February 27, 2009

Do You Know??

Hey guys! I'm back! Miss my post?

Yeah, 1 week is gone so fast like that. If you experience that, it means you're having a lot of fun! Good! Live life that way!

So, for our next Do You Know....

It is...

Do YOU know that...

World Cyber Games a.k.a WCG started in year 2001? It is also the biggest international gaming tournament and it still is!

It has produce many talented pro-gamers around the world such as Grubby, 3D, Moon, Hero, Styla and many many more. Not to mention nurturing our very own local talent such as FMJ, Hybrid, Paul Yan, Nigel, Si_Jali, James Rambo, Forza, Luige and etc etc.

So, join WCG and make it bigger!

Now you know!


February 25, 2009

The G-Life Ep3: Virtual Vs Reality

The G-Life Ep3: Virtual Vs Reality

Reality wins.

Credit To Kriz For His Idea. And Also To Kieran For The WOW Pics... Not To Forget Our Detergent Sponsors Trojan And My Mom For Her Voice.

Another Creative Work By Rinie.

February 20, 2009

Do You Know #1

Sorry guys for the 1 day delay for Do You Know. I was quite busy yesterday. My apologies.
But.... It is here! Yay!

So, for #1:

Do You Know......


*Dramatic music plays*



W|nDs was the 1st organize FIFA clan in Malaysia and founded by legendary FIFA player Nigel??

If you do not know, now you know!


Interview with W|nDs.Des on W|nDs new website

I caught up with W|nDs.Des and ask him a couple of questions about the team and their new website. This is what he has to say:

1) What made you all decide to change the website?

First of all, we would like to have a new domain for ourselves. It will be easier for our sponsors and also other people to remember the website since it fully belongs to our clan. Besides that, it would be easier for our W|NDS’s Webmaster to alter and add data into the website.

2) How much work does it take to just make a new website like this?

Researches and several discussions were held among W|NDS members so that we can come up with a web design that has the approval and liking from everyone. Therefore, it took us around three months to accomplish producing this website. High expectations were put on this new W|NDS website as we aim to publish the latest FIFA News to all FIFA Gamers and visitors.

3) Do you think your website will always be better than the other FIFA clan websites?

Not at all because I think that other FIFA clan websites have their own uniqueness. On the other hand, I hope that this website will be able to help other FIFA newcomers in developing their own websites.

4) What do you plan to add or change on the website over the period of time?

We will launch a Forum for discussions among FIFA Gamers in W|NDS website. This is the place where improvements and problem solving methods will be discussed among the gamers themselves. Besides that, we might add in a new section called as “ Leisure” which consists of mini games and also a chatbox for FIFA players. Some editing works on the website will be carried out depending on the types of feedback from visitors in time to come.

5) There seems to be positions in the team now like treasurer, secretary, what is that?

W|NDS is managed by a committee which includes positions like Clan Leader, Division Leader, Secretary, Treasurer, Sponsorship Division and Web Master Division. Each position has their own tasks to carry out. It is almost similar to committees formed in any school/college association. For instance, a secretary has to prepare meeting reports and some other administration work. A treasurer will be in charge of the clan’s finance while sponsorship division has to keep in touch with existing sponsors like Gamers.com and approach new ones.

6) Is the team getting along well with this new positions?

Yes, everyone in the team enjoys their current position and they are always giving their best for the clan. We are keeping our clan in the best possible performance, both in Gaming or Internal Matters.

7) Shoutouts

I hope WINDS will grow stronger and performs the best in tournaments like World Cyber Games Grand Final and etc.


February 19, 2009

G-Life Ep 2: Gamer's Dating Logic

G-Life Ep 2: Gamer's Dating Logic

Another Creative Work By Rinie Ramli

February 16, 2009

Will Girls Date Gamers? Part 2

Being my first post , ill try to do this right. You all may not know me , i'll introduce myself , I'm Muqriz aka 'Kriz' by some. As a new member of the SpotGamers team , ill try to do this right :P

In conjunction with Valentines Day , the SpotGamers team had to interview some girls about the topic of 'Will You Date A Gamer ? " Starting with Eeling Chan.

1) Will you date a gamer??

2) Reason.
I dont see the reason not to. i mean, they are just normal guys right? Well, given if they are not highly addicted then im ok.

3) What do you think of gamers in general?
Uhm.. like just any other normal people? or maybe just a tad bit to the nerdy/geeky side

4) Last question, do you play games??

5) Any shoutouts to the gamers or girls out there??
Get out of the virtual world and welcome to the reality

Looks like girls do consider gamers , but only if their boyfriends dont spend too much time playing games :)

Moving on to the second one , my own sister , Maisara.

1) Will you date a gamer??

2) Reason.
I don't see the harm in that. As long as he knows his limits on when to play and when to get serious.

3) What do you think of gamers in general?
They're just like any other normal people, only they're addicted to playing games.

