October 28, 2009

*FINAL REMINDER* All Hail the Rejects! Win Frree Tix To Watch Them Live!

by c.J
published by Rinie 28th October 2009


The All-American Rejects thrilled the 15,000 strong crowds at the MTV World Stage 'Live In Malaysia' held last Saturday (15.08.2009) at Sunway Lagoon. The band performed four of their biggest hits that night.

The All-American Rejects rocked out at MTV World Stage just recently and you could still feel the adrenaline in you. And if you haven't gotten enough of your Tyson Ritter fix, then DiGi Music will satisfy all your cravings like many of us fans here no worries: they're bringing AAR back! They'll be joined by Pop Shuvit, Disagree and One Buck Short, and you can win yourself a free pass here courtesy of Spotgamers. Half the fun is off the screen people. Now let’s rock!

Details of winning these exclusive invites are pretty simple. Tell us why you love Spotgamers in less than 15 words. Eg. I love Spotgamers because they gives us a meaning to be a gamer and still rock with cool bands!

Send in your entries to alxleecj@hotmail.com latest by 30th October 12.00am. Best of four answers will get yourself these invites to mosh pit with the rejects! Under subject kindly title as Spotgamers to avoid being sent to junk mail. Good luck.


[T2.W|nDs]Vin interview-‘We still have time to look for girls in China’

by Han
published by Rinie 28th October 2009

Will We See This Again In China?

Can anyone stop Vin? He has won numerous titles back home, and claimed his fair share of success internationally. He is the only Champion who managed to defend his WCG.MY title for FIFA. And now he is representing Malaysia to pit his wits against the best in the world in China. As always, he remains as humble as ever, probably the most important quality in a champion. Don’t be surprised to see him bring glory back for Malaysia and end our long search for a medal.

1. How do you reflect on your great victory over Si Jali in the WCG.MY?

First of all, I would like to appreciate my sponsors, Terminal 2 Internet Cyber Cafe and Gamers Dot Com for taking the effort to sponsor W|nDs for our training and other necessities needed to succeed. It has been great help. I was very excited after beating my former clan mate, si_jali and bring my second WCG title back home.

2. What is the secret of your continued success?

Mentality control is the most important in every match; as it will decide the game we play since nowadays I believe everyone’s skill levels are the same. Also, preparation is still the most vital ingredient to succeed.

3. How can we stop Vin from winning tournaments?

LOL, yes, everyone can stop me from winning tournaments by playing more to gain experience and the most important thing is preparation and well controlled mentality before the beginning of matches.

4. You were the underdog in the final match. What was going through your mind at that time?

I told myself not to fear of losing the first set of matches and drop into loser’s bracket; I just played like what I’ve learned all these while and applied it in the final match. My mind was empty but I had a system to build up to win the match.

5. You are representing Malaysia again in an international tournament. How do you rate your chances?

My chance to advance to the next round is higher when compared to the other 2 Malaysia representatives. But still, I’m in the tricky group and have to play with Denmark and seeded Austrian Champion. Eventually, luck is part of the game and it can decide who wins but still, skill is the most important.

6. Are you off to China to look for girls or medals?

Both, I’ll be looking for medals because I believe we still have time to look for girls after winning and bringing glory back to Malaysia. ** Joking**

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October 27, 2009

WORDTHY: Forza 3

by Han
published by Rinie 27th October 2009

Forza 3 is the latest racing simulator on offer from Microsoft, the sequel to the highly successful Forza Motorsport 2. This game is certain to rival Sony’s racing simulator offering, Grand Turismo.

New additions to the game include an in-car driving view, one button assisted driving, vehicle rollover, and for the first time in the series, SUVs. Besides that, the game also features the ability to paint race cars, which was an improvement considering Forza Motorsport 2 only allowed for production and tuner cars to be painted. Also included is the ability to create in-game videos and upload them to the Forza Motorsport website, offering gamers a chance to show off their previous great victory for everyone to see. Forza Motorsport 3 is shipped on two discs, but can be played completely off the first; the second disc serves as the "installation disc," which contains 104 extra cars, which brings the total amount of cars to 405, and a few extra tracks, all 1.9GB in total.

Here are some images from the game, feel free to drool over the stunning graphics and realistic gameplay:

We’ve played this over the Xbox console and we can assure fans out there that if you are a motorsport fan, this will surely provide hours of racing fun. The graphics, sound, and gameplay have been greatly improved, and do not disappoint anyone who would splurge for this game.

Here are some acclaimed reviews of the game:

IGN: Simply put, Forza 3 is one of the best racers ever made.

N4G: With each release games always turn out better than the last, this hasn't changed for Forza 3.

Gamespy: A well-engineered racer that puts you knee-deep in car culture -- aka, what Forza's always done best.

Spotgamers: Great graphics+ Great gameplay = Great fun.


October 26, 2009

Accustom Yourself with Fire!

by c.J
published by Rinie 26th October 2009

It is commonly known that Windows Firewall is a personal firewall, included with Microsoft’s Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and even in Windows Vista. Its primary role is to monitor and restrict the absurd and suspicious information uploaded between your PC and a network such as the Internet. Preventing hackers and intruders to access your machine over a network, windows firewall support serves as a shield and offers a means to log security events. It does so by blocking unsolicited traffic.

Let’s take a look at features of Window Vista Firewall and Windows XP's Internet Connect Firewall:

Windows Vista Firewall:

This is a complete firewall application and turns on by default. However, it should be left on if not replaced with another firewall. Windows vista Firewall Setup is an effective firewall which has proved its mettle in preventing hackers’ accessing your computer.

Windows XP's Internet Connect Firewall

As opposed to Windows Vista Firewall, Windows XP’s internet connects firewall is just half a firewall. It only checks incoming information and not the outgoing data.

In case your computer gets infected with a virus, spyware or any other malware or any hacker try to extract information out of your computer. However, a true firewall will prevent it go out of your computer error and notify you to clean it up.

A firewall may very well be the most important piece of security software on a computer by keeping a check on traffic coming in and out of your PC. You need to configure the built-in firewall to allow internet access to trusted programs. Without configuring it, you will have a problem with a program connecting to the Internet.

The task can be time consuming as well as difficult for common tech users. This is why contacting any tech support representative can be a wise move. Nowadays there are several companies coming up with attractive computer support services package.

Computer support providers offer an array of services for almost every kind of computer errors. Whether it is related to virus removal, PC set-up & installation, email errors or any operating system errors, the task force at a good technical support company can help you out.


October 23, 2009

Si Jali Speaks Out! "The opponent might copy your moves, but they can’t copy your brain"

by Han
published by Rinie 23rd October 2009

Si_Jali Trademark Pose

Besides being the creator and founder of Spotgamers, Si_Jali also has another important commitment. And it is to be a professional FIFA gamer. In his first ever tournament since last year’s early exit at WCG.MY08, he managed to fight his way to the final, losing in an epic match against his former clan mate [T2.W|nDs]Vin. His gallant effort in reaching the final was not in vain though, as he managed to acquire a ticket to Chengdu, China to pit his wits against the best in the world. Here, Spotgamers present a revealing interview on how he reflects the tournament, THAT match and his hopes for the Grand Final.

