June 30, 2008

FIFA League: Mid Season Report

It seems today the league has suffered a major problem with its database but everything seems to be ok now. The league admin, Youqi can confirm this " Around 7pm there was a database failure which involving the league. But we have already contact the person in charge and have solve the problem. Everything should be back to normal." When we ask the possibilities of hackers, Youqi replied "LOL".

We're close to the end of another Fifa league season, with Baumelles leading the chasing pack, but his lead should be temporary as Slasher have up to 16(sixteen) games in hand and is only 3 points adrift of Baumelles. The likes of Ah Loon and A13x have a realistic chance of chasing Slasher but as they are usually busy with international duty, and with the season over in about 4 days, it looks like the leadership of the league is Slasher's to lose.

The likes of l0ui3zaI ,2 Net and Nakata 101 are in on remand for mysteriously dissapearing after playing a few games. The reward for finding (and beating) them would be 6 pts to boost your position in the league table.

In a clash of the titans, sorry, battle of the admins, A13x managed to scrape a 5-0 over fellow admin Youqi. Much banter and debate followed. And for good measure, A13x managed to win the return match as well.

The current season ends on the 4th, so players are advised to complete their games before suffering the indignity of being banned for 1 season for failing to finish 50% of their matches.


CELGames 08 Prelim - CNC3 & NFS HUEG Update

Yes this is a mega update and it's HUEG, HUEG-er than any xbox360 xD
We start off with the TBUN prelim where there's 4 people whipping their butts together trying to prove who's the better commander in CNC3KW and by the end of the day it's proven that experience pays the higher price to show who is the victor. [r0r1]Aidlover proved everyone at TBUN that his experience pays alot compared to his newcomer teammate [r0r1]kcoon who bags 1st runner up. As for NFSPS, there's no love at all since I'm the only one present at the venue.


r0r1k0n members @ TBUN acting serious :p

Moving on to FTZ prelim @ PJ, participation was better and there's actually people coming for NFSPS this time. Tournament format was a race for 3 players @ Texas World Speedway. FoRza once again dominate everyone at the event while making his opponents eats dust so hard until they can't even finish the race. As for CNC3KW, there was a major upset when last year malaysia champion for CNC3 [r0r1]AlphaAurora was forced to take 2nd runner up. The downfall of malaysia champ is a sign showing that there's still possibility that anyone can take up the post unless the new CNC3KW patch will actually turn the tide for our beloved champ.


W|nDs members trying to be cute <3

Qualified players to CELGames Final @ Midvalley
[r0r1]Aidlover (Champion of CNC3KW @ TBUN)
[r0r1]kcoon (1st runner up of CNC3KW @ TBUN)
VicViper (Champion of CNC3KW @ FTZ)
HolyBoy (1st runner up of CNC3KW @ FTZ)

FoRza (Champion of NFSPS @ FTZ)
M1-SpeedDemon (1st runner up of NFSPS @ FTZ)
M1-InControlZ (2nd runner up of NFSPS @ FTZ)


The happy family gathering @ TBUN

The CELGames finals will be quite interesting @ Midvalley since most of the local progamers never did show their faces during the prelims and of course spotgamers - your delicious gamers news will come to serve the best of coverage with the finest of hawt pictures.

by sn@ke, Monday 30/06/08

Gaming Edu: Is Gaming Violent?

by Rinie. Monday 30/06/2008

In the western countries at the moment, gaming seems to be attracting negative vibes rather than positive. Gaming has been accuse to be the reason why certain unwanted events happen, to be like a venom spreading poison into minds of youngsters. Not just gaming has been associated with activities of no importance and wasting time, but in certain event in few years it has come to a point where gaming has been a cause influencing MURDER.

In US, game such as Halo and Grand Theft Auto has been said to influence the teenagers involving in the Columbine Massacre. I believe everyone know what is Halo and GTA all about. Compare to Halo, GTA is more into violent since it portrayed the live of a criminal. But does that mean those who play this game will be influenced to act against the law?

If you say yes, please feel free to smack yourself in your face. If you cant do that, allow us here at Spotgamers to do so. Gaming is not violent. Its just a tool that ignorance use to blame. If you blame game, then blame the knife for stabbing. Whats the difference?

Now before we all get emo here, why don't we all look at both side perspective. The gamers haters do point out a good fact that games that's being produce nowadays are more into violent and its getting amazing response as well. GTA IV is selling like hot cakes on the console platform. Just wait till it comes to the PC and it will be a volcano. What makes it more worried is that the gaming company are willing to do such games that they might make a game base on porn or any other unmoral acts in life. Wouldn't this affect the young ones? Since violent gaming is doing so well wouldn't this gaming company wanna make profit and do games base on violent more? In the future we will see more GTA look-a-like at the stores instead of cutie Mario or Maple Story.

We as a gamers have to admit that this genre do have violence in it. That is the first step. We must first know and acknowledge that games such as GTA are violent. That this game shall not be followed,act and practice in real life. Whats in the game stays in the game. This simple first step solve all problems. At the same time we must condemned this type of games to be sold publicly and played by young kids. These games shall be sold separately from other general games and only adults are allowed to purchase. Just like how they did with cigarettes. Even if the young ones would like to play this game they must play under the guidance of their parents. With the correct guidance and attention, any bad influence that may be stood upon the young ones will be contained from entering their holy brain. Just like how our parents told us we cant fly like Superman, the same thing must be advise when it comes to gaming as well.

This problem seems to be more serious in the west compare to the Asian countries. This is because the Asian countries have stronger religion and culture bond that it is hard for bad influence to dominate. We are more close to our families and religions compare to the western countries. This is another reason why we dont have much social problem besides Mat Rempit of course. When we wanna do something bad, we will always remember God and our father face with the belt on his hand.

Now does that make competitive gaming violent too? Guess what, competitive gaming is the ultimate cure to this problem! Yup just like sports, competitive gaming encourage confidence,self respect,will power,passion,determination,hard work,learn how to make new friends and might be enemy as well and other self development personalities. Through competitive gaming, bad influence can be annihilate and thus social problem cause by games can be prevented as well. It is the perfect cure to all of this problem.

So gaming isn't bad. The person who lack knowledge is. That is why God always want us to gain knowledge not just to be smart but also to prevent evil doing as well. So as a gamer beside focusing on gaming we must also focus on studies as well.

So be competitive, be religious and be smart for the good of our local gaming community. ^^

June 28, 2008

Tournament : CEL Games Prelim 08 At FTZ.Asia Net - Fifa08

Unlike the prelim at TBUN, all 3 games were played at the FTZ prelim. Those 3 games were FIFA08, C&C, and also Need for Speed Pro Street. There is an increase in the participation of FIFA08 in this prelim compare to the last one as there are 25 players involve in today's prelim. Among those participants were players from WInDs clan, MyFes clan, Tornado clan, second runner up from TBUN shukor and a few more familiar faces from the fifa scene. For C&C there are about 8-10 players participating while NFS have only 3 players which includes the all time champion forza.

