December 31, 2009

Cyberzone Gegar Generasiku

With 2009 almost make its curtain call, Rakan Muda made what was defined as the first tournament of 2010 when they would be the host of Cyberzone Rakan Muda Remaja Siber, which will be held at Dataran Merdeka on 1 January 2010 in conjunction of Gegar Generasiku Carnival.

According to pbdinamik from, the games that will be on the line is Pro Evolution Soccer and Counter Strike. However, it is not known whether it would be played in PES 2009 or PES 2010 and whether it's console-based (PS2 or PS3) or PC-based.

Registration starts at 3 pm on 1 January 2010 at Dataran Merdeka. So, make your way there and be the part of the first e-sports tournament of 2010!

UPDATE: The organizers have confirmed that PES 2010 will be played at PS2

Source: Lowyat.Net Forum

December 30, 2009

STEAM Uber Sale Day 7

Hola boys and girls,
Today's sale not very exciting
Heck just look at that titles being picked on today on the picture above
It's so dull that I'm just going to post where to buy it and leave the post just like that
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December 29, 2009

STEAM Uber Sale Day 6

REJOICE FELLOW GAMERS (also on the side note I skip day 5 sale due to other work commitment)
(also I bought Day of Defeat Source quite cheap yesterday)

This should be the best day so far in the UBER HOLIDAY SALE as STEAM now offers their beloved flagship product and also a cheap left 4 dead replacement at godly low price. Special deals for today are of listed below

- The Orange Box @ USD 14.99 (50% off)
- Killing Floor @ USD 3.74 (75% off)
- Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box @ USD 7.49 (75% off)
- Space Siege @ USD 4.99 (75% off)

While Kotak Oren is a must get for those who never owns it, Killing Floor is also a must get game for those who thinks L4D2 is too darn expensive. My prediction for tomorrow is that most likely Gary's Mod will be on sale for 75% off. To blow off your wallet hard on this must get games, simply click the link below and enjoy yourself to the fullest.


December 28, 2009

Vote for Counter Strike Player of the DECADE!

To be crowned player of the year is a great achievement in your respective field. To be voted player of the decade is simply something else! This is what 5 top Asian Counter Strike Champions will be contending for in the latest online poll on
As quoted from the webpage,"Many thought that we would never see a Counter-Strike team from this continent challenging the big guns from Europe or America. But things have certainly changed, and there are a number of Asian teams capable of mounting serious challenges in international competitions."

And to honour this recent change in fortune for the Asian Counter Strike's success, 5 top players have been nominated to be the player of the decade. They are:

Name: Keun Chul Kang (Korea)
Alias: solo
Teams: MaveN, project_kr, WeMade FOX

Name: Yang Ke Fei (China)
Alias: Jungle
Teams:, SC.United
Status: Retired

Name: Bian Zheng Wei (China)
Alias: alex
Teams:,, TyLoo
Status: Active (TyLoo)

Name: Young Mo Ahn (Korea)
Alias: enemy
Teams: Lunatic Hai

Closer to home, Singapore's Prasad “StrykerX” Paramajothi is the only South East Asian Player to receive a nomination. Here is his profile and his list of achievements:

Name: Prasad Paramojthi
Alias: StrykerX
Teams: GBR, Titans
Status: Active (Titans)
Achievements: 1st place CPL China 2004, 5-8 KODE5 2006 Global Finals, 3rd place EM III Asia Continental Finals

To vote for Prasad, you can go to the HLTV website here.

Check out his Team Titan's webpage here.

Now you can order ZOWIEGEAR items!

For those IO 1.1 & SpawN lover now you can make your order at Team LZ



TeamLZ picks up Jeffrey 'tecnetium' Phon while Kim 'June' Jun parts to FMJ.Asiasoft

From the left : WonjuS2 , nyhix , blackwinter , gavin , jun

We are sadly announcing the departure of Kim 'June' Jun from our Sudden Attack lineup to team FMJ.Asiasoft. The Korean MVP has contributed widely to teamLZ for his indepth knowledge of Sudden Attack. Having earned the champions of Asiasoft Game Festival 2009 during his stint in teamLZ, we would like to wish him the best of luck in the future tournaments of 2010 with FMJ.Asiasoft. On the other hand, we welcome former PwyH/SJBZ superstar Jeffrey 'tecnetium' Phon into the lineup. Being infamous for his ingame spirit and ear wrenching war cries that echoes though the halls of our Malaysian gaming scene. Jeffrey 'tecnetium' Phon will bring a new aura as well as a high morale boost to the rest of the team. Thats all for now readers, stay updated as we will update you soon on teamLZ's lineup for the new season. Have a great new year!