1. How would you like to reflect on WCG.MY 09? Was it a great success or regret that you could have done better?

It wasnt really a succes nor regrets. If its brutal truth, then yes i regretted that im no.2. But judging from the lack of tourneys that I joined this year (WCG was the 1st tourney i join this year) it is sumthing I should be proud of. I manage to overcome all the challenges during the tourney and manage to be on top of the game. But I have to congratulate Vin for his magnificent form in the game. Now that I’ve learned my weaknesses and mistakes, I will strive to improve my game play in the future. But it was pretty obvious to me that I need more match training and tourney experience to get myself ready for the big challenge.

2. The final against Vin was epic, what was going through your mind during that final?

During the final i have set my own strategy against Vin. The strategy works in the beginning but too bad I did a few mistakes and was unlucky as well. Though i had the advantage in the Winner's bracket, but i wasted it and commit a few mistakes that shouldnt happened in a professional match. I tried to recover but i guess it was too much for my mind to think at that point. There were a lot of negativity surrounding me at that time but i tried my best to overcome it. Anyway anyhow Vin is really a great player and is a player where no one should be taken lightly from now onwards. Congrats again to him.

3. The top-3 has the right to represent Malaysia to the Grand Final in China. Are you going there?

Yup! Luckily enough I manage to find sponsors to support me to China. This would be my 2nd chance to beat my previous record (4th In 05) and to achieve my dream which is to be the world champion. Please do pray for team Malaysia bring back medal yea ^^

4. What has been your secret for the brilliant run all the way to the final?

One thing that I’ve learned from my previous exp is that you gotta go all out. WCG is not a place for you to play around. Its serious business. There is no time for you to keep secrets and everything. Its time to show off your skills. If you do not do that, you will definitely lose because your opponent is definitely playing all out. Maybe some players are concerned on the fact that someone might copy their skills. Well, thats normal. It is part of the game. Thats why you got to be ready for all of this. Preparation and planning is important. You must always have strategies and tactics in place.

The opponent might copy your moves, but they can’t copy your brain.

5. Do you have any advice to players who would wish to play FIFA in tournaments? Mind sharing some tips?

Do not just focus on the skills. Instead focus on the mind games and mental part. The winner is never the best player, but he is the smartest of all.

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October 22, 2009

WCG Draw: The Quest For a Medal Begins!

by han
published by Rinie 22nd October 2009

The draw for the remaining 2 games for WCG took place yesterday. And here is the draw for those eager to find out what happened.

Warcraft 3 The Frozen Throne:

Starcraft: Broodwar

Just like FIFA, Malaysia will have 3 representatives for Starcraft and Warcraft. With 9 players heading to China, can we be confident at least 1 of them will bring a medal back?

For the Warcraft draw, Malaysia will have to do it the hard way, as all 3 representatives are drawn in groups of 5. Malaysia’s champ will be up against the legendary WC3 player Manuel "EG.Grubby" Schenkhuizen and South Korean Chang "SK.wHo" Du-Seop . While the other 2 Malaysian players will have to negotiate their way past German opposition, who seem to be traveling in great numbers to China as well.

As for Starcraft, all players are drawn into four groups. Malaysian Champ, Chan Kiat Hoe face German opposition (again), and will be up against the seeded Ukrainian and Gregory Fields. As for John Rambo, he will have to get past a Korean player. The 3rd representative, Tan Soon Hua will have a match up against another Korean player and will have to take on the seeded player from the host nation, Sha Jun Chun.

We wish all the competitive gamers the best of luck, and hopefully they can bring Malaysia’s first ever medal back from the World Cyber Games Grand Final. Let the games begin!


October 21, 2009


by Han
published by Rinie 21st October 2009

Fresh out from the oven, the draw for FIFA 09 WCG Grand Final in Chengdu China is out! For the first time ever, Malaysia will have 3 representatives that will fight for glory in the Grand Final. Without further ado, here is the draw in full:

[T2.W|nDs]Vin, the Malaysian Champion, will be placed in group F, and will have to negotiate his way through tricky opponents such as Denmark, Greece and the seeded Austrian Champion, Mario Viska.

Si Jali on the other hand, is handed a tough draw with Germany, Hungary and the country that destroy his hope in the semi final 2005, Russia.

Last but not least, Malaysia’s 2nd runner up [T2.W|nDs]Rei is handed the worst possible draw yet, with Fifa legend Sk-Hero in his group, and he have to find his way past Switzerland and Netherlands as well.

The top 2 players from each group will qualify for the quarter finals. Let’s wish our country’s representatives all the best. Malaysia boleh!


October 20, 2009

LZ Goes To Sweden For DreamHack Winter 2009!

LZ exceeded all expectations on them after booking themselves a slot in Dreamhack Winter 2009 after they won DreamHack Malaysia CS 1.6 Grand Finals which was held at 1 Utama Shopping Centre yesterday.

They achieved their lifetime dream after beating RV in de_dust2 with the score of 16-14. LZ leads the first round with the score 8-7. They almost got the ticket in their hand after leading 14-9, but the series of errors causing the scores become 14-14.

However, LZ's captain, Gavin making a marvellous comeback, leading his team after three consecutive kills and bringing the score to 15-14. He once again crushed RV's hopes for another rematch after sealing the match with the score of 16-14, ultimately booking themselves a place to play against the likes of Fnatic and SK Gaming at DreamHack Winter 2009.

On top of that, they also monopolized the Go.ESC Open Tournament, cashing themselves RM1500, beating 8075 in the finals. Kampung Gaming gets 3rd and Bandar Gaming sealed the 4th placing.

While in Trackmania, Strifemare exceeded the expectations as the favourite to win the championship after beating YeaHan85 in a close shave battle to win himself a Razer Lycosa. YeaHan85 went on to be the runner-up and TPK gets 3rd after his dismal performance shattered his hopes for another upset after knocking out Chapree and mootsumi in the semi-finals.

In spite of the joy for witnessing LZ representing Team Malaysia for DreamHack Winter 2009, CS scene suffered a shock when Jasmine Low announced that it would be LZ's last year in competitive gaming. If what she said is true, that signal the end of the golden era of Counter Strike since the highest point when the feud between LZ and Hybrid were so intense until they dominated Malaysia's Counter Strike scene.

Pictures would be up very soon. So, stay tuned!


Asian Dota Championships Round 6- Cybertime Lead by a Point!

by Han
published by Rinie 20th October 2009

The latest round of matches saw Malaysia’s Cybertime maintain a lead by the skin of their teeth over Singapore’s Razer CGC with a 1 point lead, thanks to their narrow victory over Korea’s Sponsor us Please!. Singapore managed to keep tabs with Malaysia thanks to their win over Trust.

Round 6 results:

AEON.SG 2:0 Darksector.Trust
CommeDieu 2:0 Err0R
Cybertime 2:1 Sponsor us Please!
StarsBoba 1:2 MCiTY
Mineski-DotA 2:0 Digi Resurrection

Standings Team Points

1 CyberTime 15

2 Razer.CGC 14

3 CommeDieu 12

4 MCiTY 11

5 StarsBoba 10

6 Mineski 9

7 Digi 7

8 Trust 5

9 SuP 5

10 Err0R 2

Down at the bottom, Error from India continue to prop the table as they suffer yet another loss, this time to CommeDieu. Both Australia (MCity) and Indonesia (Digi) suffered losses as well, with Australia dropping to 4th after the latest round of results.

