July 31, 2008

WCG Asia: Group Is Out!

WCG Asia is back! And to make it interesting, guess who is in the same group?

For FIFA 08, its Malaysia and Singapore! Yup the two country friendly rivalry will take place earlier in the group stage. So expect some tough fight in FIFA 08 between [W|nDs]Si_Jali and [W|nDs]Xtreme(If he win WCG SG of course). However since the champion and the runner up of each group going to qualify, it might not be that dramatic compare to the group of death, Group B with Taiwan,India,Thailand and Vietnam. India, Thai and Vietnam are strong in the FIFA series in the past few years. Its going to be a group to watch for sure.

For NFS, Malaysia is in the same group with Japan and Philippines in Group D. Since both of this country are still unknown in the NFS game, its pretty hard to judge will it be a breeze for Forza or a ride to hell with them.

For DOTA, Malaysia is in the same group with Vietnam,Korea and Taiwan. Malaysia might get through the group with a fight by Korea and Vietnam but not so sure for Taiwan since DOTA has not really caught the trend there yet. However since the King of Asia title is at stake no one should take this as a simple vacation trip.

Japan on the other hand is their 1st time joining WCG Asia but they are bringing down the whole team to fight to be the king of Asia for all games. Would Japan again conquer Asia in the cyberspace?

Plus since its the last year Singapore gonna host WCG Asia, come down and give support to our local team while it is still across the strait!

Go Malaysia!

For the live draw video can check it out WCG ASIA

July 29, 2008

New Staff, Tris.TZ ( RTS major)

by Tris.Tz on Tuesday 29/7/08

Hello guys, this is my first post as a Spotgamers staff. And I'll do my best to bring you the hottest and latest news on anything related to RTS , MMORPG and Consoles.

The reason I join Spotgamers is because I feel the necessity of people to stand up and build the gaming scene in Malaysia is needed. Without the numbers, the government would not be able to see the importance and the good things about computer gaming. And I therefore begin my dream job of helping the gaming community.

My mission and vision in Spotgamers is to bring the latest news and upcoming games on RTS ( as it is a very popular genre of games) , MMORPG and also Console gaming ( the uprising e-sport challenge). Also I plan to help to reach the goodness of gaming to the young people of Malaysia.

Hmm...this new guys. Does he ever game? Well of course I do. Played Age of Empires at the age of 6, completed Tomb Raider 1 at the age of 8. For a young kid thats cool. Finish playing a FIFA league at the age of 9. Then banned till after UPSR when I finally got a PS2. Did not do much as I was later hooked onto online gaming to games like Maple Story, Gunbound and WoW. Finally decided to take a step into competitive gaming by playing Warcraft 3. Currently a Clan r0r1 member and also a European based team(for online competitions) which will be soon participating in the ESL. So far I managed only to go as far as top 8 in the ESWC and plans to improve after the SPM examination.


The Gamer's Hideout LAN PARTY is BACK. The details of the event are as the following:

Date : 23 August 2008 ( Saturday)
Time: Not confirmed yet
Venue: Cineleisure Damansara

This time GH themselves has promised what some gamers think was lacking from last years LAN event. This time, they will have more guitar smashing games and probably FIFA. So expect the usual games like Gears of War , Call Of Duty 4 and Halo 3 to be in it. Registration form can be found here http://www.gamershideout.com.my/images/ed1001/lan08frm.pdf. So TRAIN UP and go have fun.

Sources: http://www.gamershideout.com.my/


July 28, 2008

WCG Prelim: Sunway College

The prelim starts a lil bit late due to lack of participants. It was pretty unsure that the prelim will still be held but luckily after 2 hrs of wait there were enough participants in 1 game.More than 20 gamers turn up for FIFA while 0(zero) came for CS. This despite the efforts of organisers allowing outsiders to enter.

So who's the worthy champion of each game?

FIFA 08: [W|nDs] vin

CS: nobody

Unlike Si_Jali, Vin had match practice, since he lost to Si_Jali only on Saturday. He won the final dramatically, winning the final with a last minute Henry header to win the tournament 5-4 on aggregate. So Vin's birthday wish came only a couple of days late. A13x ended as the runner up of the tournament.

Just like the v2 tourney, this tournament had little success in terms of number of players. Maybe its because it was held at a small college and it was a weekday where everyone else will be busy with their stuff. Perhaps this is something the organisers should look into in the future.

So show some love~ to the gaming community and prove your worthy on the last battle Mid Valley!

