September 30, 2009

DreamHack spreads through the Causeway!

Yes sir, you read it right. After Malaysia was selected as the first qualifier of DreamHack for South East Asia, Singapore finally got their big break after being announced as the second qualifier of South East Asia for DreamHack Winter 2009.

This news was announced by DreamHack themselves last weekend and it was confirmed by Titans.Xtre3me that the tournament will be held on 24-25 October 2009 at Colosseum, Iluma Shopping Centre, Singapore

The games that will be played on the qualifier are Counter Strike 1.6 and Street Fighter IV For more details, please log on to DreamHack Official Website or Titans website for more details.

DreamHack Global Official Website

Source: Titans E-sports Official Website

ESPGL COD 4 Promod Tour

While KL streets were deadly empty due to Raya celebrations, ESPGL have the other idea when they kick off the-post Raya gaming season which Call of Duty 4 Promod Tour which was being held recently.

Interestingly about this event, this event is only for amateurs and all professional COD4 players have been banned from joining the event, in order to give more exposure to other players to have a feel about the game itself. The players are divided into teams, led by a professional gamer who will be their team commander. Obviously the commander pawned us big time. :P

And the prizes are quite lucrative as well as the top 3 players of the day went home with DeathAdder, Salmosa and Sphex, courtesy of ESPGL's new sponsor, Razer.

Overall, it was a good initiative by ESPGL to give more exposure to gamers about Call Of Duty 4 and hopefully they would put up more initiative in order to promote the game.

Enough about the ranting, pictoires are after the jump!

Dey, look at the monitor la!

OK sir, this is how you snipe that fella.. :P

Rooting for the team

[Spotgamers]TPK is in action...

...with [SpotGamers]Strifemare as his opponent!

New slogan for COD4, playing until biting your nails :P

2nd runner-up of the day (Top scorer for Amateur)

1st runner-up of the day (2nd highest for Intermediate)

The winner of the day (Top scorer for Intermediate)

Some of the team players during the event (Yeah, we are the noobs of this game)

Pictures courtesy of are taken on the third day of the event


ADC Round 5: Cybertime With 2 Points Lead

by Han
published by Rinie 30th September 2009

Round 5

Round 5 Schedule: 17th September - 23rd September

Razer.CGC 2:0 CommeDieu

Cybertime 2:0 Darksector.Trust

StarsBoba 2:0 Err0R

Mineski-DotA 2:0 Sponsor us Please!

Digi Resurrection 1:2 MCiTY

The round 5 of the Asian Dota Championships saw Malaysia’s team Cybertime beating their opponents, Darksector.Trust convincingly with a margin of 2-0. This victory ensured Cybertime maintained a 2 point lead over team Razer CGC in the latest standings of the Asian Dota Championships.

Hot on Cybertime’s heels are Razer.CGC from Singapore, as their win over CommeDieu consolidated second place for them. 3 teams are tied for 3rd, they are Mcity from Australia, StarsBoba of Vietnam and thanks to their defeat to Razer CGC, CommeDieu dropped to third.

The team propping up the table is Err0R from India, as their loss to StarsBoba have them rooted to the bottom of the table with a measly 2 points. Surely improvement is needed for them to make an assault up the table.

That is it for now, stay tuned to Spotgamers for the latest results and reports from the Asian Dota Championships.


September 29, 2009

"The Secret Is Preparation" - [T2.W|nDs] Vin

by Han
published by Rinie 29th September 2009

Vin brining glory back to Malaysia

[T2.W|nDs]Vin has brought success back to Malaysia by getting 2nd place in the One Asia Cup tournament in the 1 v 1 format, while helping team Malaysia to the runners-up spot in the team category. Here he discusses his thoughts about the recently concluded One Asia Cup and his preparations for WCG.MY.

1) What do you think of your overall performance at the One Asia Cup?

Average. I had a good start against the Singapore no1 and in my group as well but lost concentration on the final match against Vietnam. That's the way it went, I still think I need to improve and control that match.

2) Team Vietnam swept most of the honors. What do you think went wrong for team Malaysia?

I think Team Malaysia did well because we're 2nd place in 1v1 and CvC. I think it went wrong due to insufficient preparation for it and Team Vietnam has put much more effort on the tournament.

3) How do you think you can improve for the upcoming international tournaments?

Prior preparations, sufficient sleeping and of course maximum concentration must be there to be successful.

4) What do you think of the quality of the opposition in the One Asia Cup?

