremendously increase the growth of the gaming community compare to being a good gamer.

The correct mentality to being a good organizer is:

1. For The Public
2. For The Gamers
3. For The Profit

We need to expose the tournament to the public so that the public know of our existent as well as to influence new faces to join our gaming community. At the same time the organizer must never neglect the already existing current gamers. Dont make this same stupid excuses where in order to promote the tournament we have to reduce the prizes. Most often this type of organizer fail to cater the needs and wants of both the public and gamers. And definitely, you need some profit to keep the tournament going. But never ever put profit as the highest priority. The money is like food,water,oxygen and blood for the tournament.

Public 1st, gamers 2nd and profit 3rd.

I think many business owner will disagree with my statements. But i would like to quote on what Henry Ford, the founder of Ford says about this issue:

" A business absolutely devoted to service will have only one worry about profits. They will be embarrassingly large. "

" A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business. "

" I am willing to sell my cars even with small profit. Then all Americans can afford and enjoy driving their very own car. That is the true spirit of Ford Organization; To provide cars to the general masses."

Part 2 will be publish soon. So stay tune ^^


June 21, 2009

Gaming Walkaround: Games & Gadgets Exhibition

Heyya guys, Spotgamers team are in Mid Valley last week for Games & Gadgets exhibition. The exhibition was being organized for the first time by Knowledge Group of Companies.

Among the gaming companies that participated in this exhibition are Replay Interactive, e-Club Malaysia, eFactory (myRosso and Jin Online), Digital Durian and MSC Malaysia. Do we miss anything?

Oh yes! Sony themselves made their first appearance in any gaming exhibition since the launch of Playstation 3 in Malaysia as their booth provides free play for PS3 games such as Fallout 3, Ridge Racer 7, Rock Band, Street Fighter 4 and Trash Box (a new version of Tetris. Lulz

At the back side of the gaming section, e-Club Malaysia are very generous to hold tournaments such as CS 1.6 Amateur Cup and Team Fortress 2 qualifier for WCG Singapore Open Category.

For CS 1.6 Amateur Cup,
QUAS reigns as the champion by beating Underdogz to net themselves RM1500 and RM1000 for the latter. TYT takes the third place and AFH took the fourth place. A nice start for the amateur to send a signal to the pros that the amateurs are ready to rock

For TF2 WCG Qualifier, it can be considered the cruelest tournament as it's Winner Takes All tournament. Playing in double-elimination format, Anomaly bounce back from the loser bracket by dragging I:Pr to another match up for the winner spot. After a long battle, Anamoly grabs the free ticket to Singapore to compete in WCG Singapore Open Category which is fully sponsored by eClub Malaysia. Well done!

On the console mode, Sony is having a marathon Street Fighter 4 tournament, which is almost similar to the Soul Calibur IV 24 hours marathon. Not forgetting, the Rock Band tournament was being organized for the first time ever, where it's a battle between PS3 enthusiast and gaming journalist. After a exciting strumming, jumping and some off key singing, Keith was announced as the winner, bringing PS3 as his prize back home. Game Axis' Fat Cat Lim is the runner up, getting himself a PSP as his reward (which he traded for PS3 in the end. Lulz). Not forgetting, Multiplay's Chapree get his prize for Best Costume and our own TPK was being declared as Best Performer with his crazy jumping gig.

Overall, this is a good kick start for Knowledge Group of Companies to expose gamers and the public crowd to the gaming scene on what's in and what's hot. However, there are concerns that gadgets booth dominated much of the place allocated for gaming site.

More about the tournament, Kudos to one.two and eXBomB who are actually from the COD4 community for making a try to compete in TF2. What a encouraging move by their community. Oh now, where's our Orange Box? Lulz. Not forgetting that during the TF2 Finals, each finalist have one girl representing their respective teams, one is Myuu from i:Pr and Deprise (correct us if we're wrong) from Anomaly. Also, Underdogs who were runner-up have a gamer girl in their team as well. Could be a sign that girls go game? :P

Sony has also garnered a good interest for organizing PS3 tournaments and opening up console stations for visitors to test out the PS3 by themselves. So Microsoft, Sony has made their move, how about you guys? :P

Enough with the rants. We would upload the pictures soon enough. Stay tuned.