Gaming Edu: Fear Of Losing Harm The Community?

by Rinie. Monday 28/9/08.

It may be a reason but its not the main reason. If fear is the main reason then there would not be doctors in Malaysia. Doctors is more dangerous than playing games. If the docs failed to heal a person and was the reason for a person death, it will haunt them for the rest of their lives. Because health and fitness is deeply connected to a person's live thus docs are a more fearful jobs of all.

But why ppl still be docs? Infact, every year more and more ppl are going into the medicine line. More and more colleges and universities open up slots for the medicine fields although its the highest risk job. Why?

1. The Pay

It is the jobs with the highest risk but its the most highest return as well. A doc can easily earn more than 5 digit and live a luxurious life.

2. The Image

Everybody look high on them. They have the respect of all the community in the world. They have been portrayed as someone that we should all respect and as someone living the good lives and a promising future regardless in good or bad situation.

That is why many people want to be docs. Because of the good pay and good image. Even fear can be overcome just by focusing on this 2 elements. There are just plenty other reasons why more and more ppl bcome docs but this 2 are the main. This is something the gaming community lack off and never tried to portray. Heck majority of people never know that there is Asian Champions in Malaysia.

But it is still not a good reason if someone want to be a doc because of the 2 reason. In fact i discourages those who wanted to go into the medicine line because of this. We all should do what we love to do the most not because money and fame.

But if you do have the fear of losing, guess what? You are not a gentleman at all! You are not worthy to be called a man! (If you're a women than you dont have girl power!) What is this? You think you can be a champion if you are afraid to lost? You think you deserve to be called champion if you afraid to lost face infront of your families and friends? You dont even deserve to join with those so called pro-gamers.

Losing is just another stage to success. Nobody can ride the bicycle at the 1st try. We all will fall down at 1st. But if you were like the young boy you used to be where you dont care anything you just want to ride the bicycle because you love it and its fun, you will in the end ride the bicycle. And trust me you will never regret falling down at all.

Come on. Even rainbow only appear after the rain. ^^

July 26, 2008

WCG Prelim: V2 Wangsa Maju


The prelim starts a lil bit late due to lack of participants. It was pretty unsure that the prelim will still be held but luckily after 2 hrs of wait there were enough participants in each games. More than 13 gamers turn up for FIFA while only 5 teams came for CS. Rumours has it that 5 teams canceled their participation knowing that team LZ will be there. But what ever it is the show must go on.

So whose the worthy champion for each game?

FIFA 08: [W|nDs] Si_Jali

CS: Team LZ

Although Jali has been claiming that he has been rusty for lack of practices but he showed to everyone how fast he can adapt back to his amazing form. Interesting battles in the final when Jali meet his own clanmate the birthday boy Vin but too bad Vin bday wish didnt come true. Team LZ on the other hand proves that they were no joke even with new line up. They even show how good they were until there were rounds where they just spam flashbang and knife like mad.

It seems that the prelims held today and previous one are not really successful in generating hype. The attendance was not something to be expected since it is the biggest gaming event of the year. Even CEL Games prelim generated more to participate. Maybe there is something the organizer should look into next year on getting more hype for the event.

So show some love~ to the gaming community and prove your worthy on the last battle at Sunway College! <3


Happy Birthday [FMJ]Grifter And [W|nDs]Vin!

Guess what? Today is the lucky day for 2 lengzhai gamers, Bert and Vin! What a coincidence they were born on the same day! But different year of course. Its ok we wont reveal how old are you Bert. LOL

When asking about their birthday gaming wishes:

Vin: I wish Si_Jali would let me win today for the WCG Prelim in V2. Please la for my bday!

edited: Since i already lost so i wish Jali let me win in WCG Final. :P

Vin Happily In The Mid

Grifter: I wish KL Taufan will get drafted next season and hope that one day pro gaming will come true in Malaysia.

Bert On The Far Left Together WIth The KL Taufan Team

Orait so let us all blow the cakes and wish them all the best for the years to come. Feel free to drop by your bday wishes to them here at Spotgamers ^^

July 25, 2008

FIFA League Mid Season Review

As usual Baumelles made a storming start to the season, holding the top spot for a couple of days. He was then toppled by the new leader Benaldo, who won almost 75 percent of his games. The return of Loonatic saw him climb back to a respectable 3rd with some trashing scores.

Malaysia's no1 player, Si_jali made a return to the Fifa League. He told Spotgamers that he was rusty and needed some match practice. 5 wins out of 8 and an unbeaten record shows he is very much in the business, rest of Malaysia beware. The phoenix might make another comeback.