That is it for now, stay tuned to Spotgamers for more updates on the Asian Dota Championships, as we continue to provide coverage on the results.


October 19, 2009

WCG.MY FIFA 2nd Runner Up - [T2.W|nDs] Rei "Losing is always the stepping stone to success"

by Han
published by Rinie 19th October 2009

Rei Trademark Pose: Emotionless

The 2nd runner up in WCG, Rei would now be delighted as his efforts in preparation have paid off tremendously, with a 3rd place finish and a trip to China to look forward to. He is as expected, gracious in his unlucky loss to clan mate Vin in the loser’s bracket final. Here, Rei talks to us about his ups and downs throughout the tournament and his prior preparation to achieving success, plus his hopes and goals for the WCG Grand Finals in China.

1. Congratulations on your success on WCG,MY. How would you like to remember WCG.MY 09 as? An opportunity lost or a great achievement?

Thanks!As a clan member of [W|nDs], i think it is a great achievement as our clan manage to secure the top spot. If I would to beat vin in the loser's bracket final, the result might be different. On the other hand, individually i view it as an opportunity lost as i have a good chance of beating [W|nDs] Vin but i was not calm enough at the later stages and miss a big chance.

2. How important are your clan mates in your preparation for this tournament?

I would want to take this chance to thanks every [W|nDs] members, without them, I would never get to improve so much over the years. There are members that prepare me mentally and there are members that guide and train me technically also. Besides that, the training at T2 Internet Café has been invaluable. Once again, thanks!

3. Are you going to represent Malaysia for the Grand Finals in China?

Yes, im glad i have the chance to do so. I would like to take this opportunity to thanks my clan sponsors which are T2 Cybercafe and also Gamers.com for supporting us throughout all these years. Special thanks to T2 Cybercafe for making this trip possible! Looking forward to it as this will be the first time Malaysia having 3 representative for FIFA in the World Finals!

4. What were your thoughts when you were losing in the loser's bracket final match against eventual champion Vin?

I am not thinking about anything other than focusing on chasing back the game. It was only a goal difference and anything is possible, but i lose my nerves at the end and well done to Vin for winning that game!

5. What are your secrets of success, given you are in the E-sports scene for a short time and managed to achieve so much?

Personally,to me, 2 years plus isn't really a short time. I only start to be on the podium more often lately. I guess the reason I manage to achieve so much lately is because of the experience i gained from losing over this 2years. It is never easy to win or achieve so much success without losing in the early stages. Losing is always the stepping stone to success=).

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October 17, 2009

DreamHack Malaysia Grand Final Live Updates

Howdy guys, we are now finally connected to the internet after a series of unfortunate events and hiccups. We are now broadcasting live from Highstreet 1 Utama for DreamHack Malaysia Grand Finals.

12:30 AM: Alrighty, LZ beat Apple Gaming in the first round and later they beat 8075 in the Winners Bracket. It's LZ vs 5 in the Semi Final, the winner will be a match away to Sweden.

UnNamed journey ended after losing to Apple Gaming in the Losers Brackets. So, here's the run up for tomorrow

Winner's Bracket Final
LZ vs 5

[LZ] : Gavin , Hix , Jabronicz , rico , bobo
5 : Sniggy , Haller , nic , zuL , KrixxKroxx
RV.Razer : k|ngz , Proph , baw , Flymetosolaris , Jay
Q's : Fukada , Izzat , Krypt , bal , nick
8075 : sHadzZ , Bezict , Zyrex , Maverick , Lil'Jacky
Apple Gaming : yau , gfi , kEn , spyko , FreakGamer
PK : (Sorry i don't know who are they so cant update u guys)

Losers Bracket
RV / Q's vs 8075
PK vs Apple Gaming

While in TrackMania, the SpotGamers guys, Strifemare and myself (:P) will be playing alongside YeaHan85 for the winning spot in the finals tomorrow.

So, that' wraps up for today. See ya all tomorrow, as we would have more actions coming on. Cheers! xD

8:30 PM: 5 has booked the slot in the Semi Final of Winner Bracket after winning the match 16-2. PK will await the winner between UnNamed or the loser of the match between LZ and Apple Gaming in the Losers Bracket.

7:00 PM: 5 has just knocked RV to the Loser's Bracket after 3 overtime sessions. Which means Q's will play against RV for survival while 5 will be up against PK for the Winners Brackets.

8075 has just beat UnNamed with the score of 16-5 in de_dust and next up on the stage are LZ vs Apple Gaming

6:00 PM: We just received the list of winners of CS 1.6 Open Tournament. This can be the indicator on which team would have a chance on a seat to DreamHack Winter 2009.

Runner-Up: 8075
3rd Place: Kampung Gaming
4th Place: Bandar Gaming

Meanwhile DreamHack Malaysia Grand Finals kicks off with RV is fighting against 5 while PK has just won their match against Q's, meaning PK advances to Winner Bracket while Q's goes to the Loser Bracket after PK beats Q's 16-11.

Coming up, we will have LZ playing against Apple Gaming while 8075 playing against UnNamed.

4.00 pm: So far, we have witnessed the three finalist for Trackmania Final which will be held on tomorrow. The finalist are:-

  • [SpotGamers]Strifemare
  • YeaHan85
  • [SpotGamers]TPK

The open tournament is still ongoing with the final match and 3rd-4th placing is still going on.

  • FINAL: LZ vs 8075
  • 3RD PLACING: Bandar Gaming vs KG Gaming


The Spotgamers team wishes everyone a happy Diwali

The Spotgamers team would like to wish all our readers a happy Diwali/Deepavali.

Diwali is the festival of lights. It is a time where members of the world's great faces celebrate a triumph of good over evil. On this auspicious occasion, celebrated all over the world, lamps will be lighted to lead us from darkness to light. We should all embrace this occasion whether we celebrate it or not, by doing our bit to wish our friends a happy Diwali or by going to their open house to extend our warmest wishes. This is in the true spirit of One Malaysia, a mentality our Prime Minister is trying to instill within us.

Once again, Happy Diwali/Deepavali everyone.


October 16, 2009

GO.ESC Kicks Off Today!

Finally after a series of qualifiers (plus some hiccups), GO.ESC has reached the final stage when the tournament will be officially kicks off today at 1 Utama Shopping Centre, Bandar Utama, Selangor

This is the battleground where 8 teams will battle their wits in order to get the ultimate to Jonkoping, Sweden for DreamHack Winter 2009.

This is where 12 contestants battle it out for the King of TrackMania in GO.ESC

So, here we are, the puzzle of which team will be the first ever Malaysian team to play at DreamHack Malaysia. Among the teams that have booked their place in the Grand Finals are:

  • PK
  • UnNamed
  • RV
  • Apple Gaming
  • 5
  • 8075
  • LZ
  • Q's

LZ might have the bet on winning the Grand Final, but with their shocking 3rd placing during Subang Qualifier, the chances are wide open and it might be the end of LZ domination, since the most heated LZ-Hybrid era.

RV would be among the teams who would be giving a challenge to LZ. Even some have predicted LZ would be facing RV in the finals. However, 5 and 8075 (BOTS in 1337) would be giving LZ & RV a tough challenge in the 8 team ultimate tournament.