4) Last question, do you play games??
Used to , sometimes when i have the free time, i do.

5) Any shoutouts to the gamers or girls out there??
It ain't wrong being a gamer, but life's too short to just stay home and play games. There's more to life than just playing games , you know?

Thats for now , till next post guys :) (and gals)

February 15, 2009


The No.1 FIFA Clan in Asia, W|nDs has just launch their official website at www.windsfifa.com. Previously their site was hosted under a different partner domain which is www.dektos.net/winds. With this new site the W|nDs clan will be standing alone on their own name and own domain thus making it easier for further management and updates.

In conjunction of the launching of www.windsfifa.com, one of their friendly rival clan, ToRn@d0 clan also reveal their latest official website design at tornado.youqi.biz. The Spotgamers team spotted 3 odd pics (excluded Luffy) which doesnt at all resembles the true face of the members. 2 of them are W|nDs and 1 is our very own Spotgamers editor. Can you guess which pics is this? (Isnt it obvious? I like the middle one. Fantastic. LOL)

However, MyFES clan had launch their official website with grass as their main theme way earlier before W|nDs and ToRn@d0 did. We saw this 3 clans compete in FIFA, but now will they battle each other to prove who have the better website?

We wish the clans all the best. Hopefully more clans will start to have their own website sooner or later.

Wanna let everyone know about you/clan website? Email us your link at didotido@hotmail.com

February 13, 2009

UC College Online Dota Tourney! Win RM250 And Merchandises

Our friend at UCPRO has came up with another brilliant idea to promote E-Sports into college and universities not to mention earning some cool cash to fill up your empty pocket. Check out some snippets below:

Brace yourself for the First ever UCcollege Online DotA Tournament held exclusively at UCplay DotA gaming platform! Calling all college and university gamers, it is now time for you to form your teams and be crown the UCstudent Champions and walk away with RM250 and UCmerchandise.

For more info check out UCPRO Official website now!


February 12, 2009

SpotGamer's Dating Tips

Happy Valentines Day! I am here to post all the dating tips for you guys! Use them well.

Dating tips for men:

1. Look your best.
Get some decent clothes and shoes.

2. Get your hygiene and styling sorted out.
Down to the barbers and sort out your hair, get a decent style if possible.

3. Sort out your job if you have one.

4. Get your knowledge levels up.

5. Do not extol the virtues of drinking in the bar 5 nights a week.

6. If you love your sport/games then fine.
Millions of girls love sport too and that is fine but don't make your passion into a one-sided one.

7. Sort out your educational knowledge of manners, courtesy and chivalry.
8. Start listening and stop talking.

9. Learn to dance even if you have two left flat feet.
Women love to dance and dancing is a physical contact sport (or can be). It is also romantic and sexy.

10. Lose the coarse language, the swear words, the rudeness and the laziness. (This basically means no DotA)

Dating tips for women:

1. Always look great, whatever your income. Gorgeous hair and some lipstick and wearing rags will still turn his head. You have the advantage, you are the woman. Look your best as you could meet a potential Mr. Right anywhere at any time.
2. Never reveal information you don't have to. An enigmatic woman drives men wild.
3. Keep dates brief but your men interested. Less is always more.
4. Try and stay in shape and involve some fitness regime at a gym. However much you hate it, your Mr. Right loves your body as much as your mind.
5. Let your man pay. If he is interested, he is interested enough to ensure you eat well and get home safely in a cab.
6. Ensure you receive flowers, if he doesn't know what a florist is, dump him.
7. Always keep a guy waiting and never turn up early. It is a lady's perogative.
8. Never be available when he wants you to be. Never be at the end of a phone when he calls and always let him leave a message or two first before replying.
9. If he is available Tuesday, you are available Thursday.
10. Weekend shopping trips with girlfriends are sacred and not available for dates.
11. Keep your man standing on quicksand by shifting landmarks and goalposts constantly.
12. Ensure you are a good kisser. Men will walk away if you cannot kiss. Practise on a mirror if you have to.
13. Never ever talk about previous boyfriends and particularly their prowess in the bedroom. The number of ex boyfriends is your business only.
14. Never pre suppose anything about your date until you choose to know him better. You cannot always tell by looking.

Dating tips for gamers:

1. Motivate yourself by visualization...
How would your life would be different if you could balance that dating life with your computer gaming life? Would you be happier? Here, take an image that you would like and actually focus on it. Imagine yourself on your computer desk all day, everyday. Then imagine that instead of talking to a person that you feel attracted to online, it's someone that you can actually interact with. I know it sounds lame, but this might be your reality!

2. Know how attraction works...
Attraction are qualities that pull an opposite force towards itself. Much of attraction comes from the emotions created between two people. Have you ever thought of an intense emotion that you would like to share with someone that you wanted to do? No I'm not talking about noob bashing a level 3 character and saying "lol!" or "lmao!" to them. I'm talking about experiences that you may have had in the past or thought about that might be filled with high level of emotions perhaps like running through the sprinklers.