In my opinion, all of the contestants are good and they were tough players to be play against. It was a great experience though.

5) The WCG.MY for FIFA is coming up in a few days. How are your preparations?

So far so good, although it's tough to handle two different game play (FIFA 09 and FIFA Online 2), but I believe that I still can catch up with the other top players. Also, I really appreciate that Terminal 2 Cyber Cafe and Gamers Dot Com for taking the effort to sponsor W|nDs for our training and other necessities needed to succeed.

This article is also featured at Rapture Gaming Network


September 28, 2009

"Impossible Is Nothing" - [T2.W|nDs]a13x

by Han
published by Rinie 28th September 2009

Alex in a more relaxed mood

One of the top players in Malaysian FIFA, a13x has just finished from representing Malaysia in the One Asia Cup and is preparing for the WCG.My. Though he came back empty handed from Singapore, the failure did not deter him, as he is more passionate than ever to regain success in competitive gaming. Here, he reveals his unique experience of representing the country and his preparations for the WCG.My.

1. What do you think of your overall performance at the One Asia Cup?

Actually i'm kind of disappointed with myself for doing so badly and got knocked out in the group stage. I'm kind of well prepared for it after winning the MOL Cup but it's a situation that is hard to be explained during One Asia Cup. The moment i played my warm-up matches at the tournament area i felt that there's something different, like there's some kind of slight delay and the player's movements weren't smooth. My worst enemy is a delay gameplay and thus, i've lost the first 2 games out of 3 in the Group Stage. Anyway, it's not an excuse for the exit and i won't deny that the other players from other countries were not easy to play with too. Overall i'm upset with myself for such poor performance in my first international tournament but i'll remember this experience and treat it as another point of improvement for myself to do better in the upcoming tourneys.

2. Team Vietnam swept most of the honors. What do you think went wrong for team Malaysia?

Team Vietnam is obviously not a weak team. In my 2nd match in the group stage which i played against Vietnam, i was actually leading 2-0. All of a sudden, the Vietnamese scored 3-4 goals from a same corner style. I couldn't do a thing to stop the player from crossing and it was also my mistake for not knowing how to defend it. The Vietnamese is a strong team as they must have trained and drilled each special move they know, so they are the deserved winners. I think Team Malaysia were weak on the 2v2 side because there was not a proper 2v2 qualifier to select the REALLY best 2v2 teams from Malaysia to compete in SG. However, both of the Malaysian 2v2 teams did quite well and they are considered very good to be able to have decent results against the other experienced 2v2 teams. I'm pretty sure that Malaysia will do even better in the next tourney if we were to have a proper 2v2 qualifier.

3. How do you think you can improve for the upcoming international tournaments?

It's a same procedure for every gamer. The more you play, the more you train, the more different people you play with as well as exposure to more tournaments will definitely help to improve you. For me, i'll get really upset if i couldn't win in a tourney, be it a small or big tourney, it's a goal that i've made to show that i'm the best. So whenever i lost, it's a point for me to review on my weaknesses and to overcome them. Also it's the spirit and determination that boost the mentality to be calm and to play properly, so i would work on all aspects to push myself to another level as tourneys passed by.

4. What do you think of the quality of the opposition in the One Asia Cup?

I can see that all of the representatives from the other countries were all well-prepared for the big tournament. Thus, they were showing real top quality to show that they are indeed the best from their respective nations. Thailand was slightly lacked behind but i'm sure they will be better after getting the experiences back home. Singapore, especially the 2v2 team and Vietnam both were consistent and played at their best. It was really a great experience to have played with the quality players and definitely the Malaysia teams have learned a lot, further improving ourselves for the upcoming tournaments.

5. The WCG.MY for FIFA09 is coming up in a few days. How are your preparations?

It's definitely gonna be hard for me as i've not played FIFA09 for a very long time, ever since the MMU CyberFusion '09 event. Due to the different gameplays that FIFA Online 2 and FIFA09 have, i've only fully concentrated on FIFA Online 2 as there were a few tourneys this year, compared to FIFA09. So since the One Asia Cup is over and there's WCG09 and CELgames09 (need to defend my title!) coming, i'll have to convert to FIFA09 now and start training myself up within just a 2-weeks period. I've started training with my clan-mates in the past few days and it started to look good for me. However, I have to put extra efforts to polish up my skills and hopefully, Lady Luck will be on my side too during the tournaments.