Anyway, today's schedule kicks off with the CS 1.6 open tournament where 8 teams will face-off for the prize totalling about RM3000.

Also in action today, 12 Trackmania will square against each other when Trackmanis starts their challenge tonight at 8 pm.

All of action will be coming live from Highstreet 1 Utama at approx 3.00 pm, specially for DreamHack Malaysia Grand Finals and GO International E-sports Cup!


October 15, 2009

Slow Internet Speed?

by c.J
published by Rinie 15 October 2009

At a certain point it happens to everyone, without any indication you find yourself with a slow computer internet and from that second your Windows won't perform as expected. Darn! You then start researching for a solution on the Internet wondering how to fix this painful problem. Well, keep reading the following Spotgamer’s review and you'll find how easily you'll be able to eliminate this problem and even significantly improve your windows performance. This is exclusive cover from our technical team. Hope you guys find it useful.

First of all, before you spend hours on the Net while trying to figure out what happened to your Personal computer and how you can get it back to normal, there is one thing you should know, and unfortunately most PC users are not aware of that - whenever you have a slow computer internet it is most probably about your windows registry.

Windows registry is one of most sensitive areas of your windows system. It keeps the info that runs your software and hardware. While you install, edit, or erase applications, your pc's registry system is filled with unwanted data which causes problems such as windows crashes, dll problems, and of course slowdowns and freezing problems. Always remember - 'unclean' registry is the main source to a wide range of Pc performance issues.

Luckily when you do encounter a slow computer internet you can quickly handle it by 'cleaning' your registry system. This probably doesn't sound that easy, and that is true, but, you can easily find highly efficient registry repair programs that can quickly fix your registry system in just minutes, so you don't need to deal with it by yourself. Important - do not try to repair your registry system on your own; it can easily get you into more trouble!


October 13, 2009

Indie Youth Fest: Mass Blogger Review Competition

Thinking that you are good in making reviews of an event?

Want to have a new DSLR camera?

Guess what? In conjunction of Indie Youth Fest, Go International Group is offering a chance for you to win a brand spanking new Canon EOS 1000D when they are organizing a Mass Blogger Review Competition.

On top of that, you are also contributing for IYF's attempt to be ‘The Largest Blogging Competition in Malaysia’ or ‘The Most Amount of Content Generated Online from an Event’

For more information about the competition, you can log on to the provided

Competition Link : IYF '09 Mass Blogger Review Competition

SpotGamers is the official media partner for Indie Youth Fest 2009 and DreamHack Malaysia Grand Finals.


WCG.MY DOTA Runner-up Team IG Shizuma Pro Interview

by Han
published by Rinie Tuesday 13 October 2009

Fresh from being crowned second in WCG.MY, our Dota expert Underminer is once again happy to conduct his interview with us. He managed to take his team all the way to the Final of WCG.MY, where his team IG Shizuma Pro came unstuck against the eventual winners, Cybertime 2. As expected he is gracious in defeat, choosing to praise his superior opponents, while giving us detailed insights of the happenings in his camp. Here is a detailed interview from a truly top player and analyst from Malaysia’s E-Sports scene, Underminer.

1. Congratulations on your second place finish. Firstly, were you happy to be finish in second or were you disappointed that you were unable to take that last step to be crowned champion?

Thanks for the wish, first of all, allow me to introduce the team. It consists of Canonzaii, Mikebz, Andy, Shizuma and Papaxiong. 4 of them hail from Penang and Papaxiong came all the way from Johor to join up. To be honest, with the banning of the top 4 teams in the scene right now (Ks, INC-Excello, Keydone.MU and Cybertime 1) the team was formed with the intention of going all the way with Shizuma (the only female participant in the Dota tournament) playing a carry role. However, the caliber of the scene without the top 4 participating is much stronger than we anticipated. Midway into the tourney, we saw Cybertime 2, the eventual winners was just a step ahead of everyone in terms of training, skill and strategy. Their superiority over the other teams was obvious with the stomping of their opponents with relative ease along the winner brackets.

So yeah, we were disappointed of not coming in first but we knew the winner deserved every bit of their glory.

2. What do you believe contributed to the defeat in your last game?

Coming up from the loser’s bracket, we knew we need to win 4 games in a row to have the chance to reach the Grand Finals in Day 2 of the tournament. Leaving nothing to chance, we drafted our A draft from the start of day 2.

I guess Cybertime 2 studied us well from our 4-game rampage to reach the Grand Finals. Losing the first game to us, they too drafted something safe for the first time in the tournament for the 2nd game ; coupled with a certain mistakes made in game from our part, Cybertime 2 managed to take the second game.

3. What was very important to your team in the run to the final?

Coming from various backgrounds (Papaxiong is the core of the Kingsurf domination of Malaysia for the past 2 years; Mike and Canon forms the core of the current FTZ-Asia team, the top all-Penangite team currently; Andy and Shizuma plays only pubs until the recent switch to clanwar games) and teaming up for the first time, I knew from the get-go that a synchronization in command and draft is crucial. The lack of communication in this vital part almost cost us the tournament when we first lost to Nt.Gaming and then came back from the brink of defeat to beat Fecca-Fey in a pulsating match.

At the end of the first day, no one was happy. Over at dinner, everyone seems worried of our chances to advance further and a clash of ideas ensued over the way to play the game happened. In a flash of brilliance, Papaxiong took up full responsibility of the success and failure of the campaign, making it very clear that it’s his way of the highway.

Surprisingly, everyone complied despite a certain discontentment. Papa then laid down some concepts for all to follow and decided to overhaul the way we think and play the game. Trainings and discussions goes on until 4 am in the morning.
At Day 2, under his command, we played like a team and not 5 individuals and managed to play the maximum 6 games we planned to do. Though we lost the last game but overall, everyone’s Dota improved from the time we first met 2 days ago from the final and it all boils down to Papaxiong’s planning and the professionalism of the others to just listen and do what is best for the team.

4. What do you believe the success of your team is down to?

I believe it’s down to everyone wanting to do well deep down. The team has no training before we met and the decision to follow Papa’s command took a lot from everyone of the team. Dota is a game where there are many ways to win. To discard off the old habits and adjust to a totally new concept, really is a testament to the professionalism of the players in it. Everyone thought its easy to win with the players we have, but in fact, the more famous the players a team have, the harder it is to integrate. For us to put away our differences and gel within 1 day is something I thought is the key to our run in this tournament.

5. Finally, any advice for other teams who wish to play professionally?

Looking at the careers of the more successful players/teams, I noticed every one of them have good people skills. They are basically friendly with everyone in the scene. So I guess to be able to have fun climbing the hard ladder to the top, a basic respect of your fellow teammates and people in general are needed. The chances of your team to be a success increases exponentially if everyone just likes you and prefer to train with you more. I guess the Dota scene in Malaysia just kept to this formula and our success in the International scene is a testament to this basic principle.

Shout outs to Cybertime and Lim in particular for bringing Dota back into WCG Malaysia. It is also an honour to be competing alongside the best gamers in Malaysia: Serry, JohnRambo and Si Jali. Just watching them in action is an inspiration of what true E-sports represents.

To me, they are genuine athletes and new icons of our digital society. The emotions we felt throughout the game can be and should be shared among the public audience and that’s the where the future of the industry lies. E-sports are at the crossroads of all the most exciting fields of our generation: sport, entertainment, Internet, new technologies, video games. To be able to be part of its history in Malaysia is truly an honor.