For FIFA08, the format for this prelim is Home and Away, which meant 2 games will be played and if it's a draw after both of the game it will be decided on away goals and further draw would lead to extra time and penalty shootout. Both clubs and countries can be used. A rather interesting issue to take note of is the official rule for FIFA had been updated at WCG official website and the prelim will be using the updated version of the rule which has been just updated 1 day before this celgames prelim. This mean that a more direct approach will be seen in the games as long ball is valid now.


The draw was cruel to some players in round 1 as there are a few tough draw. One of it is [WInDs] leoninho against [MyFes] Warrior which is one of the top5 players in the scene last year. It was a close match between both of them as [WInDs] leoninho won the first game 1-0 and [MyFes] Warrior manage to make a comeback on the second game to force an extra time when the score ended at 2-1. The game was still tight at extra time but [MyFes] Warrior manage to grab a goal 5 minutes before the match end to secure his win.

The other match saw [WInDs] Des up against [MyFes] Bush. Once again representitive from [WInDs] manage to win the first match with a 1-0 score. On the second game, [WInDs] Des basically throw his well held victory to his opponent with the keeper throwing the ball to the opponent striker to finish off the goal into an empty net, [MyFes] Bush manage to punish Des by scoring another goal before [WInDs] Des manage to get a consolation goal. The match ended 2-2 which saw [MyFes] Bush qualify on the away goal rule.

Another interesting match saw [Tornado] Falcon going up against his clan mate [Tornado] king. [Tornado] king manage to won his first game by 2-1. [Tornado] Falcon manage to force the game to extra time by winning the second match which he eventually won by scoring a decisive goal during the extra time.


Some upsets and interesting matches goes on in top16. One of the interesting match was between Benaldo and [Tornado] Falcon. Both of them were active league players in LYN FIFA LEAGUE. On papers and statistic itself it seems like both players are evenly match as both of them have good records in the league, but it seems like Benaldo got his tactics right today. He won both his games quite comfartably which is 2-0 and 3-1.

Other matches going on in the top16 involve 3 of the clans once again. [WInDs] Loon4tic were drawn against [Tornado] Seed. It was a tight match as Seed is known for his defensive play, but Loon4tic manage to scrap through both of the match with the score 1-0 and 2-1. On the other hand, [WInDs.YA] Rei were up against [MyFes] Bush. It was a cagey first game and Rei manage to scrap through with a 1-0 victory. [MyFes] Bush made a mistake in the second game and [WInDs.YA] Rei manage to grab the opportunity to make it 1-0. [WInDs.YA] Rei eventually went through with the score 1-0 2-0.

A few upsets took place in the top16 too. [WInDs.YA] Juan manage to put up a fight and overcome his tough opponent [MyFes] Warrior to make it to the quarter finals. The score was pretty tight in both matches. The final score between both of them is 1-1 and 1-0. Another upset involve another WInDs Youth Academy member which is [WInDs.YA] Dazzle. He was drawn against [Tornado] Kennee which is a more experience player than him. Although kennee have a few clear cut chances, but [WInDs.YA] Dazzle manage to keep his cool. He surprise the spectators and even his opponent when he tries and score with a superb long shot in the second match. He later won both the match 1-0 and 2-0.

Quarter Final

The Quarter final saw 3 matches involving clan players once again, and the other one involving an active LYN LEAGUE PLAYER Benaldo. Benaldo qualify to the semi final with a convicing performance and a huge scoreline over his opponent.

The highlight of the quarter final is between [WInDs] Loon4tic and [MyFes] Arroyos. Both are previously leader of their respective clan^^. The first game between them was close as it ended 1-1. On the second game, Loon4tic score a beautiful long shot, Arroyos let loon4tic taste his own medicine by scoring with a similiar way to make it 2-1. Arroyos later make a mistake by letting Loon4tic Eto to tackle his keeper and score from an open goal. The second match ended 3-2 in favour of [WInDs] Loon4tic in the end.

The other clan match in the quarter is once again between [WInDs] and [MyFes]. This time its between [WInDs.YA] Juan and [MyFes] Killer. [MyFes] Killer get his revenge this time against Juan as their last meeting at WCG was won by Juan. [MyFes] Killer won the first game 1-0 and won the second game by scoring 3 goals past Juan defence. Another quarter final match involve both WInDs Youth Academy players which is Rei and Dazzle. The first match was an interesting one as Rei scored the first goal and Dazzle replied by dominating the whole match after that and getting himself two goals to lead by 2-1, Rei later manage to grab a goal back in the dying minutes to keep his hope of qualifying alive. The first match ended 2-2. In the second match, Dazzle outplay Rei with his passing and scored two goals in the process. Rei changed his tactics twice during the match but could not stop Dazzle winning the match with a 2-0 score.

Semi Final

Benaldo again is the semi finalist for celgames prelim for the second time as he was the semi finalist also at TBUN. This time he has to overcome [WInDs] Loon4tic to book a spot for the Grand Finals in MidValley. The first match was really cagey and safe as both players trying to find a way to break their respective's opponent defence. Loon4tic manage to grab a goal in the first game to make it 1-0 to put himself in a good position for the second game. The second game was totally different from the first, both players plays more aggresive and the match ended 3-3, which mean that Loon4tic qualify to the final and he book himself a spot to the Midvalley Grand Finals.

The other game saw [WInDs.YA] Dazzle up against [MyFes] Killer. [WInDs.YA] Dazzle did well to reach so far, but everything came to an end when [MyFes] Killer shows that experience does matter when it comes to decisive matches and he proves that by winning the first game 1-0 and the second game 3-0, Killer manage to keep a clean sheet in both of the matches.

3rd 4th Placing

Only 1 match was being played as there are some changes for this game. Therefore this game will be decided in a game itself. [WInDs.YA] Dazzle will play against Benaldo for the 3rd place. The game ended 1-1 and went on to penalty shoot out as no one manage to score in the extra time. Benaldo won the match eventually as Anderson and Cristiano Ronaldo from Machester United choosen by Dazzle blast the penalty high over the bar(Seems like it is not Ronaldo season as he misses a few penalities in this season,LOL!).


Although both players had qualify, but there must be a winner in every competition. Both [WInDs] Loon4tic and [MyFes] Killer met the first time this year. We anticipate an interesting match between them as both of them are capable of producing quality moves. They did not dissapoint the spectators as they produce a high scoring game in the final. Killer was leading throughout the game and celebrating each goals he scored. Loon4tic manage to score 2 screamer and both of them were scored by Xavi, but that did not manage to stop Killer from winning the game. In the end, [MyFes] Killer kills of the game with a 4-3 victory.

The Final Standing for FIFA08 FTZ Prelim as below :

Champion : [MyFes] Killer

1st Runner up : [WInDs] Loon4tic

2nd Runner up : Benaldo


June 26, 2008

FIFA League : Slasher Slash The Top Spot, Xtreme Losing Streak

For the first time in the history, LYN FIFA LEAGUE broke their own record by having the most players in the league in one season. A total of 31 players registered for season#13 which shows that the FIFA community in Malaysia is growing day after day, this is a good sign for the gaming community as a whole!