This article is also featured at Rapture Gaming Network


September 27, 2009

WCG.MY 2009: Super Dancer Online & DotA added as Extra Games

With WCG.MY one week away from now, we received the latest news that TWO more extra games added as supplement games for WCG.MY

The two games that are added is almost similar as last year, when DotA and Super Dancer Online are included in the game list

DotA will be only open to amateur teams and Kingsurf, Cybertime, InC.Excello and Keydone-MU are banned from this tournament to give way to amateur teams to show their skills

As for SDO, the tournament is open to all but only the first 120 entries will be accepted.

For more details, here's the link for this tournament:-

Cybertime WCG DotA Amateur Tournament
WCG SDO Summer Passion Tournament


September 25, 2009

Good Gaming Writings

by c.J
published by Rinie 25th September 2009

It is arguable that good computer game writing is mostly found in two major genres of games; the role playing games and first person shooter games. However, it wasn’t always the case! FPS games were once only considered great for their engine and available weapons. However the Half Life series and Deus Ex changed all of that.

There’s a reason for this though.

The badly written ones weren’t worth remembering!

I had to actually go through my collection of loose game discs to find the ones I’d forgotten. These include some pretty big name games, starting with “Black and White” by Lionhead. This is a good example of where they were far too interested in the engine and game mechanics to work on a story that really engaged the player. There was far too much emphasis on the controls and the belief system used to influence the world, and I felt I was merely watching a game rather than being part of its story.

Another example of bad story telling and computer game writing in general, has to be “Doom3”. This has always been one of ID Games’ problems. The reasons I’ve heard for this revolves around the games being made to showcase the engine.

Question is why should developers care about computer game writing? What does it bring to a game? Let’s now start with beginning where believable characters that the player can identify and connect with. Or an engaging plot that draws the player in. Or an interesting setting that provokes an emotional response such as a bustling city or vast, uninhabited wasteland. Although many of these aspects are thought up by the game-designers, someone needs to bring the game to life using these features.

Valve has always been a pioneer in computer game writing, having their own dedicated writer in the form of science fiction writer; Mark Laidlaw. He has helped shape Gordon Freeman’s story since the first Half Life game and continues to keep the plot and characters interesting. Due to the intrigue brought to these games from his writing, it keeps fan discussion going for months before and after each release.

Good computer game writing does not necessarily mean instant success for any game. Nor does bad writing mean instant failure. However, I would argue that the games most memorable are the ones that have the best writing. The sequels to these are the games I am most looking forward to!


September 24, 2009

Keyboard Is The Key

by c.J
published by Rinie 24th September 2009

Keyboards differ in their design and function which varied from macro to hybrid, that it’s hard to compare them to each other. Therefore, Spotgamers will list 5 of the best, most popular gaming keyboards on the market right now. These keyboards are not listed in a best of five orders. These are the best of the best, and I’m sure that more than one of these will fit your needs as avid gamers.

Optimus Maximus

The name says it all, the maximus!! As the most innovative and most expensive keyboard on the market (as far as I’m aware), I couldn’t help but put the Optimus Maximus keyboard on the list. Priced at almost a whopping of $1600.00, this is out of the price range of most gamers, but you have to take a look at it! It’s the wave of the future. Each key is its own OLED display, so you can change the keys to a variety of different setups. You can switch from a Qwerty display to a gaming display. The OLED displays are colour and fully customizable. If you have to have the best out there, then this is the keyboard for you. At the very least, it will make great conversation the next time you are with your gaming buddies.

Razer Lycosa Mirror

As one of the best names in gaming peripherals, the Razer Lycosa Mirror features a high gloss, mirror finish. It is truly a keyboard tailored for the gamer’s needs. It has a wide array of macro capabilities, and has a fully-programable Hyperesponse keys. Any key can be reprogrammed through the advanced software that is included. This keyboard is a great choice for someone fooling for the ultimate macro gaming keyboard.

Merc Stealth

The Merc Stealth is an illuminated gaming keyboard that features a very easy to use hybrid design. This keyboard is also unique because the user can choose between three different colors for the backlighting: Blue, red, or purple. The movement keys are rubberized, which is nice for gameplay. The keyboard also has many macro features and includes 125 pre-defined mapping layouts.

Razer Tarantula

The Razer Tarantula is one of the most elegant keyboards on the market and is known for having extremely comfortable keys. This keyboard also comes with 32KB of onboard memory, which is enough to save about 5 custom game layout profiles. With a wickedly fast response time, this keyboard also includes 10 programmable hotkeys as well as two USB ports (which most gaming keyboards have).