Team LZ


PC Games: PES 10 vs FIFA 10-Part 999

Both games are blockbuster titles in the sports computer gaming world. Both games are popular with the players. And both games generate much debate on which title is the better one. Here to help us find out how the games differ, we interviewed Clawschaos, a regular in the FIFA Lyn League and a resident in the UK that is Pro Evo mad. He plays both titles so it is fair for him to have a comment on which game is better. And our country's top FIFA player Si Jali claims he is good at FIFA, so Clawschaos should know what he is talking about here.

1.First up, what are the strengths of FIFA and PES?
In terms of graphics, PES 2010 beats FIFA10 by a huge margin. Besides that, I also feel that PES feels more like real football as it has more different sorts of action from the players and the referee. As for FIFA, although the gameplay is slow, the players can react to changes faster and that gives a huge advantage to the players if they want to change their mind to do something fast.

2. You live in the United Kingdom, what do the locals there prefer to play?
People in the UK prefers to play PES 2010 than FIFA10. According to them, they say FIFA is a very bad game when compared to PES 2010.

3. Why is PES popular in the UK?
Probably its because of the graphics and the gameplay. The graphics of PES 2010 is amazing and realistic compared to FIFA 10. The gameplay is fast, and from my point of view, UK players prefer to play games with a faster gameplay.

4. What are the weakeness in each game? Where can they improve?
In terms of graphics, I think FIFA has a lot of space to improve on, the graphics of FIFA cannot be compared with PES 2010. I personally think that FIFA09’s graphics were suprisingly better than FIFA10, meaning that the quality of graphics is dropping. If we compare FIFA09 and FIFA10, the gameplay (game speed) of FIFA09 is much faster than FIFA10, I think FIFA should make its game speed faster as PES’s game speed attracts many gamers to play the game.
Talking about PES, the game is also not perfect. They can improve the game by obtaining official license for the teams, especially teams in the BPL. Next, although the game speed of PES 2010 is fast, but the reaction of the players is slow. The players will respond slower in terms of passing and changing directions compared to FIFA. Lastly, the performance of every player in PES differs every game, the particular player can play extremely well in the first game, and can play extremely bad in the second game due to form bar. Lastly, PES should also create a game option for LAN.

5. If u can only choose 1 game to play, which wud it be?
I guess it would still be FIFA10. This is because PES 2010 does not have much tournaments compared to FIFA.The big tournaments always feature FIFA. Next, I feel that I got more friends playing FIFA, and it is an advantage as I can play with many different kind of players. Furthermore, it is hard to play multiplayers with friends as it does not have LAN play, the only way of playing multiplayer in PES is through online and the server could be laggy at some time. However the PES is big in the UK, and I can see it becoming better in the near future in terms of tournament exposure.


December 27, 2009

STEAM Uber Sale Day 4

For starters I would like to say to those who bought Torchlight earlier at a price of USD 9.99
And for those who didn't buy it yet, this is great news as Torchlight is reduced to greater price (unless of course, STEAM decides to cut it down to 90% in the next 2 days then we are all royally screwed)
Also check out the other uber daily deals below

- Dragon Age: Origins @ USD 37.49 (25% off)
- Dragon Age: Origins Digital Deluxe Edition @ USD 48.74 (25% off)
- Prototype @ USD 19.99 (50% off)
- Star Wars Premier Pack @ USD 24.99 (50% off)
- Torchlight @ USD 4.99 (75% off)
- LUMINES Base+Advance Pack @ USD 2.99 (80% off)

For the note, yesterday daily deals is also still up for grabs for a limited of time until STEAM updates the store again.
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December 26, 2009

STEAM Uber Sale Day 3

Here it is boys and girls, another day of STEAM uber sale
Today the game list have been refresh and putting up loads of hot deals as shown in the list below

- Resident Evil 5 @ USD 24.99 (50% off)
- Cogs @ USD 1.99 (80% off)
- Battlefield 2: Complete Collection @ USD 7.49 (75% off)
- King's Bounty: Armored Princess @ USD 9.99 (75% off)
- Red Faction Guerrilla @ USD 9.99 (75% off)
- Elf Bowling: Hawaiian Vacation @ USD 1.00 (90% off)

So the games in the above list doesn't interest ya'all?
Then check out my previous post at the link below for moar uber STEAM offers that will run until January 3rd 2010

Still reading this crap?
Start blowing off your moolaa now before the offers end by clicking the link below to start shopping


December 25, 2009

Asian Dota Championships Final-Cybertime came 2nd!