Anyway, where would our Gaming Walkaround will go next week? Keep yourself updated from time to time with Spotgamers - Eyes on Gamers. Cheers! xD


Asian Gaming League

After the demise of the CGS, Counter-Strike: Source has taken the backseat compare to Counter-Strike 1.6. However, there are still a group of CS: S enthusiasts around Asia. That being said, team oP, a CS: S team based in Singapore has organized an online CS: S tourney which kicked off on the 20th of June 2009.Sad to say, the majority of teams participating in the tournament are from Singapore. Only a handful of them are based in Malaysia. The participating teams are as follows:

DIV 1:

team Furore

DIV 2:


Team NSo and Ext are the only Malaysian teams in the AGL. So, show some support for you local teams !

I will be doing a weekly coverage on the tournament to update you, the readers on the latest scores and updates on the tournament.
Week 1 fixtures are as follows:


Match1 - G5 VS DOPE
Match2 - OP VS J|G
Match3 - NSO VS UA


Match3 - sfactioN VS aQua
Match4 - TMG VS ABV


June 17, 2009


What is this? The Spotgamers team is feeling nostalgic and is reviewing an ancient game? Not really. We are here to show you a great game that did not really become a household name in terms of popularity. But for sheer game play fun and excitement, this FPS game deserves the mention and exposure it deserves. So here you go ladies and gentlemen, presenting the old, yet golden Quake 4!

Quake 4, in our opinion, is a top notch FPS game. If you have played it before, take a trip down memory lane with a few of your friends to a local cyber café and have lots of fun with this futuristic game. Blow your friends into pieces with the Railgun in the multiplayer mode, or blast them into smithereens with the Hyperblaster. If this is the 1st time you have heard about this game, head to a local game shop and grab a copy to find out what you have been missing out on.

We believe the graphics and detail for this game is simply magnificent. Notice the detail of your unit when it is being blown to pieces. Or check out the line of fire coming out from your artillery. And don’t forget to notice the movement of your unit as it dodges a stream of lightning speed bullets. Not bad for an ancient game.

The weapons are also pretty fun, especially with the mods you'll get over the course of the game. The single-barrel shotgun is quite powerful -- almost too powerful -- and you can zoom in with the assault rifle scope and squeeze off targeted rounds with semi-automatic fire.

This game is very much a single player game with some nice features, but we believe the multiplayer features are good enough to create hours of fun with your mates. As long as the map is geared towards that number of people, it can be just as much fun as 64-player mayhem. Watch your mates scream in horror as they see their units explode in front of their faces. At any rate, a couple of the maps stand out, particularly Xaero, which takes place in the middle of space and involves platforms and pillars you'll jump to, with nothing but stars below you.

So dear readers, this concludes our review of a favourite old game of ours, Quake 4! For those of you, who have any comments or opinions; feel free to get in touch with us. For the time being, happy shooting!


June 16, 2009


Happy 1st Birthday Spotgamers!

Wow seriously we never thought that we would even celebrate or even remember when we 1st started last year. To withstand till today is an achievement by itself. But this achievement was not just from our part alone but also from our beloved readers who has been following,reading,commenting and etc etc on our tiny blog. Really we are grateful for your never ending support. Thanks guys.

So without further a due,let us all reviewed back the ups and downs during our 1st year.

When we 1st started out, we have around 7 members (Rinie,Han,Gavin,Moot,Hafiz,Terence and Rei) which each of the members has a specific roles within a rigid system. We were doing great for just a new blog when we manage to generate at least 2 articles per day. Our 1st tournament coverage was ESWC followed by CEL Games and WCG. This is when we realized that though we are new we are treated as part of the media group as well. This somehow motivated us indirectly to keep on doing in what we believe in.