In an extraordinary match, Falcon of clan tornado drew 5-5 with han. Falcon made it 5-4 in his favour in the 90th minute thx to a xavi goal. But han salvaged a point with a Ronaldinho shot before the referee managed to blow for full time.

The league is now entering its 2nd half, and up to 4 active players have yet to taste a win. While 2 players went AWOL after registering. It looks like every season there is always players who never learn. With WCG coming up, the league is a good place to practice competitively with good players. So do have fun in the league and enjoy yourself.


July 24, 2008

WCG 08: Last Prelim Battle


WCG Malaysia National Finals 08 is getting near and thus the last prelim battle will end at :

V2 Cyber Cafe

Date: 26 July, 2008; Saturday
Games: Counter-Strike 1.6 & FIFA 08
Address: No. 1, Jalan Metrowangsa, Seksyen 2, Wangsa Maju, 53300 KL
Register with:
v2cybercafe2@gmail.com - please provide your name, address, i/c no., game you play & contact number.

Sunway University College

Date: 28th July 2008, Monday
Games: FIFA Soccer 2008 & Counter-Strike 1.6
Register with: Victor, 012-9777519
Registration fees: FOC

A few interesting notes is the last addition of V2 Internet Cafe for WCG prelim as well as the open condition for FIFA 08 (semi open with at least 1 college student in CS) by Sunway University College.

So grab your weapon for this final prelim battle!


July 23, 2008

News Update: No ESWC For Ks. International?

If you guys may not know, Malaysia no.1 Dota Clan Kingsurf has just expanded their influences until they manage to get Virtus Clan underneath their wing and be known as Kingsurf International.

Recently another gaming clan Rush3D has approached one of the Kingsurf member, Light without the notice of Kingsurf Gaming and asked him to sign a contract. Light himself did not know that this move will end the chance to play in ESWC grand final. He told Kingsurf that he would not had sign the contract if he would have known that it would affected the whole team chance to represent Russia for ESWC Grand Finals.

In ESWC, the rules has clearly stated that the team must consist a minimum of 3 members from the existing clan in the previous qualifier. Since Light has join up with Rush3D this put Ks.International out of the status quo. It is pretty unlikely they will go for the ESWC GF in USA.

Rumours has it that Light has some personal vendetta against the former team. Is this what influenced him to take the move?

Stay tune to Spotgamers- Your Delicious Gamers News
(Source: Ks Gaming)


July 22, 2008

Gaming Edu: Whats The Problem?

by Rinie. Tuesday 22/7/08

The only thing that holding us back is our mentality.
What stop us right now is not the lack of coverage, not lack of money, not lack of support and anything lack that you can think off.
The only thing that stop us from growing is yourself. We are just too selfish and spoil wanting others to do what we all are responsible to do.

Gamers: Too immature to understand their responsibility in the gaming community. Only think to be the best at their games but are ignorant to the problems in the community. Often don't care.

Organizers: Too ego to listen and often neglecting gamers the core value of the tournament. Less effort to bring the gamers forward.

Medias: Not much exposure given to gamers. No exposure so gamers remain unknown to the public. For them it is more interesting to talk about an object rather than a subject.

Sponsors: Looking into short term investment rather than long term. Its all bout the money rather than invest to nurture the community. Which the return of investment will be greater in the future.

In order for the community to grow, all of this 4 core basic must work together and realize their responsibility in the gaming community. If depends on 1 side it will never work in a million years.
Take big gaming countries for example. All of this 4 basic work together pretty well. Harmonious relationship between all side will encourage the development of the gaming community.

The funny thing is, it is not the gaming community only facing this problem but our very own local entertainment industries is facing the same problem as well. Local popular singers/bands couldn't even do their own concert and sponsors are more in favor of overseas artists. They want short cut and fast money and feel investing for the long term is a waste of time and money.

So the problem is not just our community, but the culture of the entire country.
Until then we will always be at the same place even when we all get married and have family in the future.
So everyone start realize your responsibility. Spread the words out. Kick out "Tak Apa" attitude and think about the future.
Be visionary. Be responsible. Be the revolution.

Just like a tag line in Melodi:
"Kurangkan Kontroversi, Tingkatkan Prestasi" (Less Controversies, More Development)

July 21, 2008

World Gamemaster Tournament Is Back!

Yup guys WGT is back again this year. It looks like this year is a year of blessings for the gamers with so many tournaments coming from all sides.