The Asian Dota Championships reached its conclusion yesterday on Christmas eve, after eliminating over 400 teams, the Championship would be decided between Cybertime and Aeon.SG. The winner gets to pocket $1200 while the runner up will get a measly $800. Cybertime went into the best of 5 match up with the advantage of starting at 1-0, thanks to their earlier win at the winners bracket.

Here is how they got to the final:

Sadly for team Cybertime, their early advantage was insufficient, as they lost 3 consecutive games and succumbed to a 3-1 aggregate defeat. To read more about our resident Dota expert-Underminer's comments, please click the read more button.

Underminer believed that Cybertime should have clinched victory based on their earlier advantage. However, as Cybertime decided rest on their laurels and extensive research from AEON Sg, their opponents, on the play style of Cybertime managed to tip the balance of the tie in their favour. They then ran out winners in the contest.


Merry Christmas (yes its a late post)

No presents for BLU this year

Yeey late post
Well, we here at SpotGamers wish all of you gamers out there Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
Haven't bought presents?
Check out my earlier post for cheap ass deals exclusive from STEAM
also do check out , it's an awsm TF2 webcomic 


STEAM Uber Sale is now live (actually its already the 2nd day)

Here it is boys and girls, the yearly uber sale is now upon us and its available through your all time favorite digital distributer, STEAM.

Lets cut to the chase shall we...
Day 2 offers isn't that great compared to the first day
regardless of that, day 1 offers is still up for grab until the system royally screws it up itself
till then stop idling and get your credit cards moving
Daily offers is listed below so get going already

Day 2 Steam Sale Special
- Need For Speed SHIFT @ USD 37.49 (25% off)
- Serious Sam HD @ USD 9.99 (50% off)
- Left 4 Dead 2 @ USD 33.49 (33% off)
- id Super Pack @ USD 23.79 (66% off)
- Football Manager 2010 @ USD 29.99 (25% off)

Day 1 Steam Sale Special (get it while the system didn't change the pricing)

- Mirror's Edge @ USD 4.99 (75% off)
- STALKER: Shadow Of Chernobyl @ USD 2 (its only 2 bucks)
- Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising @ USD 19.99 (50% off)
- Defense Grid: The Awakening @ USD 2.49 (75% off)
- GTA4 @ USD 7.50 (its a regional thingy, so screw u STEAM) 

To start your shopping spree, simply click the link below and blast your credit to smithereens


December 23, 2009

Western Digital's Storage of Gifts!

Christmas is around the corner, and an established company like Western Digital is in the mood for giving. To commemorate this festive occasion, Western Digital is offering products to give away for free in their new innovative competition. And if your entry is chosen as the winner for that round, you will win the gift for yourself AND a friend.

Quoted from their Facebook page: "In conjunction with the Christmas and New Year celebration, starting from 21st December 2009 until 15th January 2010, WD will give away various cool new products each week. Participants are required to write in on why they would like to give that particular WD product as a gift to ONE of their friends on Facebook. The entries with the best reason will each win the featured WD product."

The contestants for the first week stand a chance to win a High Definition Media TV player from Western Digital. If you're interested in the prize, start sending in your reasons ASAP, as there are already 125 entries at present and counting. To enter in this contest, click here.

To get more information about their giveaways, click here

Happy Christmas and best of luck everyone!


G7 Teams Launches Petition Online Against E-Sports Organizers

While it's almost the end of the year, there are some unsettled issues between the organizers that spoiled the e-sports scene, especially the economic crunch hits worldwide. Tired of excuses given, the top e-sports team that made up G7 Teams had launch an online petition in order to help fellow e-sports comrades who have prove themselves in the competition but didn't receive anything for their efforts.

Majority of the money came from three competitions, namely Cyberathlete Professional League (CPL), Electronic Sports World Cup (ESWC) & GGL / Clanbase.

However, it quite tough to claim back the winnings from these tournament organizers since majority of them has either demised or/and changed owners (as per CPL and ESWC).

G7 Teams also considering other options including boycotting those tournaments until the matter has been resolved. With CPL would be involved in DreamHack Winter 2010 and ESWC qualifiers would kick off from January 2010, time is running out for these organizers.

However, DIP Organization has responded in their press release on 23 November stating this:-

However , in order to prevent more harm and damage to the ESWC image and to maintain coherent the ESWC project and spirit, DIP-Organisation is studying the possibilities to found a way to compensate the last ESWC champions.

Whatever it is, we just hope that this issue would be settled as soon as possible to avoid more damage to the e-sports scene

Source: Fnatic via Twitter

Online Petitions: CPL | ESWC | GGL


December 21, 2009

DuskBin.SA Beats The Odds And Won SAGC 2009!