But after WCG somehow the momentum starts to drop. Most of the reason was because there were not much going on after WCG and therefore not much to write about. Then 1 by 1 some of the members going into inactive mode because they have to be committed to their own life. Though they are inactive but still they will contribute when ever they can which we truly appreciate the support.

And due to our commitment towards our objective to provide exposure for the gamers, it manage to inspired new members to joined in such as Tris, Kieran and TPK thus continuing the spirits that the former members has left behind. Spotgamers has also changed from a more articles community base to a more casual base such as the G-Life series and DYK series. Slowly but surely we are learning to improved ourselves to achieve our main goal and learning how to create a better articles for our readers.

One of our boldest move is when we decided to organized the 1st ever Spotgamers Gath & Award Ceremony in conjunction with Youth 09. Man it was crazy! I mean, we dont have any budget at all and we are just a new and small gaming media.But no matter what we were determine to do it. And for the love of the game, SMM,MYGO,UCPRO were kind enough to help sponsors cash & prizes for the event. The gath was hmm i would say very casual. Everyone was like chilling around and was definitely like piranhas when we served the food! In less than 5 min all gone! Though we were glad that everyone enjoyed it but deep inside we were not really satisfy with ourselves mainly for our lack of knowledge in organizing an event. We are definitely looking forward to do another 1 next year and we will definitely improved it of course!

Then, Spotgamers received its highest point when we started to write on Cyberfusion. Hundreds and hundreds of views we received in a day finding info about Cyberfusion. It was really an exciting moment for us because we know that this would be the opportunity for us to make it or break it. And thus we never missed a single chance to provide exposure for the gamers at the same time provide all the info that we can find about Cyberfusion to our readers. We also did a live broadcast from Cyberjaya as well. Proud to say, we are one of the participants who broke the World Record for the longest running LAN Party in the world.

From just a few followers, now we have approximately 26 followers with at least 50-100 hits per day. We know its not much to shout about but seriously we really do appreciate for all the supports that all of you had given to us. I still remember many were skeptical about our effort at 1st that we couldnt last. Truth to be told, it wasnt easy especially the commitment part. Not to mention we are doing this for free! But we promised that we will keep improving and will one day achieved our main objective.

Our next step would be having our own domain soon as well as increasing our exposure to the outside world. So please do spread the word around about our little blog yea ^^

Thank you Han,Gavin,Moot,Hafiz,Terence,Rei,Tris,Kieran and TPK for your contribution to the team. Thank you our followers for your never ending support. And especially thank you God for given us the strength to continue until today.

So lets celebrate! Happy 1st Birthday Spotgamers! ^^



by Han
published by Rinie 16 June 2009

30th-31st MAY 2009, the final days of May became the beginning of a significant challenge for fellow DotArians and professional gamers as SGNDT 09’ undergoes its first-run for the Year 2009! The first destination of Melaka proved an easy target for gamers living around the Klang Valley district to flock their wings right over to the Facebook Internet Café located right on the stretch of Jalan Tamby Abdullah. A great applause also goes out to fellow virtuoso teams that arrived from other local neighboring states.

Like last year, those that made it into the top four will automatically be reserved a slot in the Grand Finals, where a Grand Prize of RM 42,000 awaits the worthy warriors. With the temperature and tempo reaching boiling point, the gates of Facebook Internet Café soon erupted with ecstasy as we began SGNDT 09’ first run with great momentum and pace. Here are the results:

Quarter-Finals (Top 8):

GP defeated Facebook
VS defeated G2
Mz-maxzone defeated PT
Irelax1 defeated Team Spy

Semi-Finals (Top 4):

Mz-maxzone defeated GP
Irelax1 wins VS


Irelax 1defeated Mz-maxzone

Third & Fourth Place:

VS wins GP


3rd runner-up: GP

2nd runner-up: VS

1st runner-up: Mz-maxzone

Champions: Irelax1

Wow it looks like the DOTA community is starting to get hot!Can you feel the heat now?