And thank you Spotgamers for the interview.


DreamHack Malaysia Subang Qualifier Results

Howdy folks, we had a tough qualifier back last weekend when 10 teams battle it out to grab the last 4 remaining slots for DreamHack Malaysia Grand Final.

The qualifier also serves as the replacement qualifier for the Johor Bharu qualifier which has been called off due to technical issues.

After a tough stages of elimination, finally these are the four teams who make it to the Grand Finals

  • 1st place - 5
  • 2nd place - 8075
  • 3rd place - LZ
  • 4th place - Q's

With all 8 slots for DreamHack Grand Finals have been filled, here's are the 8 teams that will square off against each other with the ultimate ticket to Jonkoping, Sweden is at stake

  • PK
  • UnNamed
  • RV
  • Apple Gaming
  • 5
  • 8075
  • LZ
  • Q's

LZ might the favourites to qualify for DreamHack Winter. However, with the shocking 3rd place during the Subang qualifier, it may pose a question whether LZ is still the team to beat this weekend.

Join us live from 1 Utama Shopping Centre as SpotGamers will be broadcasting live for Go E-sports Cup and DreamHack Malaysia Grand Finals. Cheers!


October 12, 2009

ONE ASIA CUP: [T2.W|nDs] Leoninho Interview

by Han
published by Rinie 12th October 2009

Leoninho is on the right not left

[T2.W|nDs] Leoninho was one of the 6 Malaysian FIFA representatives in the recently concluded One Asia Cup. He and his doubles team partner helped Malaysia to achieve 2nd place in the team event. A regular top-8 finish is not uncommon in WCG.MY for Leoninho in his hay day, as he now plays less regularly due to his working commitments. Still, he has managed to represent Malaysia and achieve a top 12 finish in this year’s WCG.My despite his inactivity. Here, Spotgamers catches up with Leoninho for a chat.

1. What do you think of your overall performance at the One Asia Cup?

First of all i need to thank Gamers.com.my and T2, without their help we cant make it till here.I was quite upset with our performance, even though we got the 1st runners-up spot. We should have improved on that position,

2. Team Vietnam swept most of the honours. What do you think went wrong for team Malaysia?

Basically we were too confident each time we scored a goal. It is a mistake that we have to learn from.

3. How do you think you can improve for the upcoming international tournaments?

For sure I have to train more, and it is vital that I do my best and not to under perform.

4. What do you think of the quality of the opposition in the One Asia Cup?

The Vietnamese are exceptional. They were the youngest on average among the four countries and their skills are very good. And also, they played very well in the tournament.


October 11, 2009

Xtr3me3 Battling For His Life

We used to see Mohamed Phirkhan @ Titans.Xtr3me3 battling in and out for his 5 year stint as professional gamer, to be one of Asia's most coveted talent in FIFA Soccer and FIFA Online 2.

However, on this Monday, 12 October 2009, he will be in a battle again, this time, his life on the stake.

SpotGamers were shocked to know that Xtr3me3 will be undergoing a major lung operation after he was complaining some chest pain recently. Little did we know that within his happy-go-lucky attitude, he is actually hiding some pain within the smile.

We have nothing else to say, except some best wishes and prayers from us at SpotGamers.

P/S: Stay tuned with us as we try to get more coverage on Xtr3me3's operation

October 9, 2009

Tips to Prevent Computer Radiation

by Han
published by Rinie 9th October 2009

You spend hours in front of the computer everyday. Whether it is work, assignments, play or chat, it is already a part of your life that is indispensable. However, the hours can take its toll on our body, as radiation from the computer is harmful to us, which is common knowledge. Here, Spotgamers shares some tips to help prevent computer radiation, or at least, reduce its harmful effects.

1. For those who have to use a computer regularly while at work or at home, their eyes may get tired and pain easily after spending longer hours looking at the screen, so it is advisable to eat some bananas. The potassium in the banana helps easing the eyes disorders. Therefore, when your eyes feel dry, pain, irritated and dull, eat some bananas to relieve these eyes symptoms. Not only it eases eyestrain but also avoid premature aging of your eyes.

2. Take some foods which are rich in vitamin A and C such as carrots, cherries, apples, bean sprouts, tomatoes as a good measure to reduce the harmful effect of an indoor radiation. They taste good and reduce the effects of harmful radiation. What more can you ask for?

3. It is advisable to attach a radiation filter plate in front of your computer’s screen to reduce the hazard of radiation. Avoid putting any metal substances within the place where you place your computer as these metal substances may have reflected some of the electromagnetic waves that are harmful to your health. Adjust the brightness of your computer before using it. The brightest the screen the highest the radiation there will be and vice versa. Thus, try to adjust the screen brightness that is not too bright or too dark for your eyes to capture. Moderation is what we require here. In contrary, lowest level of brightness may irritate your eyes and cause your eyes strained easily. Take note that the brightness of the screen should make your eyes feel comfortable to gaze at, especially when you will be using it for hours.

4. Place several potted cactus beside your computer as they can effectively absorb the radiation released by the computer. Besides, it serves as a decent decoration tool as well.

5. Pay attention to the indoor ventilation. Recent research shows that the computer screen can produce a carcinogenic substance called bromine dibenzofuran, which is harmful to human’s health. Therefore, make sure the place you put your computer is ventilated by a fan or a cooler. Otherwise, you have to search for a well-ventilated place before using the computer.

That’s all for now, make sure you guys follow these steps to help safeguard your health while using the computer. As the saying goes, health is wealth.


October 8, 2009

DreamHack Malaysia Updates - FTZ.Asia Will Be The Final Qualifier

Howdy folks, it has a quite hectic week for us in SpotGamers and we bring you the latest updates on DreamHack Malaysia Qualifiers for CS 1.6

We just received a call from Kam, the representative of Go International Group regarding the Counter Strike qualifiers and he informed us that 1 Utama Qualifier that supposed to be held days before Grand Final has been CALLED OFF.

Which means, this weekend's qualifier which is at FTZ.Asia Subang will be the final qualifier for the Grand Final which will be held on 17-18 October at 1 Utama.

To make the stakes more higher, 4 TEAMS will qualify from that qualifier, joining the other 4 teams who already make the break (2 in Penang, 2 in Sarawak)

So far, the team that have qualified are stated as below:

Penang Qualifier
  • Champion: Team PK
  • Runner-Up: Team UnNamed

Sarawak Qualifier
  • Champion: Team RV
  • Runner-Up: Team Apple Gaming

Another news, there will be also an open tournament for Counter Strike 1.6 as well which is opened to all participants, regardless of nationalities. More updates coming soon.

That's all for now from SpotGamers. See you at FTZ.Asia Subang this Saturday for more news on which 4 teams will fill up the slots for the Grand Final. Cheers for now!


Piracy Ate My Gold

by c.J
published by Rinie 8th October 2009

There's always an intimidating threat to both types of PC game distribution, and one that's often identified as a smoking gun for those troubled retail sales: piracy. Numerous developers and publishers have waded into the argument claiming Bittorrent is harming them.

