September 28, 2008

Team LZ gains 2 more

Team LZ.ucpro gains 2 more after Graham Matthew Chin "STtaAaiNN" is leaving back to UK for his further studies but he will still represent Malaysia at WCG Finals @ Germany,Cologne. Liew Thong Peaw "mAsh" and Geoffrey Nyipa George "kingz" has been added into our cs squad.Liew Thong Peaw "mAsh" has been playing for teams such as eDTs and XsM;The previous teams of Geoffrey Nyipa George "kingz" such as TOE,Team Rv and Team.Pugimak.

following lineup's will be complete the upcoming tournaments such as and

Roster :
Sean Lau "syck"
Gavin Lam "gavin"
Ng Yew Siang "hix"
Lian Kong Chian "nitroN"
Liew Thong Peaw "mAsh" (New)
Geoffrey Nyipa George "kngz" (New)

September 27, 2008

Where Real Gamers Meet?

Where real gamers meet? has officially launched on today 12am. A brand new games portal for all the gamers gather around, and also not to forget Team LZ are currently sponsered by ucpro. They provide such as CS1.6 , Starcraft and also DotA servers (Blueserver).

IP : CS 1.6


September 26, 2008

Be The 1st 200 and Vote Your Fav WGT Gamers Idol!

2008 is the election year.

2008 is the most hectic gaming year in history.

2008 is also another election year.. for gamers!

Yup now you can vote for your favourite WGT Gamers Idol! The idols were selected during the WGT Kick Off last month and were short listed to 30 idols. The most popular WGT Gamers Idol will be able to walk home with some amazing prizes. Who knows it might be a brand new computer!

Click here to see the selected idols.

Yay i was selected! Vote for me hihi~ ^^

Register now and help this 30 leng zhai cute cute kawaii gamers idol achieve their dream!

But wait... what do the voters get?

The 1st 200 members who register will receive free movie tickets! This offer are only for the 200 early birds who register at the website.

So register now and support your local tourney ^^

Login to WGT Malaysia Official Website

September 25, 2008

WGT 2008 Date and Venue Announced

Really sorry for not updating it for a long time. Been really busy with lots of stuff. So here is the latest news from In2.

WGT 2008 Venue and Date has been revealed

Date: 31st Oct - 2 Nov 2008 ( Friday - Sunday)
Venue: Hall 2, MVEC, Mid Valley Megamall

The opening ceremony is on Friday 10.30A.m and the closing ceremony is Sunday 3.00P.M

In conjunction with this event, AsusTek Computer Malaysia Sdn Bhd will be holding a roadshow at the Center Court and West Lobby of Mid Valley during the whole tournament. Want a new powerful PC, go get it on that day itself.

Other fun stuff that will be happening during this entire period are stuff like:
1) Free movie ticks for the first 200 registered WGT Members on the WGT MY 2008 Website
3) Feel the gaming power with the Asus Extreme PC

So what are you waiting for. Come take part in this annual event and try to take back the Gold Medal to show the whole nation who you really are. Register now since its FREE here. So lets game on. Good Luck and Have Fun.

September 17, 2008

Intel® Asia PC Gaming Showdown @ FTZ Asia.Net


Earlier this week, Intel® Asia hosted a invitational gaming showdown pitting gamers and media representative alike for the best in Malaysia to compete with the rest of Asia in a gaming league out of 3 games. The winners of the gaming league will get to compete in the grand finals, The EA Experience @ The Peak, Hong Kong
More on the event after the hyperspace jump.

The Intel® Asia PC Gaming Showdown
The EA Experience

A short summary of what the gaming showdown is all about:
- It's a gaming league between gamers and media representative alike from Thailand, India, Malaysia, Philippines, Korea, Singapore, Vietnam and Hong Kong
- Top 3 players from all of the nations get to compete each other in the grand finals in Hong Kong to walk away with a spanking hot performance gaming PC loaded with Intel Core 2 Extreme processor. 1st runner-up walks home with Creative Gigaworks S750 multimedia speaker system.
- Players will compete in 3 set of games which is Crysis, FIFA 2008 and Need For Speed: Prostreet.


By the end of the day Rinie "[W|nDs] si_jali" Ramli takes home the overall title being champion in Malaysia netting 201 points which will be submitted and compete with the rest of Asia. Rinie also brings back the 3 games being competed at that day and a spanking trophy.