The Team Who Made It Happened: DuskBin.SA

Many would have predicted either the powerhouse FMJ|Asiasoft.MY or the more popular Team LZ to actually snatch the trophy but DuskBin.SA was there to stop anyone who tried to put their hands on it.

In a match so intense and coming from the Loser Bracket, DuskBin.SA has just proved that nothing is impossible if you put your heart and mind into your game.

Follow the recap adventure through the eyes of Yongkailoon at DuskBin Official Page.


  1. DuskBin.SA
  2. FMJ|Asiasoft.MY
  3. Team Chronos[IMQ]


Kingsurf Interview-Ks'Papaxiong Speaks Out After SGNDT!

Team Kingsurf, still one of the best Dota teams in Malaysia, performed admirably in the SMM tournament. We felt obliged to interview them after their recent performance. To help us with our interview, we had our Dota correspondent Underminer interviewing Ks-Papaxiong. He replies in length about his opinions, such as the way Malaysian Dota and gaming can move forward. Also on the agenda was Cybertime underperforming and his golden advice on how to play the game. Enjoy the interview.

1. Malaysian teams in general performed admirably, knocking out the European powerhouse MYM at the group stages but came up short in preventing a top-3 finish by the Chinese. How you rate our nation's overall performance and what do you think we, as a community can do to improve the scene further?

I will rate Malaysia’s overall performance as a modest 60 as I see an improvement in the scene’s capability compared to last year even though we failed to prevent a 1,2,3 finish by the Chinese teams.

From my observation, o move forward Malaysia’s drafts and styles needs to be adopted and in some cases copied from others.
To learn something new and win, we have no choice but to train more with foreign teams and adopt their styles to beat them as this is the only way I see Malaysia to stand a chance in future tournaments.
The scene in general have perfect in-game skills but lack the tactical acumen and macro game knowledge to win big games and this is where analyzing replays of outsiders comes into play.

2. Cybertime, our nations's Asian Dota Championships III representative under-performed considering the hype they got pre-tournament. What do you think went wrong for them?

Perhaps its due to their team is relatively new because of their frequent roster changes and they have not been accustomed to each other's play styles yet. They are a deadly online team as it can be seen from their ADC performances but even us would not believe how hard they fall when losing to Quas and Winter’s new team. Perhaps they were underestimating their opponents?
However their loss to AEON is not surprising to me. AEON members has told me that they have researched their style fully before their matchup and is fully confident that they can take them down as evidenced from hyhy’s Tiny show throughout their game that knocked them out of SMM.

3. How do you reflect upon your SMM tournament? Which are the games most memorable?
Our most memorable game is no doubt against the Singaporean powerhouse AEON.SG. This is because in that team, they got a monster player that is Bouncy. AEON’s Specter getting a 30 min radiance did not really help our game. However, the supporters behind us at that game are unbelievable. Due to their support, the pressure we are facing are significantly lesser and I really enjoyed that game.
As for Kingsurf’s performance, we rate ourselves 80 marks as the results are secondary compared to what we really learnt about ourselves in this tournament. What excites us most is that even the loss did not set us apart as most teams would, it however united us into a common goal that is to get back to the top of Dota once again in the coming year.

4. What do you think of the Champion for this year FTD? Are they worthy champions? If so, what are the qualities we can learn from them based upon your experiences facing them?

The only thing I learnt from FTD is that in the current version, Farm and Pressure is the way to go.

Virtus Pro, the closest team that people would regard as a World Champion won MYM 6 ,7 and 8 but they all lost their passion in Dota soon after. This is due to their forte : blink dagger has been changed into something totally different in subsequent versions and the way to play Dota in the later versions just made them lose motivation
To me, Dota is so much more than that. If Icefrog managed to make a map that has a balance in farm and gank, the real World Champion will emerge.

5. Do you think competing with the best players in the world in Malaysia is a good way to promote ESports and Dota?

There is of course benefits to this as we can gain more experience from facing the best. The exposure arising from these events is certainly a good way to promote E-sports to the mainstream media.
The bad part of it will be Malaysia will find it hard to compete as the Chinese for example treat Dota as a job while most players here treat it as a pastime or hobby. The amount of effort they put in enable them to be one step ahead of the field in terms of strats which warrants the results they got.
I hope that E-sports will develop to be a worthy profession here in Malaysia to enable us to level the playing field with the other nations.