Research into the scale and most of all the real-world fiscal effects of piracy, remains reasonably limited, and this shortage of empirical proof one way or another has made the unending online debate on the matter peculiarly confusing and often vicious. On the one hand, you have 2D Boy, the chaps behind indie mega-gem World of Goo claiming that over 80% of the game's players had pirated it, but calmly stating that it hadn't harmed any sales.

For argument sake, there's the developer, Cliff Harris of one-man studio Positech (best-known for thoughtful indie fare such as life management game, Kudos and the sprawling politicking of Democracy): ‘Nobody can say with a straight face that having well-known sites where people can get your product for free has zero effect on sales. To pretend anything else is just silly’ he reckons. ‘One of the things nobody ever talks about is the psychological effect piracy has on games developers. If you work 10 hours a day for a year to make something then find people taking it for free 24 hours after release, you just cannot begin to describe how depressing that feels to them.’

The crux of piracy debate often pivots on the question of whether someone who Bittorrents a given game would otherwise have been a customer of it. On the one hand, that person is clearly not paying to play your game. On the other, there's every chance that the only reason they're playing it is because they didn't have to pay. Meantime, the anti-piracy camp calls it theft, while the pro-piracy guys claim that making a digital duplicate of immaterial code is hardly the same thing as physically swiping an item. It's a semantic and ethical war which only further obfuscates an issue that's increasingly dominating all discussion about the PC as a gaming platform. Recently, people claimed that PC hardware manufacturers were taking advantage of the current ubiquity and ease of piracy to help flog more of their gear.

Still, at one glance on the most leeched torrents reveals that it's the big-name games such as Call of Duty that attract the heaviest traffic of illegal downloaders.

Indie developers might have more to lose, but not yet being mainstream is to their advantage. That's perhaps one of the reasons why there's a thriving indie scene, both paid and free, despite Big Publishing's doomsaying about the PC. There is widespread acceptance of indie gaming and it's easier for indies to be taken seriously as a creative force. Also, advances in PCs mean that you no longer have to optimize the hell out of C++ to run a game at 30FPS, so you don't need phenomenal coding skills to be an indie developer any more. There are lots of reasons for the big budget games to die out. The graphics arms race is definitely slowing down. In terms of profitability, indie devs like 2DBoy are probably more profitable per employee than Activision.

Declining retail sales and the Bittorrent bogeyman aren't, then, a death knell for PC gaming. Whether it's growing into something new, beautiful and impressively independent or returning to the ideals it was founded upon back before Doom brought about the age of graphics and adrenaline, it's in probably the most exciting state it's been in for years.


October 7, 2009

PS3 10 Tournaments Kicks Off This Weekend!

Do we sense it coming?

PS3 gamers, get your controllers ready for the whole weekend of October!

We bet most of you already know that SONY Malaysia have released a countdown teaser at http://corp.sony.com.my/3/, but they have opened the registration for what we have known as The 10 Games Tournament which kicks off this weekend at Sony Style The Curve.

This competition is open to all Malaysian and on this week, these are the list of games that will be played this weekend:-
  • King Of Fighter XII
  • Soul Calibur IV
  • Puzzle Fighter
  • Bomberman

Please note that the winner of each game will be among 10 contestants that will battle among themselves to be a lucky owner of PS3 + a 40 inch BRAVIA TV LCD.

So, what are waiting for? Go ahead and register yourself then! Registration closed every Friday at 12am.

Link: PS3 Tournament Registration Page

Bejeweled As Competitive Gaming?

by Han
published by Rinie 7th October 2009

One of the more popular games on Facebook, Bejeweled has had many players hooked on to playing it. It is simply to play and easy to learn. Such is its popularity that it is even listed as one of the casual games in the Go-ESC and Dreamhack Malaysia Qualifiers. It was the only Facebook game to make the cut. This game is also available on the Apple I-Pod and I-Phone for the addicts who like to play it during every minute of their lives. Here, we ask one of the Bejeweled players, known as Lee, what makes the game tick and what keeps him playing this addictive game.

1. Why do you play games on Facebook?

The games can be used to de-stress after hours of studying as the games are fun and require little brainpower. All you need to do is to open your eyes to spot the jewels. It is completely different from other high end games that require maximum concentration throughout the game.

2. Why do you play bejeweled?

It is strangely fun and addictive. And it is easy to play. Must be the brightly colored jewels...

3. How does the game work?

You score points by lining up jewels of the same colour. Line up four or more jewels of a similar colour to get bonus jewels which will help boost your score. It takes a short while to learn how to play and your addiction can snowball easily.

4. How many of your peers play the same game?

Quite a few of them do play this game, and we often compare the scores. This is no surprise as the popularity of the game has been increasing throughout the last few months.

5 Do you find the game addictive?

Certainly, it is clearly one of the better games on Facebook and I like playing this very much. In a nutshell, this game is simple and addictive.


October 6, 2009

Competitive Gaming Ethics

by Han
published by Rinie 6th October 2009

Kids, Dont Be Like This Kid!

It is common knowledge that we must be ethical in our daily lives. Our ethics can help define the way we live. Such as, when greeting someone you meet for the first time, you would wave your hand, or offer to shake his hand, as this would create a decent first impression. Or saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ can go a long way in creating an impression that you are courteous. What in competitive gaming? How do the ethics in gaming help us when the stakes are high? How can we control ourselves when things are not going our way? Here we are about to find out.

Firstly, it is essential not to lose your cool. No matter how badly the odds are stacked against you, you must never let the short fuse within yourself get the better of you. Acts such as slamming the table, swearing and screaming offensive remarks when playing competitively is an absolute taboo in competitive gaming. A person who loses his cool in public loses the respect of others too. If you can keep your temper in check, who knows the tide of the battle may turn in your favour.

Next up, it’s the issue of celebration. When the match is won, it is important not to celebrate too excessively, as it might offend the opponent or the crowd as well. While winning is a great achievement, it is important not to go overboard as other gamers have feelings too. They are already dejected after losing while the excessive celebrations can only add oil to the fire. Think of Emmanuel Adebayor for example:

And finally, it is also important to be gracious in defeat. It is not ethical to complain about the result or curse and swear at your opponent when you lose. Always accept the outcome of the match as at the end of the day, it is just a game. A firm, proper hand shake and the sincere offer of congratulations would show that you are a gracious loser, which would create a good impression among the community of gamers. Also, having lost, you can always think that there is always a next time, where things will get better.

That is it for now, hopefully this segment will show the gamers the proper way to behave in the future. Having said that however, the behavior if the gamers in the recently concluded WCG.MY09 have been impeccable and very impressive, and long may it continue.


October 5, 2009

GO.ESC Updates - Johor Qualifier Cancelled

Heyya guys, it's been a long since our last updates on DreamHack Malaysia Qualifier and GO E-sports Cup. Anyway, here's some updates, provided by Go International Group.
  • Johor qualifier has been cancelled due to some unforeseen circumstances and will be replaced by another qualifier at 1 Utama
  • Qualifiers at Gizmo Gamers, Kuching and FTZ.Asia, Selangor will go on as usual. Kuching has just hosted their qualifiers recently and we will post the results later on. FTZ.Asia will be the next stop on 10-11 September. The final chance for all teams to qualify will be at 1 Utama on the Indie Youth Fest week itself

More updates will be coming up soon as we are closing to the countdown for DreamHack Malaysia Qualifier Grand Finals and GO E-sports Cup. So, stay tuned!