On the league table itself, Slasher seems to hold the top spot now with 70 points along with Falcon with slasher leading on goal difference. Points may change though as falcon played 32 games and slasher 27 with 5 more games in hand. It may be a tight fight for the top spot as there are many players that are capable of catching up with the top 2, noticingly Loonatic and Xtreme.

On the other hand, defending champion Xtreme seems to lost some grip on his game recently facing a 2 straight defeats to Mr Mad by 2-1 and a rather surprising score to Slasher which is 5-0. Will Xtreme manage to regain his confidence and push all the way to the top of the table?Will slasher holds on to the top spot??

Catch more updates on the league at Spotgamers- Your Delicious Gamers News.


Gaming Gears - Altec Lansing UHP805 Snugfit

One of the joys of gaming : listening the commentator scream as if he has been shot when your Rnaldinho scores a hat trick against Barcelona,or hearing the sound of ownage when your dota beats the crap out of your opponent. Of course, sometimes music to our ears may actually be hell to others, so the best way to help both yourself and give your family members a peace of mind is to use a headphone. Step forward the Altec Lansing UHP805 Snugfit.

This little gadget is known as snugfit because its self-adjusting headband means annoying adjustment maneuvers are reduced. And yes, it cancels external noise, meaning you no longer have to listen to your parents nagging at you when your're shooting your enemies to heaven. Here are some other features of this headphone:

  • In-line Volume and Mute Control

  • Airline Dual Plug Adaptor and Full-size Phone Jack Adapter

  • Premium Ear Pads

  • 40 hrs. on 1 AAA battery(included)

  • Tangle-Free Cloth Cord

For more information visit https://www.alteclansing.com/upgrader/uhp805-overear-headphones.html#

By yhwong


Tournament: MMU GDC LAN Games Competition [DotA]

Our friends in MMU Cyberjaya seems to be very active this year by organizing a lot of tournament for our local gaming community. They will be organizing MMU GDC LAN Games Competition which one of the official game is DotA this coming July. The details are as follow:

: 12-13 July 2008.
Location: Multimedia University, Cyberjaya.
Venue: Faculty of Information Technology(FIT) labs (exact venue TBA)
Registration Fees: RM 40 per team.
Dateline for registration: 10th July 2008

It seems that the date clash with CELGames 08 Grand Final at Midvalley but it wont be a problem since CELGames doesn't include DotA. So if you are one of those DotA Clan looking to dominate the gaming scene, you can start show your skills here at MMU GDC LAN Games Competition.

For more info you can check their thread at Forum Lowyat

June 25, 2008

Health & Fitness: Speeding up your reflexes

Greetings fellow gamers,
in this week for health & fitness I shall talk regarding the ways to get faster reflexes.
For a gamer, having uber reflexes and fast reaction means life and death and it goes the same with any other sports out there.
But when talking about sportsmen, their doctors recommended playing video games to improve their reflexes. So what about for us pro-gamers?
The simplest solution would be reverse engineering xD
If video games works for sportsmen, then sports works for pro-gamers


Dodgeball ftw!!! xD

Any kinds of light sports activity will actually do the trick, it matters if one actually does try exercising to buff up their muscles in their bodies. So go out there and start pumping those irons before going to tournaments

by Doktor Ul@r, Tuesday 17/06/08

MSR League Season 6 - Round 1 Long Beach


This week spotgamers with collaboration with Malaysian Sim Racers will provide loads of coverage starting for this week until the end of the 6th league.
The post below is proudly written by evoHahn, the MSR league admin for a brief report on the exciting weekend race.

It was the biggest start in MSR history. 21 racers on the starting grid, Madnoren and Camel90 was disconnected going into the race session. It could've been 23 racers.

Its Season 6, iDT Champcar Mod season and it is the Round 1 in the infamous Long Beach street track. It was a 1 hour race non-stop with no driver aids and full flag rules. Safety car rules also been introduced to make races less predictable. Parce Ferme has also been introduce after the qualifying session to spice up strategy.

Dzariq, as predicted, sat on pole position side by side with second on the grid Ryugan. The start, for the guys at the back was a carnage as this Champcar is pretty wild off the line. Its a street track, tight and twisty and incident is bound to happen. Safety car came out as early as Lap 2 and another instance in Lap 15.

Even though on a 2 pit stop strategy, Dzariq and Ryugan proved superior compared to the ailing 1 stopper maranello. There could've been 2 more 1 stopper, Madnoren and PCcrazy, but both is believed to have caught by 'GT Babes fever' prior to the race. :p

In the end Dzariq dominated the race, led all the way with Hisham79 and maranello briefly takes the lead. Dzariq has recorded a hattrick here with pole position, fastest lap (FLAP) and a race win which with the current scoring system, adds 2 bonus points on top of 31 points for the win. He is solid on top of the current standings with Ryugan 6 points adrift and maranello another 8 points behind. Canadian, Penzman scored 4th on the finish line on his birthday and gets and a bonus points for the most position gained in the race (started 20th, finished 4th). Jacky made an impressive comeback with 5th.

15 racers out of 21 finished the race.

Detailed race report on Round 1 Long Beach>
Malaysian Sim Racers Homepage>
MSR League Discussion>


News Update: Rakan Siber Cancel CS 1.6

Rakan Muda will be launching its 8th "Gaya Hidup" which is call Rakan Siber. The event will be held at One Utama this 29th June 2008. The ceremony was suppose to include CS 1.6 for competition but sadly according to reliable source the tournament had to be canceled due to budget and management prob.

It is funny to me however that such establish organization under the government doesnt have the ability to organize such simple event. Even our own local college manage to held their own competition such as MMU.

Anyway although CS 1.6 has been cancel the introductory ceremony for Rakan Siber will still be going on. So if you guys free come on and show your support to the gaming community. Yakin Boleh Rakan Muda ^^

June 24, 2008

News Update: Roster Changes in Team PwyH

Team PwyH had just achieved a respective 2nd runner-up behind Team [LZ] and Team Hybrid. They recently had a roster change which sees Ins and Spyboy, coming from xqR and [5] fame respectively being added to the roster. They will be competing against the very best in Malaysia in the upcoming ESWC Malaysia Finals.

Team PwyH line up consists of:
KrixxKroxx (6th man) hahaha :S

Updates : Spyboy and Ins has quitted PwyH

FIFA League: Falcon Unbeaten Streak Ends, Lapala Say Thanks To Bigboss

Today matches saw that current top of the league [ToRn@do]Falcon travel to Baumelles home stadium. Earlier before Baumelles manage to get a draw at Falcon homeground. But this time the table turns when Baumelles manage to beat Falcon with a close score of 2-1 thus ended Falcon 17 game unbeaten streak. Despite the loss, Falcon still remain at the top of table with point different from current no. 2 Baumelles by 3 points and with 10 games in hand. It is almost unlikely that Baumelles will be able to catch up with Falcon.