6. How do you reflect upon the year 2009? A success or failure?

There are positives and negatives for the year 2009. Results wise, we definitely missed out on a lot of the big events. At times, I was feeling a bit frustrated of certain failures of the team in not achieving victory. When Sakura and co told me to forget about it, I was pretty pissed at first.
However, as times gone by I slowly learn to take it as it is and try not to hang on to the disappointments for too long.

After SMM, there were certain teams who totally wrote us off by labeling us as a “washed up” team of non-achievers. As a message to them, I will say that Kingsurf prefers to use our own way to improve and win games and sincerely hope that they would not lose to such “non-achievers” when we meet in tournaments in the future.

7. Any advice you'd like to give to dota teams who wish to play competitively?

For the newer teams, my best advice is to spend more time into researching the game by looking at different replays of the best. When you are in game, focus is important, not to get distracted. Also, quit smsing, put your phone on silent and do not alt-tab out to chat. Focus in the game and analyse your mistakes real time and make sure to not make them again in the future.

For Ks, the main reason we can maintain our team for so long is because we got a very good sponsor. Thank you once again to Kingsurf Cyber Café for believing and sponsoring us all this time.

This article is also published at Rapture Gaming Network.


FIFA 10 Patches!

Tired of the glaring graphics of your FIFA 10 (pc) game? The depth and colour of the pitch is annoying you? Want to add more visual stuff into your game? How about changing the jersey of the Spain national team? You have the answers to all of them here. All you need to do is to patch them. Watch how it works its magic:



Also, want your FIFA to have Champions League theme to it? It is not only available in Pro Evolution Soccer, it can be found on FIFA too.
Check this out:

All you need to do is to download all the patches available on this link:


December 20, 2009

Top Gaming Applications for the Iphone

Proud owner of a new Apple I Phone? Are you spending hours after hours searching for the best applications to arm your new device with? Have no idea what are the best games out there? As always, Spotgamers are here to provide you with a helping hand. Here we present a few better Iphone/Ipod games that we tried ourselves, and loved them. And may we confess, spent hours of our time on them. All you need to do is to go to iTunes, register an account for free and download the games.

Tap Defense
For Warcraft fans who are familiar with Tower Defense, this is the game for you. It works almost the same as Tower Defense, with the objective of stopping your enemies from getting past all your towers. It is highly addictive and provides hours of fun, and if you want a challenge, you can always adjust the difficulty to see what this game has to offer. And best of all, it is free!

Cows In Space

Another Free App, another addictive game. The objective of this game is to send all the cows that were stuck in space back to earth. You have 3 chances to do so. Sounds simple? No it does not work easily as there are plenty of traps, mazes and puzzles for you to solve. Plus, even when you have completed the game, you can always try again to beat your previous high score. In fact, someone that I know of actually flunked his exams trying to get past the 50 levels on offer in this game.

Sheep Launcher is available for free or for purchase. The free version allows you to play up to a certain limit, while the purchased version offers unlimited gameplay. All you need in this game is fast thumbs, good reaction and a good vision. Your job is to keep the sheep in the air, by tapping on it to prevent it from falling. Again, this game is not as simple as it sounds, and there is a little problem of a global high score to beat for those who are seeking for a challenge.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour
Yes you have to pay for this game, but if you're a big fan of golf, or the fallen-from-grace Tiger Woods for that matter, why not try this game?
While many EA Sports games on the iPhone are difficult to play since you’re dealing with a touchscreen and no actual buttons, one genre that does work well on the iPhone is golf. At the top of that class is Tiger Woods PGA Tour app.

Waste some time with this app and see if you can out-drive Tiger.


December 19, 2009

SAGC Finale 2009 @ Times Square Updates

Group A
LZ.ZOWIEGEAR has no problem advancing from group stage only lost to FMJ|Asiasoft.MY at oldtown by the score 4-8.

Group B
Chronos[TPF] formerly known as 30.4 has claimed the top spot and qualified along with !Bogel.

Group C
DuskBin shows a good performance by coming out top,SnP the 1st runner up of SAGC Singapore Qualifier at the back.

Group D
Chronos[iMQ] had solid performance by defeating all their opponents in the same group,wanr0 the ex Chronos[iMQ] player have put all the efforts to get the top spot, but still they are qualified for top16.

Group E
TeamUM.Esports had no problem to advance to top16 , great play by some ex-SJBZ members such as tecky, we call him the loudest player in Malaysia :D, Team LADY which sponsored by Asiasoft had some lineup problem after they removed Marie and now they are fail again, #Risk qualified as 2nd in the group.

Group F
ODY| is the Singapore qualifier champions was expected to get the 1st in their group, and the 2nd of the group goes to GAM3R[S][C]ORE.