October 3, 2009

WCG Malaysia Championship LIVE!

Heyya guys, we are now live from Cybertime Mega Mendung, Kuala Lumpur for World Cyber Games Malaysia Championship. Since Si_Jali and Terence will be joining WCG for FIFA 09, yours truly will keep you up to date for live updates and tweets.

Brackets will be updating accordingly from time to time


Champion: MarinE
2nd Place:johnrambo
3rd Place: cobo


Champion [T2.W|nDs]VIN
2nd Place: Si_Jali
3rd Place: [T2.W|nDs]Rei


Champion: CT-serry
2nd Place: SiN[Pin.2C]
3rd Place: Tank Liew


Champion: Cybertime 2
2nd Place: IG.Shizuma Pro
3rd Place: NT.Gaming

7:27 PM: StarCraft update: Finally, after a very intense match, MarinE won the battle, sealing his place to Chengdu, while John Rambo has been dethroned to the 2nd place.

So here we are, 2 champions continues their reign while 1 champion dethroned. Thank you for following our coverage and we would update more with the pictures later on. Cheers for now!

6:55 PM: StarCraft update: This is most intense StarCraft match I've ever seen. John Rambo pulls back to the decicing game after winning the second game with MarinE. It's a winner-takes-all now. The winner of this game will be on the way to Chengdu!

6:40 PM: FIFA 09 update: [T2.W|nDs]VIN successfully defended his title with the aggregate of 6-4. Well done to Si_Jali who have gone this far to be the 1st Runner-Up.

StarCraft update: John Rambo won the match against MarinE with the score of 2-1, which means they have to play another time, this time, the ticket for Chengdu is on the stake!

John Rambo lost the first game. If he loses again, MarinE is on his way to Chengdu!

DotA update: Cybertime 2 won the final match against IG.Shizuma Pro, sealing the WCG DotA title with them

6:01 PM: FIFA 09 update: [T2.W|nDs]VIN wins the first game with the score of 5-2. It looks like [T2.W|nDs]VIN will successfully defend his title once again.

5:59 PM: FIFA 09 update: While I was away just now, the score is now 4-2 with [T2.W|nDs]VIN leading.

5:54 PM: FIFA 09 update: [T2.W|nDs]VIN scores the second goal, leading the first game, 2-1

5:51 PM: FIFA 09 update: Si_Jali leads the game, but [T2.W|nDs]VIN equalized, making the score of the first game, 1-1

5:50 PM: FIFA 09 update: The match ended with [T2.W|nDs]VIN wins with the aggregate of 4-3. They have to play another home-and-away match, this time for ultimate ticket to Chengdu for WCG Grand Finals 2009!

StarCraft update: MarinE has won the second game against John Rambo. It's do-or-die for John Rambo now, or MarinE will be on his way to Chengdu to play with the likes of Luxury and Stork

5:40 PM: FIFA 09 update: [T2.W|nDs]VIN gets another goal, making the score 4-2. It looks like he have a rally behind him.

5:38 PM: FIFA 09 update: dragging Si_Jali is chasing back now. The score is now 3-2.

5:36 PM: FIFA 09 update: [T2.W|nDs]VIN might be dragging Si_Jali to another home-and-away match when he scored the third goal, making the score 3-1.

5:34 PM: FIFA 09 update: [T2.W|nDs]VIN has scored his second goal. The scores is now 2-1.

5:29 PM: FIFA 09 update: [T2.W|nDs]VIN has scored his first goal, but wait, Si_Jali has just equalized. The score now is 1-1. If this stays, Si_Jali is on his way to Chengdu!

5:22 PM: FIFA 09 update: The first game between Si_Jali and [T2.W|nDs]VIN ended with a tie of 0-0. It's do-or-die for [T2.W|nDs]VIN to prevent Si_Jali back to his throne, or should I say, [SpotGamers]Si_Jali? :D

5:22 PM: StarCraft update: John Rambo has won the first game against MarinE. If he wins the next game, they will have to play another best-of-3, this time for the bragging rights and the ultimate ticket to Chengdu, China!

FIFA 09 update: Si_Jali and [T2.W|nDs]VIN are still tied 0-0 with 13 minutes to spare in the first game.

5:15 PM: The Grand Final match for FIFA 09 between Si_Jali and [T2.W|nDs]VIN is currently underway. They are still tied with the score of 0-0 in the first game.

5:06 PM: IG.Shizuma Pro has won their game just now, dragging Cybertime 2 for another game to decide the WCG Champion for Defense of the Ancients - the news is courtesy of the DotA analyst, Underminer.

5:02 PM: [T2.W|nDs]VIN would be playing Si_Jali AGAIN, now in the Grand Final after winning his match with the aggregate of 3-2. [T2.W|nDs]Rei has to be satisfied with the 3rd placing.

4:30 PM: Here's a very long update we concurrently from time to time:-

Starcraft: Brood War
John Rambo, 2008 WCG Malaysia Champion is going for revenge when he takes on MarinE. cobo has to satisfy himself with the 3rd place.

Warcraft III: Frozen Throne
CT-serry successfully defended his title after beating SiN[PiN.2C], with the score of 2-1. With that win, CT-serry is on his way to Chengdu to pit himself against top players once again!

Champion: CT-serry
2nd Place: SiN[Pin.2C]
3rd Place: Tank Liew

[T2.W|nDs]VIN is currently leading the game at the moment with the score 1-0.

4:06 PM: [T2.W|nDs]Rei won the first game with the score of 3-0. It looks like he'll be meeting [T2.W|nDs]VIN, unless [T2.W|nDs]A13x can make a superb comeback from this.

4:00 PM: New updates on DotA. Cybertime 2 will play IG.Shizuma Pro in the Grand Final while NT.Gaming have to satisfy themselves with the 3rd place.

3:45 PM: It looks like the king is almost back to his throne when Si_Jali advances to the Grand Final after beating [T2.W|nDs]VIN with the aggregate of 4-3. [T2.W|nDs]VIN now awaits the winner between [T2.W|nDs]A13x and [T2.W|nDs]Rei. At least, his short conversion pays off. :)

3:30 PM: Here we are. The rematch of WCG 2008 Malaysia Grand Finals pitting the defending champion, CT-serry facing last year's 1st runner-up SiN[Pin.2C]. Tank Liew has to be satisfied with the 3rd placing.

2:55 PM: [T2.W|nDs]VIN would be playing Si_Jali in the Winners Bracket Final after winning their games. While in the Losers Brackets, [T2.W|nDs]A13x playing against [T2.W|nDs]HAN while [T2.W|nDs]Rei playing against. [MyFES.InC]KillerX

2:45 PM: Somehow the players are silent and we never knew that Starcraft is almost reaching the end. johnrambo will play against cobo in the Losers Bracket Final and MarinE is waiting the winner in the Grand Finals.

2:35 PM: We are now in the Losers Bracket Finals for Warcraft III: Frozen Throne when SiN[Pin.2C] is playing against Tank Liew. The winner of this match will face CT-serry and the loser will get 3rd place.

2:25 PM: Our apologies for losing track for Warcraft III : Frozen Throne. As you see, currently Swk.HungJen is playing against SiN[Pin.2C] and awaiting the winner of their match is Tank Liew. CT-serry awaits the winner of Losers Bracket in the Grand Final coming soon.