3. Random (unless you enjoy getting wet, I don't know) but you get the point. I know how it feels like to be single and a dedicated computer gamer. It's a passion that we all share that others may not fully understand. I've been through it and honestly I think a lot of people just think that being a computer gamer and dating just don't mix. That's simply not true.

For more dating tips, you may visit the following sites:


February 11, 2009

Will Girls Date Gamers?? A Valentine Special Interview

Hey hey guys and girls, its Valentines week and I had that chance to interview some girls whom I know and ask them a very simple question. Will you date gamers? So lets see what these girls have to say.

Firstly, let me present to you Diana Sabrina. Here are the questions:

1) Will you date a gamer??
If he is not addicted gaming, yes. But if he is like a pro gamer then no.

2) Reason.
He will be talking about their games all the time and I'm not into it.

3) What do you think of gamers in general?
Gamers have their own world and fantasies.

4) Last question, do you play games??
Used to but not anymore, not interested

5) Any shoutouts to the gamers or girls out there??
Gamers should not talk too much about games in reality :D

So Diana can be called an anti gamer type of girl. So called. She still has her reasons. Now on to the next one. She is no stranger to the UCpro community. Eponine Ng or her UCpro account Eponine was caught up by me and I asked her the same type of questions.

1) Will you date a gamer?
Yes, why not??

2) Reason.
Gamers are still guys. Most importantly is the feeling, not the person.

3) What are gamers to you generally?
There are different type of gamers, the hardcore and the casual. Casual gamers are acceptable, hardcore tends to spend more time on games and that is UNACCEPTABLE.

4) Do you play games?
Yes, I do. DotA.

5) Any shoutouts to the gamers and girls out there?
To the guys, don't spend time only on your games, take note of your girlfriends. To the girls, GAL OWNS!!!!

More interviews coming your way by my partner in crime and new writer, Kriz. Till then.

February 10, 2009

The G-Life: Gamer's Valentine Logic

The G-Life Ep 1: Gamer's Valentine Logic

A Creative Art Work By Rinie Ramli

February 9, 2009

A week of love

Welcome to the brand new edition of Spotgamers,

A new life has just begun for us and this week, the team is proud to present to you....

Be My Valentine Week

Yes, and that means, the team will be bringing news about love, love and more love

That's right, here are a few highlights of this weeks special:

1) We will be bringing you the first few episodes of G-life ( Gamers Life ) that has to do with gamers and their lovers.

2) We will be interviewing a number of girls about gamer boys. Will they date gamers?? Maybe, maybe not.

3) Spotgamers are proud to bring you tips on how to date a girl.

So do remember to stay tune as we bring you LOOOOOVEEEEEEEE this week.


February 3, 2009

Spotgamers Gath And Award Ceremony Pics

Sorry to keep everyone waiting for the pics. We were unusually busy after the event. But nevertheless we have uploaded the pics just for you. So enjoy!

Gamers Lining Up To Get Their Free Gifts!

UCPRO So Generous Giving Out Free Gifts

Founder & Editor Of SPG Jali Giving The Opening Speech

The Leng Zhai's Gamers

Our MC Want Some Attention!

During Games Monster Tourney


The Spotgamers Youth Team

Orait guys thats a wrap! We would like to thank everyone involve in the making of the 1st Spotgamers Gath And Award Ceremony. You guys are trully and simply the best!
See you guys again next year definitely! ^^


February 2, 2009

The End Of Warcraft 3??

When I first played this game 2 years back, I thought this game would survive pass Starcraft 2. Being the game that was paid the most for being champion in the WCG 2007, this game has reached its downfall.

Today, I'm sad to announce that Warcraft 3 and Starcraft's power house, Meet Your Makers (MYM) has closed their RTS division. With the closing down of MYM's RTS division, WCG finalist, Grubby and Moon are now in the free market.

However, Grubby and Moon are not the only one. Gravitas Gaming, whose future are just about to be bright announced that they have to close. It started with the departure of 4 players. Gravitas were then left with Sonkie, Tod and Hot. However, unable to support the
players, they closed it down, leaving Tod, Hot and Sonkie in the free market as well. SK gaming has also released a few of their players namely Soju and Remind, 2 Korean Night Elf players.

But way before all these events begin to happen. Several clans had cut thier players or close down. mTw, has released so many of their players and eventually shut down. And due to all these recent events, the ESL Europe have to change the WC3L tournament format due to lack of players from clans.

Suprisingly, all of this teams are based in Europe. The teams in China are not affected. Famouse Chinese power house World Elite (WE), which is the home of 2 times WCG champion Sky does not have any of this problems. Even clan Mouz, based in Germany whose line up is almost all Chinese, do not face problems.

However, the future of Warcraft 3 remains unknown. In this recent times, clans closing, format changing, less leagues have affected the Warcraft scene. Will it be the end of Warcraft 3??