Saitek Cyborge

The Saitek Cyborg is a great upgrade to the popular, backlit Eclipse model. The Cyborg offers multi-color backlighting and 12 programmable “cyborg” buttons on the far left and right of the keyboard. Some say that it is hard to get used to the buttons being so far apart, but that is simply a matter of personal preference. With this keyboard, you can enter into Cyborg Mode, in which all windows keys are disabled and it switches to the pre-defined settings with the click of one button.


September 23, 2009

Cel Games Qualifier Venues Announced

More good news gamers,in addition to the WCG announcement, this time CELgames by Gamers Dotcom and GameAxis Unwired Malaysia have announced their qualifier dates, which will commence within the next couple of months. The qualifiers would be held for FIFA 09, Red Alert 3 and Need For Speed Shift.

The Qualifiers will be held at the following venues for FIFA 09 and Red Alert 3:

24th October: Hi-Info, Jalan Mustapha Al Bakri Ipoh, Perak
31st October: Pusat Internet Andrew, Taman Pelangi, Johor Bharu, Johor
7th November: FTZ, SS15,Subang Jaya
14th November: TBun, Wangsa Maju, Kuala Lumpur

As for Need For Speed Shift gamers, the qualifiers will be held at Plaza Low Yat at the 23rd to 28th of November (date to be confirmed)

Also, do note that participants for the qualifiers are required to pay RM20 for registration. A small sum for loads of fun.

That is it for now, let the games begin!


WCG Malaysia 2009 is Finally Here!

After a very long long wait, at last.. WCG Malaysia 2009 is finally here!

Though the details is quite surprising, judging on what has been going on around Asia and the world, we are glad to heard that WCG is back in action.

Here are the details:

Venue : Cybertime (Mega Mendung)

Add : 96 Jalan Mega Mendung, Bt 5, Jalan Klang Lama, 58200 Kuala Lumpur

Date : 3rd & 4th Oct 2009

Gamers registration : Registration will be open on 24 Sept 2009, 12 midnight. Slots is available on a first come first serve basis.

So guys better start book your slots as its 1st come 1st basis yea!

Head on to WCG Malaysia site for registration (It opens after midnight)


Facebook, Gaming and the Users

by Han
published by Rinie 23rd September 2009

The most popular social networking website in the world, Facebook is now the reason you hand in your assignments late, stay up until 3am in the morning, and making you glued to your Iphone every 15 minutes. For the addicts, a day without Facebook can spell sheer disaster for them. One of the most interesting things Facebook offers to its users is its games feature. They are easy to learn, supports multiple players and most importantly, addictive. Today we ask a host of Facebook users why the games feature keeps them hooked for hours.

One of the popular Facebook games is Mafia Wars. This game requires players to dedicate a great amount of time. With over 24.5 million active users, you can easily see why this game is so addictive. One player who spends hours on this game is Daniel, “I find Mafia Wars a great way to pass time, especially when there is nothing to do. It is certainly addictive and very challenging.”

Another 1 of the popular games is Restaurant City. This game has been a hit among female users and secondary school students. “I find the characters cute, and I have many friends playing this game, hence I jumped on the bandwagon” Kim, a Restaurant City player said.

For gamblers out there, and poker players in particular, Texas Hold’em Poker on Facebook is a great way to hone your skills and decision making. It’s played like real poker, except using virtual chips and played against players where you can’t actually see their face. Chong, a player who amassed over a million poker chips, claimed that this poker game is “very close to the real thing, and we always run the risk of losing everything due to a wrong decision. Hence proper decision making and lots of luck is required.”

Well dear readers, this is it for now, stay tuned for our next segment of Facebook and gaming, while we conduct more interviews and reviews of the most popular Facebook games.

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September 21, 2009

One Asia Cup: Vietnam Rules Once Again in Suntec

Suntec Convention Centre once again become the witness that their win in WCG Asian Championship was no fluke when they become the kings of South East Asia in FIFA Online 2 One Asia Cup which was held recently in Singapore.

In what has been described as a repeat of their superb performance in WCG Asian Championship, they bagged two of three championship in the line (1 vs 1 and Country vs Country) while Singapore got the 2 vs 2 title with Xtc.BlitzRooney and Xtc.RonnyWilkinson saves the Lions' reputation in their homeground.