2:09 PM: [T2.W|nDs]VIN would almost be in place for Winners Bracket Final after winning the first game, 3-0. It's too close to call between Si_Jali and [T2.W|nDs]HAN when Si_Jali won the first game, 3-2

12:15 PM: FIFA 09 is now on the Losers Bracket Second Round and Winners Bracket Semi Final. In Winners Bracket, we have the defending champion, [T2.W|nDs]VIN will take on [T2.W|nDs]Rei while 2008 Asian Champion, Si_Jali will take on [T2.W|nDs]HAN

11:26 AM: Matches for Top 16 is already over. Check out the brackets to know who's going to the Winners Bracket and who's dropped into Losers Bracket.

10:26 AM: Alright, FIFA 09 kicks off with the action from Top 16 that will decide who will be in the Winners Bracket or the Losers Bracket.

9:26 AM: Morning folks, we are back here in Cybertime Mega Mendung for final day of WCG Malaysia Championship. Anyway, we have updated the brackets for last night's StarCraft. I expected they go on to play until about 12 am, whose most of the media already left.

**** END OF DAY 1 ****

9:21 PM: It looks like we have to go now since it's too late to wait for them. Anyway, we keep you updated about the StarCraft matches when we come back tomorrow morning, and also the bracket as 9.22 PM. TPK's signing out. Cheers!

9:15 PM: Finally, we got the DotA results courtesy of Mygaming-Lim. Anyway, the brackets on the top of the page and the upcoming matches is also updated as well.

8:21 PM: John Rambo just lost the RANDOM challenge and he is dropped to the loser bracket and waiting for him is Genryu. MarinE advances to Winners Bracket Semi Final and waiting for him is Renson

8:08 PM: It looks like John Rambo and MarinE is playing for fun as they choose Random for the final game which is played in Blue Storm. And John Rambo gets Protoss while MarinE get himself Zerg. So much for the entertainment.

8:06 PM: John Rambo managed to pull back into a draw when he won the second game. It looks like a third game is unavoidable for now.

8:02 PM: It's already night and most of the games already concluded their session....

....except StarCraft where MarinE is leading with the score of 1-0 against 2008 WCG.MY Champion, John Rambo. The brackets for StarCraft will only be uploaded once everything is over. Sorry, SC fans :(

7:41 PM:FIFA 09 concluded for today and Top 16 will battle it out for the only ticket to Chengdu. Here's the bracket for FIFA 09

6:46 PM:Alright guys, it's currently sunset and here we are, the brackets for Warcraft III. It's not surprising when CT-serry advances to Winners Bracket Final. Waiting him is Tank Liew. While in Losers Bracket, the semi final would be between IceCream vs Matchx and Swk.HungJen vs the winner of Zx3 vs SiN[Pin.2C]

6:����� Si_Jali has qualified to Top 16 just now. We already received the results from the organizers and the brackets would be up on SpotGamers very soon

5:30 PM: SHOCKING NEWS! [MyFES]WaRRioR suffered a loss to Niuby. It looks like we have witness a competent contender to Vin's title

I'm still working on the brackets. Screw the OpenOffice -.-'

4:50 PM: We are trying to compile all the results for a while, but it seems the organizers is quite busy handling technical issues. But here's some updates for the games

Starcraft: Brood War
  • Cobo, 2006 WCG Malaysia Champion won his first game. While the other games are hanging in a lurch, thanks to continous disconnection. Do we have any tremors here?

Warcraft III: Frozen Throne
  • Silkworm @ SiN[Pin.ZC] won his first match in the loser's bracket

OK, now it looks like I have to work on my own bracket. It would take some time. So, stay tuned!

3:22 PM: [MyFES]Zietoo won his match by away goals rule. We are trying to get the brackets from the organizers. Otherwise, here comes my Microsoft Word skills :P

3:06 PM: Somewhat we are idling for the time right now as StarCraft matches have to be restarted all over again due to connection issues and slow progress on

2:58 PM: Si_Jali has won his match against [MyFES]SilDes with the score of 9-2. For those asking where's PaulYan, we are regret to inform that he's already retiring from the competitive scene. :(

2:45 PM: Si_Jali has won his match against [MyFES]SilDes 6-1 and now he's leading the second game with 3-0. Another washout perhaps?

2:01 PM: CT-Serry has qualified to Semi Finals after beating shyplant. It looks like CT-Serry would once again defend his title once again. I was wondering... where's PaulYan?

1:12 PM: [Tornado]SeeD has won his match against an unknown player with the score of 5-1. It looks like they're taking a short break for a while. We will return once the action is back on the game!

12:45 PM: [WiNDs.YA]BigBoss won his match with the aggregate of 4-2. It looks like IceCream is too big to be eaten by Silkworm as Silkworm loses the match with score of of 2-0

12:38 PM: [MyFES]No.MeRCY has won his match with the aggregate score of 6-0. It looks like the fight for the sole ticket to Chengdu is wide open..

12:30 PM: StarCraft has been moved to ground floor, due to connection issues, while FIFA 09 and Warcraft III is played on the first floor as well. Well, usual cybercafe problem :)

12:00 PM: Silkworm, the WGT 07 champion will be looking to add another title for Warcraft as he will be playing soon against IceCream. Can the Silkworm eat the IceCream? :P

11:52 AM: I just got information from Terence that the format for FIFA is actually Single Elimination, Home and Away.

11:50 AM: I just forgot to let you know that Si_Jali has won the first match without playing at all, as his opponent was MIA. I guess the opponent runs away when he knew he would be playing two-time Asian FIFA Champion :P

11:40 AM: John Rambo has won his match against Eugene730. While waiting for the results, we're having some light chat with Multiplay's Chapree. LOL

11:30 AM: The second match of WarCraft already on the way with shyplant won the first encounter against Dizzy

11:25 AM: John Rambo has just won the first match in 15 minutes. Now I'm wondering how on earth those guys can win in less than 30 minutes. Anyway, FIFA group matches already kicked off and we would only update those who will qualified from the group stage. So, stay tuned!

11:20 AM: CT-Serry is sending a strong warning to all competitors for WarCraft III when he once again dominated [DRG]The Dark Wolf in 10 minutes AGAIN in the second match!

11:15 AM: FIFA group matches will begin anytime soon. It's gonna be a hell of a pack gaming season, baby!

11:10 AM: This is madness! CT-Serry has won the first match in 10 minutes! Second match coming up soon. StarCraft is also kicking off with the defending champion, John Rambo will play against Eugene730

11:00 AM: Warcraft III has kicked off with the defending champion, CT-Serry facing [DRG]The Dark Wolf. They will play on the rules of Best of 3, Double Elimination. The same rules goes as well for StarCraft.

10:50 AM: The players are gathering in the gaming zone now. Some of them already start to practice themselves before the big game. The game would start any time soon. So, be prepared then.

10:40 AM: Oh ya, for your information, FIFA will kick-off with the grouping stage when players are divided into groups. And we haven't got the news yet about the format for Starcraft & Warcraft III

10:30 AM: The competition is scheduled to start in any time. To date, we got 85 players competing for FIFA 09, 16 players competing for Warcraft III: Frozen Throne and 29 players competing for StarCraft: Brood War. Registration has been closed yesterday, so late comers, try again next year ;)

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