If you guys don't know what is WGT:
  • One of the world’s largest game tournaments.
  • A rapidly growing tournament that has attracted the elite players to compete against each other for the title of World GameMaster.
  • A worldwide youth festival held annually to celebrate the growing popularity of e-sport.

The official games are:
  • Half-Life : Counter Strike 1.6 (Slots :32)
  • FIFA Soccer 08 (Slots :160)
  • Need for Speed : ProStreet (Slots :64)
Date: 29th October - 2nd November 2008

Venue: Center Court, Mid Valley Megamall.

Interestingly there is no Warcraft III this year. Is there problems in terms of players or licensing? We will find out more. Hopefully they will add Warcraft III in so that we can see "The Unbeatable" Paul Yan in action again.

We will update more with the prizes. So stay tune to Spotgamers. ^^
Want more info? Check out WGT website.

edited: It seems that the organizer havent announced anything official about the tournament and someone manage to caught them during their maintenance process. So as for now the site is down and they will make an official statement once everything is up.

July 20, 2008

Team ESP Wins CS WCG Qualifier @ Kuchai Lama

Team ESP has just secure their spot after winning WCG qualifier at Kuchai Lama this weekend.
The lineup consists of 4 original members: Freestyler, Jd, Xeno, Cesc and sinclair of XsM(sub player only).

It looks like things going to start to hype up since the date to Malaysia most prestige tournament is getting near. And with just limited slots to be filled.
So hurry and show your skills at World Cyber Games Malaysia!


WCG Grand Final 08 - Referee Registration Is Now Live!!!


Another year for WCG, another batch of events successfully done by the organizers throughout the world.
WCG maybe just about organizers and pro-gamers but when it comes to handling tournaments referees and their judgments are those who should be thanked for.

Are you referee material? Do you have what it takes to handle the world's top gaming tournament by your hands?
Then don't hesitate to register for a Game Referee position for WCG Grand Final @ Cologne, Germany.
WCG Grand Final will last 5 days from 5th November to 9th November 2008 and it will be a blasting event for pro-gamers throughout the whole world.

Qualities below are needed to apply for a referee position.
- Someone who has experience as a referee or a player in pertinent game
- Someone who has extensive knowledge in pertinent game
- Someone who has healthy body and mind as WCG referee
- Someone who has ability to judge
- Someone who can communicate in foreign language (English is a must.)

Of course there will be benefits when working among the best which is listed below.
- Title of WCG referee at WCG preliminary or grand final
- Receive referee certification of WCG official games
- Opportunity to referee future WCG tournaments
- Provide accommodations and meals during the grand final period
- Provide daily expenses during the grand final period

For the last note, I'm also an ex-referee who worked before in WCG Grand Finals and the experience is breathtaking.
Working with new people and making new friends throughout the whole world is something one can never gain without going to a world class event.
Registration for Game Referee position will be closed on 25th July 2008, so why are you still reading this article?
Hurry up and register @ the link below. xD

ICCG Fifa08 Result

Here is the final result for the ICCG competition held at APIIT. Only fifa08 result will be posted for now, result for other games will be updated once i get the reply from the organisers^^.

Champion : [MyFes] Bush
1st Runner Up : Torn@do Kennee
2nd Runner Up : [WInDs.YA] Rei

Congratulations to all the winners!!

FIFA League: Baumelles Bag Maiden Title For Season 14

Congratulations to Baumelles who won his 1st Lyn FIFA League. He achieved it by the skin of his teeth, pipping Xtreme3 to the top spot by a measly 2 points. And for good measure, Baumelles had the clean sheet award for minding the tidiest defence of the league. League Moderator Youqi completed the top 3.

Down at the bottom, Huruhara had a tough time, propping the table with 3 pts. Henry Lee fared slightly better, he enjoyed 1 win this season. League veteran Lapala finished 5 pts ahead of Henry Lee.

Here are some statistics:

Most Games Won:
Baumelles (of course) -18

Most Goals Scored:

Most Games Lost:
Noobhero / 07-15

Most Goals Conceded:

Season 15 is now open for registration, and loonatic has set the pace with impressive opening wins. If you intend to overtake him, join in the fun.


July 17, 2008

Happy Birthday [W|nDs]Quicknet!

We at Spotgamers would like to wish [W|nDs] Quicknet happy birthday! May you live a long happy life and may God bless you always.

Starting from now we will publish any birthday wishes to any gamers. Just send us your wishes and we will publish here at Spotgamers.