As for Malaysia's representatives, the Tigers managed to grab 2 silver medals with [T2.WinDs]Vin grab the medal for 1 vs 1 and he teamed up with [T2.WinDs]Leoninho and HardCorayZ for Country vs Country.

As we still haven't got the pictures from our source yet, here's the full results and medal standings for One Asia Cup 2009.

1 vs 1

Champion : Vietnam
1st Runner Up : [T2.WinDs]Vin (Malaysia)
2nd Runner Up : Thailand
3rd Runner Up : Key Clarence (Singapore)

2 vs 2

Champion : XtC Fifa 1 -Blitzrooney & RonnyWilkinson- (Singapore)
1st Runner Up : Thailand
2nd Runner Up : Vietnam
3rd Runner Up : XtC Fifa 2 -Zarate & Yuuoyx- (Singapore)

Country vs Country

Champion : Vietnam
1st Runner Up : Malaysia([T2.WinDs]Vin , [T2.WinDs]Leoninho & Hardcorayz)


1. Vietnam: 2 Golds and 1 Bronze
2. Singapore: 1 Gold and 1 Bronze
3. Malaysia: 2 Silvers
4. Thailand: 1 Silver and 2 Bronze

Note: Singapore & Thailand shared the bronze medal for Country vs Country

It looks like Vietnam has signalled their arrival in SEA E-sports scene by winning two of the biggest e-sports tournament in South East Asia. We are really sure that all eyes will be watching Vietnam next week as they will organize World Cyber Games Vietnam in Hanoi on 27 & 28 September 2009

Source: FIFA Online 2 Forum

September 19, 2009

Spotgamers wishes everyone Selamat Hari Raya!

The Spotgamers team would like to wish all our readers Selamat Hari Raya.

The Hari Raya celebrations are momentous for all our Malaysian readers. We are very blessed to live in this multiracial country where we celebrate various festivals of different races. Malaysians have every reason to be proud that they can celebrate various festivities in peace and harmony. As we celebrate this ocassion, we must not forget that the unity of our country is our greatest strength. There are various ways to strengthen this unique unity, such as through open house, campaigning, sports and even gaming. And be rest assured that Spotgamers would be there at every step of the way to bring you the very best news in gaming.

Once again, Selamat Hari Raya everyone!


September 18, 2009

ADC Malaysia’s Team Cybertime Updates

Malaysia’s representative for the Asian Dota Championships, Cybertime, has enjoyed great success so far. This write up by Underminer will chart their progress to date, with crucial incidents reported and his expert comments on how they approached each match. A must read for any aspiring Dota clans who wish to play competitively.

Round 1

The first game of ADC sprang a surprise when Cybertime lost a game to the Indian team- Error. A lack of concern towards the quality of the connection used to play was the cause of their downfall. The game 1 loss gave them a shaky start to the campaign.
Hopefully this will serve as a lesson to teams playing online in the future where the quality of the connection you use is equally if not as important as the skills you possess.

Link for summary of Round 1 results and summary video of play day 1 courtesy of

Round 2

The game against Australia’s representative Mcity which is led by the legendary ESWC winner and former Zenith member Musica would become the highlight of the play day. Knowing full well that his team is punching above their weight facing the best of Asia, Musica and his team devised a draft style of focusing on 5v5 team fights, tower pushes and massive healing power which suits their team well facing their more technically gifted opponents.
As expected, with a pick of Silencer in game 2, Cybertime could not finish and lost the game facing a turtling strat that Mcity is so fond of despite Ct leading the kills in the large margin.
The 2-1 victory is hard fought and provided a lesson to everyone that Dota is not just about technical skills in-game but also consists of strategies that takes advantage of mechanics in game to outplay even the best micro you could muster.

Link for summary of Round 2 results and summary video of playday 2 courtesy of

Round 3

The game against the Pinoy rep, Mineski will be a game where a lot of pride is at stake. In Dota crazy Phillipines, results in Dota is a matter of National Pride. Judging from the number of participants in their qualifiers (number of teams exceeded 200 which is the highest participation from of any of the 10 qualifiers of ADC), we can see passion is high.
The 2-0 result that Cybertime chalked up displayed the growing maturity in their game. From the replays, we can see Cybertime shutting down their opponents in every area of the game: drafts, engagements, pushes and farming, leaving Mineski with no chance to display their normal planned game.
The win sets Cybertime up for the first ever top of the table clash of the current season.