On another news, [W|nDs.YA]Bigboss ended his wait to get a win when he travel to yhwong homeground and win a precious away game with a close score 3-2. yhwong told Spotgamers that he couldnt believe he lost the game because Bigboss was using FC Schalke instead of the favourite team Barcelona.

Despite the victory, the person who enjoy the most today is Lapala when he manage to end his 13 game losing streak thanks to Bigboss. Lapala manage to stop Bigboss winning mood when he manage to get a draw 2-2 at Bigboss homeground. But at the end of the day, it was Lapala who were smiling when he beat Bigboss 1-0 when the game was played at Lapala homeground. So everyone should be careful when traveling to Lapala fortress.

At the moment, the only player that havent suffered any defeat is Benaldo. But things could've change since he just played 2 games at the moment. Nakata101 and denon still remains at the bottom searching their 1st league game win this season.

Orait guys thats all for today. It seems the league is getting hot and hotter everyday. Good luck to everyone and stay tune to Spotgamers ^^

June 23, 2008

Gaming Edu: What You Give, You Get Back

by Rinie. Monday 23/06/08

If you ever heard the title yup its from a song by Scorpion. I know i know most of us prefer "Rock You Like A Hurricane" but hey the title has its own truth in the meaning.

Some of you might disagree in me saying all the good things that we have done most of it never being paid back. But in order for the community to grow everyone must understand the importance of giving something back to the community. After all the community have help us a lot when we 1st started as gamers. If there is no gaming community, gamers would not exist as well.

One of the secret why i manage to be on top until now is because of my 2 little project, The FIFA Blog and W|nDs Youth Academy. Try guess what do i get in return of me sharing my knowledge in FIFA to the public? Yup i get new knowledge in return because everyday i have to think on what to write in the blog and have to come out with new tips and tricks to share as well. So this will force me to think of new skills and tactics and make me a better player. Plus helping out people does make me feel good as well. It is part of my duty, my responsibility to help everyone and the community as well. Because even how good i am, i wont be here in the 1st place if the community itself never exist.

Now now if you are afraid that one day you will run out of your brain cells, there is a research made by some scientist that shows there are millions to billions brain cells in our brain. Averagely we use up to hundreds of brain cells per day. Some well dont even use 1 cell at all.

Let say if you use up to 100 brain cells a day:

1 year= 365 day

100 cells x 365 days = 36500 brain cells per year

Let say you live until 100 years:

36500 x 100 = that is 3.7million cells

So even if you live until 100 years, there are a slight chance you become brain dead. I repeat, slight chance.

Unless if you are Homer of course.. lol

So everyone start realizing your responsibility. Even if you dont know how to share your knowledge, you can always do other things such as organizing a league, tournament, charity event, road tour, seminars and clinics, skills presentation, media(thats where we come in ^^) and much much more. As i always said, gamers in Malaysia must be creative in finding ways on how to help the gaming community to be bigger and better. So start giving back to our little community.

If you still dont believe the meaning in the title, try punch someone on the face and see if you get a punch back at your face.. or maybe more. If you are afraid no one will acknowledge you, dont worry, we will ^^

WCG Singapore - Cheers GRID League


When it comes to WCG Singapore, every year there will be loads of events at one go in one hall.
This time Rapture Gaming and Cheers is proudly presenting the Cheers GRID League which
obviously the main game will be GRID.


The league will be played under XBOX360 during WCG Singapore National finals is underway.
Whats interesting is that the league is free for all and there's no registration fees.
More info regarding the league can be found on the link below.
Cheers GRID League @ WCG Singapore

June 22, 2008

FIFA League: Baumelles Lead But Falcon Took Over

It looks like LYN FIFA League starting to get the hype when astonishingly 26 players have registered for this season. This could be a record itself for the league.

Early in the season, Baumelles took the 1st spot by winning 10 games, draw 6 and lost 6. But his 1st spot looks to be only temporary when [ToRn@do]Falcon just won 13 games tonite and with a lot of games in hand and no lose yet. Both of them have played 1 match together which ended in a draw. Falcon have yet travel to Baumelles home stadium for his away match. Will Baumelles stop Falcon there?

Another interesting news, last season champion [W|nDs]Xtreme lost his 1st home league game to current runner up Baumelles. But he bounce back from the defeat by having 3 winning streak but eventually being stop in a draw from his younger colleague [W|nDs] Bigboss. Last season runner up [W|nDs]Loonatic also had the same moment when he lost both home and away game to [ToRn@do]Falcon. Eventually he manage to comeback from his losing streak by having 2 winning streak as well.

At the moment, it looks like lapala, Nakata101 and denon having a hard time with denon the most losing streak 11. Will they bounce back and grab a win to stop their losing streak? Another player who havent taste victory yet is [W|nDs.YA]Bigboss.

Well its still early in the season and everything can change. We will update you guys with more interesting news from LYN FIFA League. So stay tune to Spotgamers for more delicious news ^^

June 21, 2008

Tournament: CEL Games Prelim 08 At Tbun- FIFA 08

For FIFA 08, 19 gamers participate for the chance to qualify for the grand final at Midvalley. The local FIFA clans, W|nDs,MyFES and Tornado send their own team down as well. Would they again dominate the prelim? We will see.

The prelim start off around 11am with some interesting match to be noted. The prelim format for FIFA was best 3 games. Won 2 and you've qualified. Gamers can use any clubs and country as well. One thing to be noted is that the FIFA rules was still using the older version rules. So the gamers are not allow to do longball from their own half.

Round 1

One of the interesting match was between [W|nDs] Vin going against [Tornado] Kenni-ed, one of the founder of Tornado clan. The match was pretty tight as goals was not easy to come by. But in the end [W|nDs]Vin manage to beat [Tornado] Kenni-ed by winning 1-0 in the 1st game and eventually seal the deal in the 2nd game with the score 2-0.

Another surprise during this prelim when one of the bigboys from W|nDs, Des lost to the youngest gamer in the prelim, Hannan. He is just 15 years old. The score in the 1st game was 2-1 and 1-0 in the 2nd game. When asked about the defeat, Des told Spotgamers that the reason he lost is because he didnt have good finishing.

[W|nDs]A13x also had a hard time against a promising young talent Sixth. In the 1st game, Sixth manage to drag A13x into extra time with the score 1-1. But eventually A13x manage to get his composure back and win in the extra time by adding 2 more goals with the score 3-1. In the 2nd game, A13x showed that experience matter when he won the game with the score 2-0.

Quarter Final

In the quarter final, it was the clash of the titan when [W|nDs]Vin going to fight the semi final spot against [MyFES]Arroyos. It was an exciting match to watch with both gamers having equal chances to kill off each other. But Vin showed his supremacy and making a statement when he beat Arroyos with the score 2-0 in the 1st game and 3-0 in the 2nd game.

Another clan war match was between the semi finalists of WCG 08 Kick- Off [MyFES] Warrior and [W|nDs] A13x. It was very intense and it looks like it going to be Warrior day when he beat A13x in the 1st game by 2-1. But A13x manage to keep calm and make a comeback in the 2nd game with the score 2-0. The 3rd game is the decider game. Whoever win this game will go through the semi final. The match was so intense that it can even boil an egg. Although Warrior manage to give a fight to A13x but in the end A13x got his composure and won the 3rd game to go through to the semi final. The score was 2-1.