Happy Birthday to MapleSea!

If you are one of the maplesea fans then read on. There will be alot of activities and goodies will be giving away!

Host : AsiaSoft
Date : Saturday , August 9 , 2008
Time : 10am-8pm
Venue : Cineleisure Damansara

July 16, 2008

WCG 08: Register NOW!

After a long wait and just a few weeks till WCG Malaysia 08 officially launch, now everyone can register!

The games are:
  1. Half-Life:Counter Strike: 32 slots
  2. Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath: 32 slots
  3. FIFA Soccer 08: 128 slots
  4. Need for Speed: Pro Street: 64 slots
  5. StarCraft®: Brood War: 32 slots
  6. WarCraft® III : The Frozen Throne: 32 slots

The registration will start on Thursday, 17th July 2008 at 12:00am. So quick book your place fast since the slots are limited.

Login to WCG Malaysia 2008 website for more info

Any clarifications needed, e-mail august@in2.com.my


FIFA League: MID Season Review

Publish Post

Firstly, congratulations to the LYN Fifa League defending champion A13x for winning Cel games 2008. He has done the league proud by winning such a prestigious honour.

The top spot of the league is now up for grabs as han slipped to his 10th defeat. He has played almost all his games, and anyone who can produce a run of great results will see him crowned the Winner of this league for this season. The likes of Xtreme3, Youqi and Baumelles all have a realistic chance of bagging the league this season.

The season is close to an end, but a staggering 11(eleven) players have yet to complete at least half of their games. The Spotgamers team hope that they can find some time from their hectic schedule to complete their season to avoid a 1 season ban.

Down at the bottom, Mr Mad, Denon, and Huruhara are still awaiting their 1st win of the season. Maybe they should just play each other! While the most amazing result of the week was xtr3me3's spectacular 6-1 win over seasoned campaigner benaldo.

Keep reading Spotgamers blog for the latest gamer news and info.


WCG 2008 Preliminaries

EXC Cafe, Kuchai Lama
Date: 19th July 2008, Saturday
Address: 31, Jalan Kuchai Maju Off Jln Kuchai Lama, 58200 KL
Games: Counter-Strike 1.6
Register with: Kong, 0126099276; or e-mail exckong@exc.com.my

Bois, this is open for all

Date: 19th July 2008, Saturday
Address: Technology Park Malaysia, Bukit Jalil, 57000 Kuala Lumpur
Games: Counter-Strike 1.6 (I dont know if got more games)

only Colleges/Universities students are allowed in this college prelims.


July 15, 2008

CELGames 08 - The Aftermath


This post is abit late, due to loads of other non-gaming business that I'm going through right now and of course the lack of pictures.
Anyway this is the first time CELGames did attract loads of international stars to come to Malaysia and try to pwn the homies here and they did it in one of the events.
To summarize the whole tournament, our friends from Singapore and Thailand came by and drop the bomb which also raised the competitive level at CELGames 08
Onwards to the match summary and results...

NFS: ProStreet

Photobucket Nosferatu.nG and Photobucket IZECUBEZ both are champions in their respective nations decided to pwn the local boys but Photobucket IZECUBEZ was sent home early after losing twice at the top 8 double elimination.
Photobucket Nosferatu.nG however managed to clutched at 2nd runner up after got beaten by local powerhouse Photobucket M1-Heaven and he got his sweet revenge since he lost to Photobucket Nosferatu.nG during the qualifiers.
In the final match between the winner bracket finalist against loser bracket finalist, it was another epic match between Photobucket FoRza and Photobucket M1-Heaven and ended up Photobucket FoRza still dominates everyone.

Champion: Photobucket FoRza
1st runner up: Photobucket M1-Heaven
2nd runner up: Photobucket Nosferatu.nG

CNC3: Kane's Wrath

In this year edition of CELGames, there is hardly any problem for Photobucket Ravana who is Singapore's champion and also CELGames 07 reigning champion. One slack on the matches is that CELGames organizers decided to play with the old patch which obviously full of bugs and the infamous desync problem. As for replays, there's still no word from the organizers to release it anytime soon.

Champion: Photobucket Ravana
1st runner up: Photobucket Vic Viper
2nd runner up: Photobucket [r0r1]Gamerholic

FIFA 2008

FIFA 08 is the only game that doesn't attract hot spanking international progamers thus being dominated by the local boys and with the absent of Photobucket [W|nDs]si_jali we will be seeing the rise of a new champion in CELGames for FIFA 08.
As of the top 4 finalist, W|nDs clearly dominated everyone and the local powerhouse MyFeS members only managed to clutched about the top 8 placings.

