November 30, 2009

Introducing: The 2nd Spotgamers Gamers Award Ceremony!

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Yo wazzup!

Remember this?

Well Spotgamers Gamers Award Ceremony is back! This time we will be hosting it in conjunction with PC Fair 2009 in KLCC Convention Center Level 3 Room 304 & Room 305. This is the chance for the gaming community to get the exposure and also maybe even future contacts to help the gaming community grow.

What can you expect from this year event? Hmm lets just say this year motto is:

"By gamers for gamers!"

Yup you heard and saw it right! All our activities will be focusing just on promoting our E-Sports community to the public. With such a big crowd coming over this weekend, this would be a great opportunity to let the public know that E-Sports does exist in Malaysia.

Here are the list of activities:

Event Activity 4 – 6th December ( PC Fair)

The History Of E-Sports

  • Brief introduction on how E-Sports started in Malaysia and the world.

Game Clinic (tips and tricks)

  • FIFA 09
  • Sudden Attack
  • Call Of Duty 4
  • DOTA

Friendly Matches & Predict The Winner Contest

· FIFA: W|nDs v MyFES


· Sudden Attack: FMJ v LZ

· COD 4: ESP v SWL

· CS1.6: *TBA

Game Developer Show Case

  • Asiasoft *TBA
  • Shock 3D *TBA

Hardware Show Case

  • AMD
  • ACER

Gaming Community Round Table Forum

  • [T2.W|nDs] (FIFA)
  • FMJAlbert ( Sudden Attack)
  • Ash (Duskbin)
  • Rinie (Spotgamers)
  • Underminer (DOTA)

Small Tournament

  • Left 4 Dead 2 Survival Time Challenge

Medal Display

  • Si_Jali
  • FMJ
  • Forza
  • DOTA (*TBA)

Spotgamers Gamers Award 3.00pm Sunday 6 December (Vote here)

  • Gamer Of The Year: FIFA 09
  • Gamer Of The Year: FIFA Online 2 (NEW!)
  • Gamer Of The Year: RTS
  • Gamer Of The Year: Racing
  • Gamer Of The Year: Winning Eleven (NEW!)
  • Clan Of The Year: Sudden Attack (NEW!)
  • Clan Of The Year: COD 4
  • Clan Of The Year: DOTA
  • Clan Of The Year: CS 1.6
  • Marshall Of The Year
  • Tournament Organizer Of The Year
  • Newcomer Of The Year
  • Best Company Supporting Game Community (NEW!)
  • Gamer Of The Year: Overall
  • Clan Of The Year: Overall

For the 1st time ever, we have more than 15 awards to give away ranging from many different genres of games including the new addition of Winning Eleven, Sudden Attack and FIFA Online 2. Not just that, we also have included a new award category for the Best Company Supporting Game Community. This award is for companies who have done a lot of contribution and effort to bring up our community in making E-Sports a reality.

Plus this year the award will be decided by YOU! yes YOU! Spotgamers will select the nominess for each category but it is YOU who will decide on who shall received this prestigious award. All you gotta do is to vote here.

The winner of the award would received a trophy and some cool prizes from our sponsors. We will reveal the design of the trophy soon so stay tune!

Even if your not on the list, dont worry! You can also come over and join Predict The Winner contest and stand a chance to win some cool prizes from our sponsors as well. Just predict who is the winner in the friendly matches and you will get your prizes. You can watch your favourite players playing against each other and at the same time win prizes. How cool is that!

Would love to know the tips & tricks of the pro gamers? Then come over and join in our very own Game Clinic. We have pro gamers from many range of games in Malaysia to guide you on how to play your favourite game the right way. They will give you the tips & tricks that will lead you to victory.

There is just soooo much activities happening on 4-6 December 2009. So why dont you be part of the fun and join us at KLCC Convention Center 3rd Floor Room 304 & Room 305.

More updates is coming your way. So watch this space! ^^

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Computer Game Craze: Man Marries GAME CHARACTER

Source: Lyn Multiplay

If you have ever thought that computer games might take a man into doing things that are nothing short of insanity, and often believed that cyber girlfriends, best mates or virtual pals are the worst of the lot, think again. A dude in Japan has just managed to outgun them in terms of virtual madness , with his latest act of absurdity. This Japanese dude, married a video game character. Yes you heard me right, he married a VIDEO GAME CHARACTER.