Another interesting match during this quarter final was between Hannan (The youngest player in the prelim) and Shukor. Shukor won the 1st game by 2-1. But Hannan prove that age doesnt matter when he make a comeback and won the 2nd match with the score 1-0. In the 3rd match it was pretty close. Although Shukor manage to get 2 goals, Hannan fight back and get a goal to plan his comeback. But it was too late for him when Shukor manage to defend his last attack in the last minute. Shukor won the match by 2-1.

Semi Final

In the semi final, [W|nDs] A13x have to fight against one of the top player in the LYN FIFA League, Benaldo. The 1st game was so intense when both player manage to score 1 each. But A13x manage to beat his league rival with the score 2-1. The intense continue in the 2nd game when both defended each attack very well. Both have equal chance to win the game and A13x took the chance and secure his spot by winning 1-0.

Shukor have to fight [W|nDs] Vin if he wants to qualify for the spot at Midvalley. It seems to be a hard task for him when Vin won the 1st game by 1-0. And it gets harder when Vin secure his place by winning the 2nd game 3-0. So again W|nDs have shown their dominance in the FIFA scene when 2 players from W|nDs qualified for grand final in Midvalley.


Although both of them have qualified, they still wanna fight with each other in the final to prove who is the better FIFA player. In the 1st game it was pretty intense when the score was 0-0 and have to go to extra time. In the end luck was on Vin side when he manage to score the only goal in the game. In the 2nd game, A13x changes to his main formation 433 when previously he use 4222. His tactical changes prove to be right when he beat Vin with the score of 3-1. Thats the 1st time Vin was beaten in this prelim. In the 3rd game, realizing that A13x using his main formation, Vin use his man marking tactic to defend A13x attack. It seems like its the battle of tactic now. Vin prove to be the better tactician when he beat A13x with a soundly score of 3-0.

When we interview both of them about their match, Alex said "Although i've lost i am happy that i can get into the final and manage to fight with Vin. 2 Perak boys in the final! And get top 2 for W|nDs. That is trully our dream."

The champion, Vin said " In the 1st game, A13x didnt played seriously with his main formation and i was lucky to get that last goal. He could have beaten me straight 2 games if he had used his main formation from the beginning."

In the 3rd and 4th placing, although benaldo was more experience player compare to Shukor, but Shukor was the better player during the match and won the 3rd place.

The standing of the prelim was as follow:

3rd Place: Shukor

Runner Up: [W|nDs]A13x

Champion: [W|nDs]Vin

Top 3 For FIFA 08

More pictures will be upload soon so stay tune ^^

Interview: Interview With Editor Of Gameaxis, Kuan Lim

CEL Games 08 kick off today with its 1st prelim at the new Tbun, Wangsa Maju. The prelim involve 2 games which is FIFA 08 and Command And Conquer 3. Need For Speed prelim had to be canceled due to lack of participants.

During the prelim, we manage to interview the editor of Gameaxis, Mr. Kuan Lim:

Spotgamers: Congratz on the 4th year of CEL Games 08. It is an achievement itself to held it for 4 consecutive year. What keep you guys going?

Kuan Lim: Well we would like to actually nurture the talent in the gaming community through CEL Games. We hope that by actually having our own local tournament, we can help support the competitive gaming scene in Malaysia. And at the same time, we want CEL Games to establish itself and to be known as the No.1 local tournament. We have international tournament such as WCG and ESWC but sadly there are no local tournament establish itself yet. We want CEL Games to be the pioneer for local tournament and to be recognized by everyone as well.

Spotgamers: In the previous years, Lowyat has been CEL Games venue of choice. But this year Midvalley has been chosen as the venue for the grand final. Any reason for that?

Kuan Lim: Year after year, the attention is getting bigger so obviously Midvalley is the better choice. Plus we also have Gameaxis Live! during the grand final of CEL Games 08. So we need a bigger venue since we are expecting a lot of crowd to this event. Midvalley strategic location also will give positive attention as well.

Spotgamers: In the previous years, Battlefield 2142 was chosen for FPS genre. But this year, there are none FPS genre although many expected Crysis to be one of the official game as well. Any reason for that?

Kuan Lim: Well we actually wanted to do FPS genre such as Crysis but the specs for the game was too high. Although the game is pretty popular but its not yet that good in Malaysia. Even during EA Play there are only a few gamers who play for Crysis. So in terms of competitive gaming Crysis havent manage to pick up the pace yet here in Malaysia.

Spotgamers: This year CEL Games is open to all which means overseas players can join up as well. Why this year is different?

Kuan Lim: We want to allow everyone, young or old and even overseas players to join us as well. This in return will give maximum exposure for CEL Games thus meeting up the objective to establish ourself as the No.1 local tournament in Malaysia. At the same time we want to enhance friendship between our local gamers and overseas gamers as well.

Spotgamers: Thanks for the interview Kuan Lim. We hope that CEL Games will truly be the No.1 local tournament in Malaysia. Anything you wanna shout out to the gamers and everyone out there?

Kuan Lim: I hope that everyone can see the beauty in gaming. Gaming is not just for young people only. Young and old regardless of age can play games and enjoy the moment together. That is the true beauty of gaming. Gaming is not just for me or you. Gaming is for everyone.

News Update: Attractive prizes to be won at ESWC 2008 Malaysia Melaka Qualifier!

Date : 21st June 2008
The crossover of the two largest Malaysia DotA events of the year! Don't miss this one!

ESWC 2008 Malaysia Melaka Qualifiers will be jointly held with the first Qualifier of the 2008 Sendi Mutiara Multimedia (SMM) Grand National DotA Tournament.

Winners of the Melaka Qualifier will win an auto-berth to compete at the ESWC 2008 Malaysia National Final on 5 & 6 July 2008 to stand a chance of representing Malaysia at the ESWC Grand Final in San Jose, California USA. The winners will also be shortlisted to compete with Malaysia's top DotA teams at the SMM Grand National DotA Tournament 2008 Final and stand a chance to win the top prize of RM36,000 cash.

1st: SMM Grand National DotA Tournament - RM2000 Cash + Medal + Qualified For Grand Final
**ESWC - Sponsored products + Qualified For National Final

2nd: SMM Grand National DotA Tournament - RM1000 Cash + Medal + Qualified For Grand Final
**ESWC - Sponsored products + Qualified For National Final

3rd: SMM Grand National DotA Tournament - RM600 Cash + Medal + Qualified For Grand Final

4th: SMM Grand National DotA Tournament - RM300 Cash + Medal + Qualified For Grand Final

**Teams that have won any other ESWC 2008 Malaysia Qualifiers are not eligible to claim the prizes, the prizes will then be given to the runner-up team which has not yet qualified in a previous Qualifier. In the situation where 1st-4th has already qualified to ESWC 2008 Malaysia National Finals, the 5th-8th team will then have to compete for the top spot and prizes.