December 18, 2009

SAGC 2009 Finale

Happening on the 19th & 20th of December 2009, at MOLiCafé at Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur, 32 teams from the nationwide qualifying rounds that began on the 27th of November and ended on 13th December will converge in a 2-day frag-fest to determine the first-ever SAGC09 Champions of South East Asia!

The events has attracted sponsors like TOSHIBA, Steelseries, Red Bull Energy Drink and media partners like GameAxis , PCGAMER , FHM Magazine, GEMPAKSTARZ, Comic King Magazine, GAMES Magazine and MYC! Magazine.

TOSHIBA will be giving out the Champions of SAGC09 with a unit of Qosmio X500 Gaming and also SteelSeries will furnish the top-5 winning teams with SteelSeries Siberia headsets, Kinzu Mice, Sudden Attack-IKARI Mouse and Sudden Attack IKARI Mousepads.

Teams such as "FMJAsiasoft.MY , LZ.ZOWIEGEAR , DuskBin and" will be participating as one of the qualified team.

log on to SuddenAttackSEA website for more details.


Asian Dota Championships-Cybertime in the Upper Bracket Finals!

Team Malaysia's Cybertime has made the Upper Bracket Finals of the Asian Dota Championships. They managed to edge past China's Commedieu in the quarter finals of the upper bracket. They then proceeded to beat Aeon Dota of Singapore in the semi finals after their heroic victory against the Chinese. All the matches were played in a best of 3 format.

In the Lower Bracket, StarsBoba managed to edge out Commedieu, and they will now take on Aeon of Singapore. The winner gets the right to play Cybertime in the Final of the championships.

Stay tuned for the latest news and information from Spotgamers.


December 16, 2009

LZ.ZOWIEGEAR Interview On Air BFM 89.9

With many happenings evolving around Team LZ amongs the interesting stories would be their latest added sponsorship with ZOWIEGEAR. They were also interviewed by BFM 89.9 alongside Jasmine Low from Go International about their recent participation in Dreamhack Finals at Jonkoping, Sweden. Switch on to BFM 89.9 to catch Daniel Wong as he gets into LZ's journey and experience at Dreamhack Winter on 12pm , 17 December 2009.

RM50,000 worth of prizes to be won in SAGC

We're here to bring you the exclusive preview of the SAGC aka Sudden Attack Grand Finale, the biggest FPS cash prize of the year.

To find out more grouping click here.

Group A





For prediction click here.


Have you heard of ZOWIE ?

Team LZ is proudly sponsored by ZOWIE GEAR, it's not surprise if you never heard of them before , maybe you do. ZOWIE is one of the latest gaming gear around the world, consists of experienced individuals that share the same objective ; develop high quality, efficient, and durable products all at affordable prices . All the products of ZOWIE GEAR are developed for people's ideal. It is through our development and critical production process that makes these dreams come true. With their mouse-pad water-proofing technology, after cleaning, you'll still keep the same feeling with all the advantages of a cloth mouse pad! The proper pad will provide "Accuracy and Reliability" for many years. ZOWIE GEAR also just releases the IO1.1ZG as a stand alone product.


December 15, 2009

COD 4 Video- Beware of Sharks by Falk

Check out this Call of Duty video 'Beware of Sharks' that was created by Falk. It has received a 5 star rating from over 100 voters and amassed more than one thousand views in just a few days on Youtube.

Original website:

Description: Beware of Sharks is a Team Movie featuring Sharks With Lasers pitted against various Malaysian and Asian CoD4 Promod teams. It includes frag clips from various local LAN events all the way up to the recent 2nd season of the online, community-run Asian Call of Duty 4 Championship (ACC2) in which 46 teams from all across the continent participated in.

Click Read More to see the video. And enjoy it.


December 13, 2009

COD4: Crossfire Intel Challenge 7

In March next year, there will be a massive COD4 international tournament happening in Holland. The top COD4 teams from around the world will gather in Holland for the Crossfire Intel Challenge 7. This event is billed as potentially the biggest COD4 event in the history of the game.

So far there are 39 teams who confirmed their participation, including teams from notable giants such as fnatic, Dignitas, Reason-Gaming, Team CoolerMaster, Mortal TeamWork, The Last Resort, eSuba.

Meanwhile there are 25 teams who expressed their interest but has yet to confirm their participation.

Please click read more for more information about this event.

The prize pot allocation is not modest as well. With at least 20 teams, the Prize Pot will be 5ke. Now there are double the number of teams, the full prize pot is TBA (to be announced).