As for the best media gamer, the title goes to Wern Shern from Lowyat.NET and he also brings back an extra thumbdrive which all of the participants get. :P


September 15, 2008

ESWC announces 2009 official titles

Starting first with the ESWC.
The ESWC has announced its official game title for the year 2009. Isn't that real quick? Just a few weeks back, Kingsurf won the silver medal for dota and now the game list is out. This is the list so far:

Counter-Strike 1.6 (PC)
Counter-Strike 1.6 (PC) (Female)
Quake 3 Arena (PC)
Trackmania Nations Forever (PC)
Warcraft III : The Frozen Throne (PC)

They will also be announcing a few more titles soon, mostly a football game ( Hopefully FIFA) and a RPG-like game ( DotA?). Till further notice this is all.

September 12, 2008

DotA and CS 5v5 Leagues 2008

The Registration will be openinig at 22nd September 2008, as in the waiting list already reach 26 teams.

The 1st Event will be at 13th October 200b if not mistaken , to be announce soon there is any changes.Below are the contact numbers to book your slots before its too late!

Terra - 012-9119311
A.G - 012-2616541
Jealee - 012-2757708

September 9, 2008

Interview: CnC 3: Kane's Wrath Champion, Vicviper

Spotgamers managed to meet up with the Kane's Wrath Champion after his victory at the WCG Malaysia Finals beating Viral.V2 and [r0r1]Alpha. After getting second place at the CELgames in July, losing to Ravana, he proves to Malaysia that he is the best CnC3 player you can find in Malaysia.

Here is the interview:

Spotgamers: Can you give us a introduction about yourself?

My name is Amir Azlan, I am 23 years old. A recent graduate with a degree in
Computer Engineering. Currently just started working as a civil servant.

Congrats on your win at the WCG 2008, how do you feel after winning it
it for the first time?

VicViper: Thanks. I am definitely very happy and excited about my first win. In total I entered
WCG 3 times, so I guess 3rd time is lucky strike for me

You won in the Celgames 1st runner up, did that give you confidence in
the WCG Malaysia?

VicViper: Definitely. The most important thing i've learnt during Celgames is to always stay
calm during your matches. It definitely helps you to think straight and also boosts my
confidence greatly

Do you think [r0r1]Alpha was still a challenge even though you won the

Yup. Alpha definitely poses a threat cause he is still a very good player. But my greatest
challenge was during the Celgames finals vs Ravana and also WCG quarterfinals vs AKTemujin

As the Grand Finals is approaching, how much time do you take to train?

VicViper: Right now i've just starting my career, so I have to find a balance between work and my training. Right now routine stuffs like watching replays and playing some games still
goes on. Generally 1 or 2 hours per day would suffice. And no, I dont do any "hardcore" training

Do you think you will do better at the Grand Finals??

Even after WCG finals, I'm still learning new things in the game. So I will put all the
knowledge and training to the best use and hope that I can perform even better during the
WCG Grand Finals.

Spotgamers: After this year, as RA3 has been announced, do you think you will stick with CNC3 if its a WCG game?

The C&C saga has always been my favourite game. I will definitely stick with C&C Red Alert 3 if it appears as a WCG game. I will still be an avid gamer despite having a job already hehe

Spotgamers: Some fast questions here, Favourite Faction?

Nod and GDI, although i like to play Random online.

Spotgamers: Favourite Map?

Small Town USA

Favourite Player?

In the C&C3 world that would be Relativit and Dackel. Both very amazing and highly skilled players i look up to.

Spotgamers:Hated Faction?

VicViper: Scrin

Spotgamers:Of course I like to throw funny questions, chicks in Germany or local
chicks as your girlfriend?

VicViper: Girlfriend? Eiher one would be awesome... or how about Local + German mix chick? Whoa...imagine the possibilities haha

Spotgamers:Lastly, will you try to maintain this winning streak like our very own
paulyan' for Warcraft 3, even if the game changes?

That would definitely be a great achievement in my book, so I will try my best to do so if everything goes well for me

Thanks Vic, for this great interview. We wish you all the best in Germany

You're welcome!

Dear Gamers,

The World Cyber Games (WCG), the recognized blue chip leader for international video game competitions, announced that its website has re-launched with the shortened domain name on September 1.

Thus, the World Cyber Games Malaysia's official website will shorten its domain name to

World Cyber Games Malaysia have also added in some pictures to their Photo Gallery:

As well as the WCG 2008 Malaysia Championship Opening & Closing videos:

so enjoy this quick update brought to you by Spotgamers ^^


September 8, 2008

W|nDs Launch Its Own Tourney!