Rules and Regulations will be according to SMM Grand National DotA Tournament 2008

Registration Fee: RM150

Register yourself for this magnificent event of the year at http://www.smm.net.my/dota/index.html

Infinity Melaka.
No9, Jalan Ixore,
Bukit Beruang,
75450, Melaka.

for more info's can be found at the link below.

Spotgamers The Official Media For LYN FIFA League

Spotgamers- Your Delicious Gamers News proudly announce that we will be working together with LYN FIFA League as their official media.

Yup you heard it right. From now on Spotgamers will do coverage for Malaysia No.1 FIFA league. We will interview players, do match review, discuss match statistic, preview the match of the day and much much more. Just like in the real football league.

This in return we hope will encourage more competitive gaming in the gaming community as well as creating more opportunity for the gamers as well. It is just a little work for such a big dream.

Anyway without further a due here is the interview we have with the league creator and admin, Mr. Youqi:

For privacy purpose, Youqi have decided to choose this avatar to represent himself.

Spotgamers: Hi Youqi. Are you free?

Youqi: A bit. Why?

Spotgamers: We would like to interview you. If you're not free its ok we can do it later.

Youqi: Oh im free! Wait let me comb my hair..

Spotgamers: ....

Youqi: JK! So wazzup?

Spotgamers: So yeah just wondering, how long have you been the admin for the league?

Youqi: Uhh.. since the day everyone call me so. Hmm cant remember the date. Quite a long time ago.

Spotgamers: Why are you still the admin?

Youqi: This could be the most interesting question. Since im the one having the privilege to set the database, I can set any status i want... hmm how to say this..

Spotgamers: Wah complicated answer.

Youqi: Cause your question is funny.

Spotgamers: We are funny people.

Youqi: err yeah im rolling on the floor laughing out loud right now..

Spotgamers: Maybe i'll change the question a little bit. We all know that you are handling the league with your own blood and sweat. What keeps you going?

Youqi: Hmm... its my field of interest. I like to handle database. It is what i love to do. And of course to support the chant "Majulah E-Sukan Untuk Negara" . I dont know who created that chant though.

Spotgamers: That is interesting. Yeah we too are not sure who created that chant. Well anyway what do you like or dislike about the league? Anything in particular?

Youqi: Ermm.. i think i need to think 1st.. give me some hint lar..

Spotgamers: Err how could we know what you like or not. Hmm maybe you like that you can make friends with many people or can play with pro players or can exchange skills and tactics with each other..

Youqi: Hmm nah those are things the media like to create themselves when interview a person.

Spotgamers: You ask us to give you hint and now you bang us back?

Youqi: Haha JK! The thing that i like is i like to see the output of my hard work, how people use it and optimize the usage of my algorithm. And the best part is when they appreciate my work as well.

Spotgamers: Thats good then. Now what are thing you dislike about the league?

Youqi: Hmm i think as a player i guess it sometimes built up stress in me when im having a losing streak.. it can really ruin your mood.

Spotgamers: As an admin?

Youqi: As an admin, maybe being chase by my colleague A13x for adding some functionality when im very busy during that period! Now you know A13x!

Spotgamers: LOL looks like you guys got some issue. Anyway it doesnt sounds like your really unhappy with it. Guess you really enjoy handling the league eh?

Youqi: Yup! Having fun with it. Well i really squeezed my mind to think for you what to write about this. Basically i have nothing to dislike i guess about being an admin.

Spotgamers: Good to hear that. So what are your hopes or future plans for the league?

Youqi: Being recognized by everyone as the best league provided to gamers in the region.

Spotgamers: Wah thats good man.

Youqi: You mean the sentence or the dream?

Spotgamers: The dream..

Youqi: Oh. LOL

Spotgamers: I hope that everyone shares the same dream as well. Ok here is the trick question. Who is your nemesis in the league? Your rival? The person who you really wanna beat and will brag all day long.

Youqi: Ermm... none.

Spotgamers: None?

Youqi: Well yeah because i dont play with most of them often. So i dont have the feeling of revenge.

Spotgamers: Ahh i see your being diplomatic now eh.

Youqi: No no its true. Well of course like those good players who i've never beat yet but i dont have a feeling to revenge.

Spotgamers: Ok then. Anyway anything you wanna shout out to the readers here at Spotgamers?

Youqi: Hello world! Bonjoer la Monde!

Spotgamers: What?

Youqi: LOL well i wish Spotgamers will be the No.1 gamers media.

Spotgamers: Orait last question. Who you support in Euro 08?

Youqi: I support Holland and France.. but France lost.. Now i feel Holland very arrogant.. so i dont support them that much these days. I hate Italy cause they beat France in World Cup 06.

Spotgamers: So now left Spain la...

Youqi: eh Spain.. hmm .. not bad also.. I like them. In fact, i support every team. As long as they score more goals then i can get free coupons at McD for french fries cause im watching Euro there. Haha.

Spotgamers: Oh i dont know about that. Must camp at McD next time. Eh you said previously you only have 3 hrs rest. Is it because of Euro?

Youqi: Alamak! ooo... stalker read my post.

Spotgamers: Haha anyway all the best to you and to the league. Hopefully it will get bigger and better in the future and may your dream come true.

Youqi: Orait man. Thanks for the interview! Last word, "Majulah E-Sukan Untuk Negara!" ^^

June 20, 2008

Tournament: Call of Duty 4 Game Challenge in ACGC08

by Rinie. Friday 20/06/08

It seems that COD4 starting to get the place here in our local gaming community. Will it gives challenge to other FPS game such as Counterstrike? We will see.

Anyway here some good news for all you peeps whose into COD4. ACG08 are coming to Penang together with its Game Challenge for COD 4 this 27th June 2008 - 29th June 2008 at Gurney Plaza Penang.

Click To Enlarge

Here are the info:

Game: COD4: Modern Warfare

Date: 27th – 29th June 2008 (3 Days)

Time: From 12noon onwards. 4 game sessions per day

Registration: Free but only on-site registration allowed.

Prizes: Total of RM 3000 worth of Cash & Products to be won.

*Include Speakes, New Era Games, PC Gamer Magazine & other more...!

Not just that, the event will be fill with plenty of exciting activity such as Cosplay competition. Even The Art Director of Tekken Fighting Game is coming from Japan to give a presentation and also autograph session for the fans in Malaysia. Looks like things are getting bigger and better eh.

So dont miss this opportunity guys. Last word, play games!

For more info can check out their thread at Forum Lowyat or can email to Duncan@leetgames.com.my


News Update : Postpone For WCG Qualifiers

by Rei. Friday 20/06/08

There are some updates on the WCG qualifiers which suppose to happen this saturday 21/06/08. The qualifiers had been postponed for certain venue. The following will be the changes :


EXC Cafe, Pandan Perdana

Hope the gamers recieve this update in time to avoid being at those venues wondering what happen. Please contact the person in charge at least 1 week early to confirm with the date. =)

Tournament: WCG 2008 College & Cafe Prelims

Posted by Terence
20th June 2008

As some of you may already know WCG prelims held at KDU College, MMU, and Sunway University College are only open to students of these respective institutions....how sad.
No matter, APIIT College TPM are opening their doors to outsiders with a catch. The catch is one member in the CS 1.6 team has to be from APIIT =( at least it's better than nothing.