Champion: Photobucket [W|nDs]Al3x
1st runner up:Photobucket [W|nDs]LoOn4tic
2nd runner up:Photobucket [W|nDs]Vin

Well that's all folks, till the next event which is WCG Singapore National Finals which most probably I'll be there since the WCG Asian Championship will be going at the same time.

CELGames Official Website


This video is longer than the previous videos. If I'm not mistaken its around 15 minutes.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involve in the making of the video. I would like to thank our 1st gaming VJ in Malaysia, Elaine for being sporting and fantastic through out the whole shooting session. Would like to thank the gamers who were not camera shy at all. And lastly would like to thank GameAxis for inviting us to this fantastic event. Hopefully we will see all of you next year.

Well now I'm going to do something which I've been missing. Which is sleeping.
So enjoy this last video! ^^


July 14, 2008

Lots of International Game Tournaments; But We’re Still Far Behind

Another interesting article was written by eddyhan @ multiplay.lowyat.net

Some gamers are always worried about how much money in a short span of time on the things they do best. It’s in their blood to think like that and it’s damn idiotic since they preached about playing for passion and wanting to represent the country and kick ass outside. But after that they will open their palms and ask how much am I getting since I’m the champion if not I don’t want to play”.

Almost all the time I hear gamers whining and complaining about how screwed up a sponsorship deal or prize of an event were. I play and win all the time, but all I get was freaking RM100 a month. This XXX company is stupid.

for more visit to multiplay.lowyat.net


This time Team LZ adds another superstar

Team LZ.my is finally completed with the addition of a new but familiar player Lian "nitroN" Kong Chian into their lineup as the final player. Well if you guys are wondering who nitroN is, let me give you a little brief introduction of his achievements that he has accomplished so far.

PlayEX07 Warsow Champion
KL Taufan CSS Player
WCG Malaysia 2005 Champion

Team LZ lineup for upcoming WCG Malaysia 2008:
Lau "syck" Chee Teik
Lam "gavin" Wai Loong
Ng "hix" Yew Siang
Graham Chin "STtaAaiNN"
Lian "nitroN" Kong Chian

July 13, 2008


Here is the prototype for day 2. Enjoy ^^


CELGames 08 - Finals Day 1 & 2


CELGames 08 finally hit the last day of qualifiers as well the finals will go on in this exciting 3 days event and spotgamers is here to serve everyone will the latest dish of yummy news. CELGames finals along with GameAxis LIVE! starts off officially with the opening speech from Dato' Badlisham, CEO of MDEC and with a short tour round the hall and test play codemaster's latest Race Driver: GRID.
Moving on to the more important news, the tournament of course xD

Need For Speed: ProStreet

In this year edition of CELGames, our friendly neighbours from Singapore and Thailand decided to pay a visit to our little tourney and try to pwn what we can serve them best. In the final qualifiers, the players below clutched their position into the top 8 of CELGames final for NFSPS

Photobucket Rafiq
Photobucket M1-Heaven
Photobucket IZECUBEZ
Photobucket NosferatuNG

While in the top 8, Photobucket FoRza managed a safe landing as the finalist in the winner's bracket while Photobucket M1-Heaven will face off Photobucket NosferatuNG in the finals of the loser bracket. Photobucket IZECUBEZ was sent home early after losing twice in both brackets.

I'll make heaven go facepalm.jpg tomorrow

Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath

If nfsps had champions from Thailand and Singapore, then it goes the same with CNC3KW as Photobucket Dennis "Ravana" Ooi dominates everyone from the qualifiers and sitting comfortably as the winner bracket finalist. Looking at the loser bracket, the finals is going on between Photobucket [r0r1]gamerholic and Photobucket Vic Viper (fan of sky girls perhaps?)

Vic Viper, the hawt man spammer of the tournament

FIFA 2008

It looks like W|nDs prove to everyone in the community why they deserve to be known as the No.1 FIFA Clan in Malaysia when they dominate all the top 4 spot. Loonatic and A13x gonna play each other in the Final of Winners Bracket while Vin will battle out Jotaro in the Semi Final of Losers Bracket.

Its gonna be a very hot hot day tomorrow so why dont you guys join us at Midvalley Exhibition Hall.
Stay tune to Spotgamers- Your Delicious Gamers News.

Day 2 results @ lowyat.net forum
CELGames Official Website