W|nDs, the no.1 FIFA Clan in Malaysia launch its own tourney together with their sponsor called Intercafe FIFA Challenge!

Intercafe FIFA Challenge

What makes this tournament interesting is that the grand prizes offered is a trip to HK Disneyland 4 days 3 night fully sponsored!

And if you think the chances to win are low, think again! Pro players such as from W|nDs,MyFES and Tornado are not allowed to join! So everyone has equall chance to win the grand prize.

For more info can check out their thread here.

September 5, 2008

KL Taufan recruiting new blood for CS: Source players


That's right boys and girls, (though no underage players are allowed in CGS)
KL Taufan is recruiting new players for their CS: Source lineup to search for new talents for upcoming leagues and tournaments.
Do you have what it takes to be in this elusive team of hardcore pro-gamers?
Then check out the details after the hyperjump and give them a ring.

Source: KL Taufan recruitment thread

Looking for VERY Good Gamers to join one of the BEST TEAMS in the country.
Selection process will be held at the End of September
Location: Mygo office TTDI.

The Requirement of hopeful Participants are

• Counter Strike Source ID
• Able to train for long hours (6 hour min, a traning schedule will be set)
• Have own transport to training ground (TTDI)
• Good Attitude/ Willing to Learn & Listen.
• Above the age of 18 and must be a resident of Malaysia (Hold a Malaysian Passport)
• Understand the basic of CSS
• Able to travel to overseas
• Have own equipment ( i.e headset, mouse, mousepad)
• Only concentrate on counter strike source (and not CS 1.6)

Please Email your details/enquiries to and we will arange a schedule for your try out.


September 3, 2008

Lyn FIFA League season 16/17 review

With WCG sandwitched between the 2 league seasons, it is only fair that the league reports are given a break to allow Spotgamers to give the WCG the recognition it deserves. Having said that, many of the league players performed admirably in WCG.

In Singapore, Xtr3me3 retained his title, while baumelles and [WlnDs.ya]Hang hung on to 3rd and 4th place respectively. On the Malaysia scene, Vin and loonatic made it to the final, while youqi(!) clinched 4th. All players were active in the Lyn Fifa league, which shows how much you can improve with regular participation.

Back to the league review, han won his 1st league title in season 16, with falcon finishing 2nd and benaldo snatching 3rd place ahead of youqi. benaldo ended that season with a staggering 83 goals to finish as top scorer.

In season 17, youqi bulldozed his way to the top, albiet playing four games more than closest challengers falcon and han. Again, benaldo finished as top scorer, with a barrier breaking 93 goals from 28 matches. Also, it should be noted that falcon won his 1000(one thousand)th lyn Fifa League game recently, and has finished in the top 2 for the last 3 seasons. A true model of consistency.

September 2, 2008

Rumours: Answering Marshall Ban

We manage to gali-gali and korek-korek into the X-Files of the organizers who were to be said involve with the controversy. Our inside source inform us some interesting data that outsiders never know about the marshall case. It is our priviledge here at Spotgamers to reveal the case from the organizer view. Are you ready? Here it goes:

Marshall Abang Comel File Number 37514:

It was reported that the organizer company(lets call them Company B) have offered this marshall not just to be a marshall for the event but also to be a permanent staff for Company B since last year while he was still studying.

For the marshall job, during the invitation Marshall Abang Comel was working with another company so Company B felt tht it doesnt seems fit to recruit him as the marshall anymore. Although Marshall Abang Comel boss doesnt mind about the recruitment but it doesnt seems professional for the organizing company to accept him.

Although later Marshall Abang Comel quit working with the another company but Company B never received any application from Marshall Abang Comel to be as a marshall for the event.

Marshall Abang Best File Number 06518:

Company B has invited Marshall Abang Best to fill a very important position for the event. But Marshall Abang Best told Company B to wait for his answer after a certain event that he might participate early May.

But as time goes by no answer was heard from Marshall Abang Best. Since time is running out, Company B were looking for someone else and manage to find another marshall to fill in the position.

So there you have both side of the story. It looks like there were some misunderstanding going on. We hope that after both side of story has been heard things will started to get better. Its enough that our community being plague by controversies more than achievement. In the end we are still nowhere near the pro-gaming dream.

*Note: There were no alien files in Company B X-Files. We were also manage to obtain some cute amoi pics which we will keep it to ourself until further notice"