The two SWL teams that want to go are:
Joshua "Grr" Chang
Brian "flaveR" Voo
Ikhwan "aStroboy" Khaliq
Prashanth "pr8sh" Gopinath
Au Yeong "Kura" Khai Weng

Augustine "ZoK" Mah
Calvin "VickS" Loo
Nelson "kLavieR" Wong
Edmund "Mr. Squirtle" Chan
Brian "XioN" Chen

Until next time, stay tuned to Spotgamers for the latest update on this event and other team news!


December 12, 2009

Inc eXcello Speaks to Spotgamers!

The Malaysian Dota team, INC-Excello was our nation's highest finisher at the recently concluded MYM tournament in Malacca. Here we have a chat with them to ask them about their tournament, their most memorable matches and whether they would view this year as a success or not. Special thanks to our Dota correspondent, Underminer for helping out in this interview. Enjoy the interview guys.

1. Malaysian teams in general performed admirably, knocking out the European powerhouse MYM at the group stages but came up short in preventing a top-3 finish by the Chinese. How you rate our nation's overall performance and what do you think we, as a community can do to improve the scene further?

Everyone tried their best in preventing China top 3 placing. At least we gave a good fight to the chinese! As for improving the scene, maybe we can train harder or support our own Malaysia team more? :D

2. Cybertime, our nations's Asian Dota Championships III representative under-performed considering the hype they got pre-tournament. What do you think went wrong for them?

I guess their morale to fight went wrong after they lost the remaining group matches (against Quas Gaming). And worst strike to them, lost to one of their former teammates, Winter.

3. How do you reflect upon your SMM tournament? Which are the games most memorable?

Although my team just managed to get 4th, we are kinda satisfied with the position as we were able to stop China from dominating the top 4 placing. Games against Mineski(I can say is a good comeback from iNc.Excello! Go watch it if you haven't :D) and CH!(Sorry to CH, for the incident that happened)

4. What do you think of the Champion for this year FTD? Are they worthy champions? If so, what are the qualities we can learn from them based upon your experiences facing them?

Whoever managed to become the champion, they made themselves worthy for that. As for qualities, what about farm, farm and farm? I more prefer how we play the game. Gank & kill. Dont kill the "art of gank"!

5. Do you think competing with the best players in the world in Malaysia is a good way to promote ESports and Dota?

Yes of cause it is a good way to promote. Our own people manage to get a chance to improve or gain experience!

6. How do you reflect upon the year 2009? A success or failure?

A success? We almost managed to get top 3 placing at least in every tournament. Of cos we will try to improve on it in 2010!

7. Any advice you'd like to give to dota teams who wish to play competitively?

A good team chemistry is important for a team to success. Solve problems with a better way and dont end up in arguing and start ditching your teammate! Gogo Malaysia.DotA for 2010!


December 11, 2009

Introducing- Garena Dark Orbit

Introducing the new Space Shooter game from Garena-Garena Dark Orbit. If you've been a fan of space shooter game all these while, you;ll be pleased to check out Garena's latest new game. Scheduled to be released at 3pm later TODAY, this game is sure to bring hours of fun. Garena Dark Orbit is a FREE Browser games with no downloads or no installations, you can easily start to play Dark Orbit at any time, any where.

Whats Garena Dark Orbit? In Garena Dark Orbit, you need travel through space, collect resources, complete quests, take part in events, to arm yourself.
And the most important, enjoy the exciting moment when you fight against real players. And the best is yet to come. In Garena Dark Orbit, you will be able to fight for prizes up to $10,000 Cash Prize every month. Enjoy the jackpot battle, see how exciting it is!

So start playing Garena Dark Orbit now!
You only need one step to start to Play Garena Dark Orbit:

Register and Login with Garena account at

and then click "Start Game" button.

And check out the pictures and comments from the users on the first day of its inception:


Oni Angel Quisumbing

With the simplicity of the flash engine, Dark Orbit did packs some action. Though I am in the early levels, can't wait to have more upgraded ships and weapons! Great work Garena!

Fadhly Nakamura

Nice game and cool space ships.. Even got the new Capture The Flag game on it.. I was on the closed Beta before and forget to post the score on the forum..

Arnold Bryan Ducusin

it's a weird game for those who dont know how to play it,but ones you already learned how to play the game you will surely enjoy it....though the graphics are not that much realistic,you would still enjoy the game....

Yama Onna Musubi

I have been a fan of Star Trek for along time and I really hope I can be part of the Star Trek World. But now all my dreams have come true. Dark orbit brings the true adventure of the universe and its like I'm being the captain in the space. Its like the Star Strek chronicle. Its ... See Moretoo awesome. All the aliens are real and I think my shoulder weigh a big burden to save the earth. As a matter of fact, this game bring the full potential of yourself to be a leader to save the entire of your space fleet just like Star Trek. The 3D graphic is superb and I love the animation when a ship get destroyed. It just too realistic. I give two thumbs up for this game. Good joob garena!!