The cybercafe prelims however are all carried out in EXC cybercafes
The prelim that would be held on the 21st of June at EXC Pandan Perdana was posponed to the 12th of July...So with that, anyone who has registered for CEL Games prelims at Tbun cybercafe, Wangsa Maju would not have to choose between WCG prelims or CEL Games prelims.

The other prelims : EXC Pudu, EXC Seri Kembangan and EXC Kuchai Lama will be carried on as stated....any further updates can be found at Spotgamers- Your Delicious Gamers News

To any gamers who wishes to take part in any of these prelims, you can check out http://forum.lowyat.net/topic/715250 or you can register directly with Kong - 0126099276

News Update: Bandar Botanic Cybergames Championship 2008

by Rinie. Friday 20/06/08

Woot it seems that this is the year for hot tournaments to appear. We are really bless with more and more tournament coming soon.

And here is one of it. Introducing Bandar Botanic Cybergames Championship 2008:

Counter Strike 1.6

Venue: Bandar Botanic, Klang


  • Champion - Cash Prizes RM 2000 + * All the Below
  • 1st Runner up - Cash Prizes RM 1000 + * All the Below
  • 2nd Runner up - Cash Prizes RM 500 + * All the Below
  • 3rd Runner up - Cash Prizes RM 200 + * All the Below
  • includes Game Prizes, Trophy, Certificate, Qualification into Asian Cyber Games 2008
  • Consolation X 4 RM 100 Products

Registration Fee: Free Of Charge

Registration deadline: 4 JULY 2008 @ 6 pm (First come first serve)

Tournament: Single Elimination

Contact person:

Tony Lim 016-203 0213
Vincent / Yee Ling 03-3323 8322
Fax 03-9132 5166

It seems our friend in the Counterstrike community going to love this. Not just its free of charge but the team will also get a chance to qualify for Asian Cyber Games 2008. I wish i was playing Counterstrike.. :P

LOL orait guys. So play games!

*For more info check out their thread here at Forum Lowyat

News Update: Blood Donation!

Although gamers play games but we do care about our community as well. So show your support for this Saturday Blood Donation event at Tsun Jin High School.

Location : Tsun Jin High School, Jalan Loke Yew

Date : 21st of June 2008

Time : 8am - 4pm

Basic Requirement:

  • At least 5 hours sleep
  • No medicine in 24 hours
  • Must eat breakfast
  • And others related to health.

It is open to all. So show your support that we care about our beloved community ^^

News Update: Team [LZ] Going To Singapore For Bootcamp!

From left to right : des , linc , gavin , syck , hix

As you guys might not know much about Team [LZ] after their endeavours after winning ACG, they have done it again by winning an ESWC cs qualifier by defeating teams such as Hybrid and PwyH. The team boast a line-up of syck, hix , gavin who were formerly from FMJ , and linc and des who were from RagtuaL.

They have yet proved their dominance with sheer experience and skills by defeating all odds and achieving victory at this particular ESWC qualifier. It was not a smooth-sailing journey to victory however as they faced stiff competition from local powerhouse "Team Hybrid" who were deemed to be the stronger competitors in this qualifier. They not only came up from the lower brackets to face "Team Hybrid" in the finals but also beat "Team Hybrid" 2 consecutive maps in a row to claim crown in the whole competition.

Scores were as followed for finals played against "Team Hybrid" :

De_dust2: Team[LZ] 16 - 14 Team Hybrid

De_inferno: Team [LZ] 16 - 12 Team Hybrid.

After this particular event , hix and myself will be going down to Singapore for a bootcamp session to step up our gameplay and also in terms of our chemistry with our Singaporean counterparts. Hence, please stay tune as we attend the ESWC finals and try our best to clinch yet another victory for not only ourselves but also to repay our friends and fans for their undying support and encouragement.

June 19, 2008

News Update:Own a gaming team with 6,000 others

A project called MyGamingTeam was launched at the start of June aiming to create an esports team owned and governed by several thousand of people.

6,000 people need to sign up and pay a membership fee of €25 a year for the project to take off. From that point on, the members will be able to decide on every detail concerning the team, such as the team's name, the kit manufacturer or the salaries of players.

Similar projects have been successfully initiated in football. 53,000 people are managing Ebbsfleet United (EUFC), from the Blue Square Premier division the same way.

If you are interested in owning your share of a gaming team, MyGamingTeam's website is actually very helpful.

sources from www.sk-gaming.com

June 18, 2008

Gaming Gears - Razer Lycosa

The Keyboard is certainly, a vital part of our computer. We use it to chat with loved ones, finish assignments due last week and of course to play games. So when choosing a keyboard, we are looking for 1 that do not disappoint. Step forward the Razer Lycosa.

Priced at a reasonable RM 285, this brilliant keyboard looks magnificent, has backlight illumination and gaming cluster with anti ghosting capabilities to name a few features. Plus, when typing at full speed, the keyboard does not sound like woodpeckers during a mating season.

Also, the keyboard has a 1000Hz ultrapoling speed and a 1ms response time, meaning you now have no excuse when your striker misses an open goal or you fail to command your units in time. Here are some other features and pictures of this device.

  • Keytop with non-slip rubber finish

  • Backlight illumination with WASD cluster lighting option

  • Fully-programmable keys with macro capability

  • Gaming cluster with anti-ghosting capability

  • Slim keycap structure with Hyperesponse™ technology

  • TouchPanel™ easy access media keys

  • Gaming mode option for deactivation of the Windows key

  • 10 customizable software profiles with on-the-fly switching

  • 1000Hz Ultrapolling™ / 1ms response time

  • Earphone-out and microphone-in jacks

  • Detachable wrist rest

  • One integrated USB extension port

  • Approximate size: 469mm (length) x 168mm (width) x 15mm (height) – without wrist rest469mm (length) x 221mm (width) x 15mm (height) – with wrist rest
for more info visit www.razerzone.com


News Update: Cyberjaya Euro 2008 Carnival

by Rinie. 18/06/08

Our peeps down at Cyberjaya Lake Gardens Community Club are holding up a carnival during this madness football season of Euro 2008.

Here are their promo poster:

Official Poster

Event Itinerary(Click To Enlarge)

The Cyberjaya Lake Garden Community have been organizing a few tourney recently this year for FIFA 08 on PS3. There are one of those who dare to take up the challenge to support our local gaming community especially console gamers.

Besides from this tournament, other activities also has been line up such as Street Soccer Tournament, Indie Band Jam and Euro Final Match @ Big Screen.

They also are keeping the same tradition in their previous tourney before. What is the tradition? The registration is FREE!

So what are you waiting for guys? Lets kick some ball!