This momentous occasion happened in Japan quite recently. It took place during a Make: Japan meetup at the Tokyo Institute of Technology, whereby the groom who goes by nickname Sal9000, exchanged the wedding vow with Nene Anegasaki who is a character in a love sim game for Nintendo DS called Love Plus. Perhaps the alluring smile of Nene proved too hard for poor SA to resist?

The ceremony was conducted by a real human priest in front of real human audiences and was also broadcast live over the net through a popular Japanese video site. In case you wondering how real is this whole “marrying a video game characater” deal, check out the excellent video recap of the wedding ceremony and the couple’s post-wedding pictures. Ever wondered what must be going on in the minds of the real humans who bothered to attend? Your guess is as good as mine.

Of course we at Spotgamers do not condemn cyber marriage, we are just surprised at people being able to take computer games too far. This event leaves us with more questions than answers. Will the government actually legalise marriage to a game character? Would they legalise marriage to a beaver in the future if its allowed? How is the dude going to spend his nights? Would the parents of 'nene' approve of the marriage? Answers on a postcard to the blog please.


November 29, 2009

SGNDT 09' Brackets

CHAMPION: PhotobucketFtD
1st Runner-Up: PhotobucketCommeDieu
2nd Runner-Up: PhotobucketEHOME
4th: PhotobucketInC.Excello
5th: PhotobucketKingsurf
6th: PhotobucketCityHunter
7th: PhotobucketStarsboba
8th: PhotobucketAEON.SG


PhotobucketCommeDieu lost to Photobucket*FtD

Winner Bracket Final:
Photobucket*CommeDieu won against PhotobucketEHOME

Loser Bracket Final:

PhotobucketEHOME lost against Photobucket*FtD

More brackets after the jump!

Loser Bracket Semi Final:

PhotobucketInC.Excello lost against Photobucket*FtD

Loser Bracket Quarter Final:

Photobucket*FtD won against PhotobucketKingsurf
Photobucket*InC.Excello won against PhotobucketCityHunter

Loser Bracket Round Three:

PhotobucketAEON.SG lost to Photobucket*Kingsurf
PhotobucketStarsboba lost to Photobucket*CityHunter

Winner Bracket Semi Final:

Photobucket*CommeDieu won against PhotobucketINC.Excello
PhotobucketFtD lost to Photobucket*EHOME.GK

Loser Bracket Round Two:

Photobucket*AEON.SG won against PhotobucketPokerIdols
PhotobucketCT.Fishnet lost to Photobucket*Kingsurf
Photobucket*Starsboba vs
Photobucket*CityHunter won against PhotobucketLittle

Winner Bracket Top 8:

PhotobucketLittle lost to PhotobucketCommeDieu
PhotobucketINC.Excello won against
Photobucket*FtD won against PhotobucketKingsurf
Photobucket*EHOME won against PhotobucketPokerIdols

Loser Bracket Round One:

PhotobucketCybertime lost to Photobucket*AEON.SG
Photobucket*CT.Fishnet won against PhotobucketXtc
Photobucket*Starsboba won against PhotobucketFTZ Asia
PhotobucketMCiTY lost to Photobucket*CityHunter

Top 16:

PhotobucketCybertime lost against Photobucket*Little
PhotobucketAEON.SG vs PhotobucketCommeDieu
Photobucket*INC.Excello won against PhotobucketCT.Fishnet
PhotobucketXtc lost against Photobucket*
Photobucket*FtD won against PhotobucketStarsboba
Photobucket*Kingsurf won against PhotobucketFTZ Asia
PhotobucketMCiTY lost against Photobucket*EHOME
PhotobucketCityHunter vs PhotobucketPokerIdols

Group AWLPts
PhotobucketQuas Gaming226

Group BWLPts
PhotobucketXT Reborn226

Group CWLPts
Photobucket*FTZ Asia317

Group DWLPts
PhotobucketE-VZP Freedom135

Group EWLPts
PhotobucketDigi Easy044

Group FWLPts

Group GWLPts

Group HWLPts
PhotobucketDigi Rex226

Courtesy of GosuGamers and our SMM board updates :D