Rainier Geronimo

dark orbit is a nice game...nice graphics and unique gameplay..even though its a bit hard at first..=))

Jestoni Rocha

totally imba......out of this world killing short what an insane game


December 9, 2009

December Highlights from Animax!

Are you feeling bored this holidays? Cant find things to do to fill up your empty schedule? Well worry nothing, there's more good stuff coming up for you, and it gets better if you're a fan of anime. That's right, one of Astro's better channels, Animax has a host of programs to make your days less dull.

Here are the best of them:


Idaten Jump



For more information on each of the programs, please click the read more button.

Bleach-What happens to us after we live our lives on Earth? Do we simply cease to exist? Or will our ‘souls’ continue ‘living’ in another dimension or world? We may never get an answer to the question until it is too late. One thing is for sure – the latter possibility certainly makes human lives much more significant than just a frivolous existence on Earth, and we will step into such a universe in Animax’s upcoming anime series, Bleach!

Idaten Jump-Sho Yamato and his fifth-grade friends Kakeru and Makoto are fans of mountain biking. Riding the "Flame Kaiser" bicycle built by his father, Sho and his friends practice in their haunt called the ‘X-Zone’. As another team of mountain bikers known as "Shark Tooth" challenge them to a race, Sho’s team is transported into an alternate world, also called ‘X-Zone’ where they will face ‘Idaten Battles’ by racing through volcanoes, ghost towns and deserts to return to their own world…

Onimusha Dawn of Dreams-Sixteen years have passed since the warlord Oda Nobunaga perished in the flaming ruins of Honnouji. Decades of war have ripped Japan apart, but peace, it seems, is finally at hand. The once fractious country is now unified under the banner of Toyotomi Hideyoshi, while the evil Genma that once terrorised the land are nowhere to be seen.

But when an ominous Omen Star suddenly appears over the skies of Japan, the land is rocked by a series of natural disasters. Worse yet, word arrives that the Genma have returned—and Hideyoshi may have something to do with them. As Hideyoshi prepares for a ritual that will throw the world into darkness, a new Onimusha, Yuuki Hideyasu, must travel to the country’s capital to put an end to his schemes before it’s too late

Origin-300 years into the future, trees have undergone mutation due to genetic experimentation, gained consciousness and have taken over the world. Toola, a girl kept asleep for the past 300 years awakes to find it was her father’s experiments that have caused the radical changes. Together with soldier Shunack and young boy Agito, Toola attempts to return things to the way they used to be.


Spotgamers Gamers Award Pics + GIRLS!

As promised, nuff said. Here are the PICSSSSS!!!

Mic with da girls~

Our Friendly Registration Team

Click "Read More" to view more.

/AS/ in the house!

Terence ''The Hot" Lee As The MC

No kidding. This is how crowded it was~

Any guys would love to take the position of the banner with this 2 lengluis~

Our Event Successfully Bring Gamers,Organizers,Sponsors & Medias Together.

This Is The Faces That Awaits You When You Registered~

We Also Have Cyberview TV In The House Coverage For Our Event! We On TV!

Mr. TT Lim(SMM) & Mr. Jonathan(IAH Games) Joining Us To Support The Community. Thanks!

Fat Cat Lim Is Here As Well. Thanks yea!

Rinie Stunned With The Amount Of Support We Had During The Award.

Everyone Cheering On During The Award.

Gaming On The Big Projector Is A Must!

Casual Yet Fun!

Rinie: Kami Merasa Bangga...
TV Crew: (Menyampah)

The Different Side Of Rinie When With Lengluis...

Wish U Were Here? Yes U Should...

Coz We have This Girls Waiting For Uuuuu~

Something That You Dont See Everyday

Spotgamers Girls~

The Team Who Work Hard For The Success Of This Event~ Thank you everyone!

Thats all folks! For more you can add me in Facebook with the name "Rinie Ramli".

We really really appreciate everyone support in this event. A big thanks to Cyberview S/B, AMD, ESP S/B, all the girls and volunteers (Darren & Pixie u guys r awesome!), and all the gamers including the guys from /AS/, all the gamers who were involved in the pros players match and all who came down to support our small & humble event.

Spotgamers team will never stop doing whatever it takes to bring up our community so that one day, we can truly be an E-Sports country.

Till next time. See you in Spotgamers Gamers Award 2010! ^^