For more info you can contact their admin Hazo 016-3419103 , email gamesmonster08@gmail.com or can visit their website at www.cyberjayaevents.com


Health & Fitness: Eye Stress Management


Eye effect when playing Team Fortress 2 for 100+ hours continuously

Greeting fellow gamers,
Today Doktor Ul@r will explain bits regarding what every gamer should know on eye stress management.
Why do u need to know about this?
Simple, you don't want your eyes to pop out from their sockets or other nasty things that could happen to your eyes.

Below is a picture on how Mecha Godzilla reduces stress to his eyes by shooting eyebeams at random idiots.
Apparently this method doesn't work for us humans since we are frail and easily being squished by large monsters out there.


Nobody should try this anywhere, eyebeams only permitted to be shoot by monsters xD

Lets get back to earth and I shall list the proper ways for humans to reduced stress for their eyes before it explodes.

- Try blinking your eyes when it feels dry
- Do a couple of quick breaks
- Use proper lighting so that the eyes will be much more at ease to the surroundings
- Rinse the eyes occasionally when doing long hour workload
- Don't contact Doktor Ul@r because I'm not a licensed doctor
- Talk to a real doctor when having problems with the eyes
- Stop playing games for 100 hours continuously xD

by Doktor Ul@r, Tuesday 17/06/08

June 17, 2008

Tournament update: WCG Singapore Open Tournament


This year we are blessed with loads of tournament from the motherland to our neighboring countries.
News this time comes from our friends down south @ Singapore where there's going to be a triple event as seen in the list below

- WCG Singapore National Finals 2008
- WCG Asian Championship 2008
- WCG Singapore Open Tournament

All three events will be hosted @ Suntec City, Hall 402 & 403 on 7th-10th August 2008
What's interesting about WCG @ Singapore this year isn't really about their national finals nor the asian championship but its all about the WCG Singapore Open Tournament which accept players all around the world.
Yep that's right ladies and gentleman not all of us in this world are national heroes(or traitors :P) in their nations or a Singaporean
but in this tournament anyone can come and gather their skill, wits and guts and beat the crap out of each other to proclaim a title of being the best in Asia regardless not being a national hero

Details for WCG Singapore Open Tournament is listed below:

DOTA All-Stars (PC, 5v5)
Champion $2,000 cash **
First Runner-Up $1,000 cash **
Second Runner-Up $500 cash **

Call of Duty 4 (PC, 5v5)
Champion $500 cash **
First Runner-Up $300 cash **
Second Runner-Up $200 cash **

Halo 3 (XBOX 360, 4v4)
Champion $1,200 cash **
First Runner-Up $800 cash **
Second Runner-Up $400 cash **

**prizes are subjected to change(hopefully higher)

more info can be found at the link below

by sn@ke, Tuesday 17/06/08

Interview: Interview with Jessica

I managed to interview one of the hottest chick in DotA scene.Enjoy guys!

Spotgamers.gavin : Hey welcome to Spot Gamers a fresh online media coverage in Malaysia , can you introduce yourself for those people that don't know about you?

Jessica : Hello! My name is Jessica and I’m 20 this year. I’m currently studying law in KL. It's not common for girls to engage in gaming but yeah, I play DotA.

Spotgamers.gavin : How did you get the 1st touch with DotA?

Jessica : I got to know of DotA from my friends. My close friends are usually gamers and obviously, they are guys. I got to know them through Gunbound which I play often few years back. They taught me how to play DotA or rather force me to play if you know what I mean. Since then I was sort of addicted and had been playing DotA frequently.

Spotgamers.gavin : Do you play (Local) games? Where did you play?

Jessica : Usually I play Lan games with my friends in a cyber café but some other times I just play in GGC.

Spotgamers.gavin : Where do u see your self in 5 years of time?

Jessica : Hopefully, a rich and well known lawyer(haha). I guess the question is if I’ll be a pro-gamer in the future but it's obvious that the answer will be no. I don't see games that important. It's merely for me to pass time and I really got to know a lot of people through DotA.

Spotgamers.gavin : How do you rate your gaming skills compare to others?

Jessica : My gaming skills are definitely incomparable compared to others. Alright. I’m just joking. I’m not as good especially compared to those who play competition but I still manage. Or at least I think so(hehe).

Spotgamers.gavin : What do u feel of e-sports in Malaysia? Will it be any better in future?

Jessica : I can see that its gradually growing in Malaysia now. The differences are quite big compared to few years back. Though most people think it's a waste of time but it's still an interest and you would need talent to play well just like any other sports.

Spotgamers.gavin : What do u do when u are outside of gaming ?

Jessica : The normal stuff which girls do of course. Shopping, ‘yum char’ and clubbing. Yup! I love to dance :P!

Spotgamers.gavin : Who's your idol in DotA ?

Jessica : I have got no idols. It's probably because I don't take DotA too seriously.

Spotgamers.gavin : Alright , one quick question boyfriend or DotA?

Jessica : The obvious answer would be my boyfriend.

Spotgamers.gavin : Any last word? For those lengzhais may have a chance to get a girlfriend like you?

Jessica : Personally I would say that pro-gamers don’t make a very good girlfriend or boyfriend as I have a pro-gamer as my boyfriend too! But he hardly play now and so I have him all to myself(haha). But it's fun when you share the same interests and you can play together because as I know, not much guys get their girlfriends to sit down and play a DoTA game with them. I do hope the guys out there won’t pick games over a girl because its just plain silly!

Spotgamers.gavin : Thanks for the interview Jessica!

by gavin.

News Update: WCG.Kick Off and W|nDs on TV3

by Rei. Tuesday 17/07/08

The World Cyber Games Kick Off event just ended recently. Youth and Sports Ministry deputy secretary-general Muhamad Batri, who launched the event at Plaza Low yat said it was time to recognise cyber gaming as a positive activity and dispel the misconceptions about it through the media and cyber games competition.

Credits to TV3 as they took the first step by promoting the event and the gaming scene to the public on their own programme Remaja. The Organiser of the event and WInDs clan also feature in the video as they were interviewed by TV3.

More videos can be found at http://www.tv3.com.my/ .


June 16, 2008

News Update:Team Rv adds Haller

Team Rv adds Haller!

Team Rv would also like to take this opportunity to welcome Arief "Haller" Rusli, a professional and experienced gamer from Malaysia. He will be joining the team for the ESWC Qualifiers and National Finals. More frequently dubbed as "Haller", his previous team include FtP ( Feel the Pain ), a professional Counter-Strike team well known throughout Singapore and Malaysia. Rv is confident that his skill sets and immense experience will contribute optimistically to the team in terms of in-game performance and tactical abilities. It is a privilege to have him on board. Good luck to Team Rv !

The addition of Arief leaves Team Rv with the following line-up:

Rv Jaylevie Tan "Jay"
Rv Prophecy "Abdul Wahab"
Rv Lex "Alex Lim"
Rv Baw "Melvin Pang"
Rv Infested "Md Ruzaini Bin Haji Abdul Rajab"
Rv Haller "Arief Rusli"

sources from www.team-rv.com