Link for summary of Round 3 results courtesy of

Round 4

Despite chalking up 3 wins so far, Cybertime remained second in the table at the beginning of round 4. Their next opponent will be the ever-dominant Razer.CGC from Singapore who just came off Play day 3 with a victory over the reigning ADC 2 and ACG 2009 champions Starsboba of Vietnam. Despite the team being filled with ESWC 2008 winners, Razer.CGC’s secret weapon was the ever-mysterious and talented player iceiceice who often picks heroes no one else would otherwise use and proceed to produce magic out of nowhere through them.
The highly hyped match produced the first technical win granted to Cybertime of the ADC season because Razer.CGC violated the rules showing up an hour late due to miscommunication in the teams of the agreed time.
Game 2 failed to produce a replay due to the game being reloaded at the 20th min mark. However, footage from GGTV showed that Razer’s farm reliant strat on Visage backfired against an innovative Lanaya strat played by Mushi and aptly supported by the newly recruited Sharky and the stand-in for the team, Wantan.
The 2-0 win puts Cybertime at the top of the table without dropping a bo3 to date.

Link for summary of Round 4 results courtesy of

That’s it for now; do not forget to checkout the latest standings of ADC in this link here:


Blitzrooney Aim For No.One In One Asia Cup!

by Han
published by Rinie 18 September 2009

The rising star of Singapore’s E-Sports, XTC’s Blitzrooney has won numerous titles at a young age of 16. He has even represented Singapore at the ESWC in Korea for FIFA Online 2. Formerly a member of [W|nDs], Blitzrooney, also known as Hang, will take part in the prestigious One Asia Cup this weekend as 1 of Singapore’s representatives. He is a young man with great ambition, and is determined to do well in the tournaments he participates in.

Here, Spotgamers interviews him about his preparations and his hopes for the tournament.

1. You have achieved great success at a young age. What has been your secret?

Since I was young, I have had a passion for football, whether virtually or physically. I have had lots of training and the support from my parents has been important too.

2. Which game do you prefer? FIFA 09 or FIFA online 2? Why?

FIFA online 2. I have been playing FIFA Online 2 before the release of FIFA 09. And when I was told that there would be only 1 tournament for FIFA 09 (WCG.SG), while there was numerous tournaments for FIFA Online2, my mind was made up, and hence I decided to concentrate on FIFA online 2.

3.How are your preparations going for the One Asia Cup?

I have been training hard and have a strict training schedule. Also, a huge thank you must be mentioned to Cyberdome for providing the training sessions.

4.What are your greatest successes?

My greatest success has to be representing Singapore in the EWSC for FIFA Online 2, alongside top FIFA player Xtr3me3.

5.What are your hopes and goals for the future?

As for my hopes and goals I would like to firstly win the Starhub cup, and then win the One Asia Cup.

This article also featured in Rapture Gaming Network.


September 17, 2009

Call of Duty 4 Promod Tournament

by Han
published by Rinie 17th September 2009

Imagine getting your dream gaming gear by playing the game that you love. Sounds great right? Well you can now stop imagining and start pawning, as thanks to ESPGL and Blitzone and Razer, you can now win products top gaming products from Razer by participating in ESPGL’s Promod event.

If you’re interested and can’t wait to get started, all you need to do is to go to, look for the "promod tour" picture on the right sidebar, click on it, fill in the details and send in your registration to

Just when you think things could not get better, top clans like Clan ESP, SWL and COOP are banned from this event as it is only for new players to try and have fun.

If you do not have a clan, there’s nothing to worry, as all you have to do is to show up at @ Blitzone KDU alone or with some friends and the pool will be randomized into 8 teams. However, you can only pick one of the 3 allocated days to show up.

From 18-20th this month (September)
8pm - 11pm @ Blitzone KDU!

Prizes will be given to players with the 3 highest points at the end of the each night! Yes you heard it, every night with the same prizes!

Game format : 6 vs 6 SND
Mod : Promod Na2.04

1st - Razer Deathadder

2nd - Razer Salmosa

3rd - Razer Sphex

So fancy a chance for a cool prize? Head on to



September 16, 2009

SMM Grand Finals Confirmed in A Famosa Resort!

Credit to Underminer for the tip

Finally after a long period of rumors and riddles regarding the venue of SMM Grand National DotA Grand Finals, SMM finally revealed the venue of 2009's Grand Finals.

To the surprise of everyone, the venue will be not at the usual place in Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur. This time, they will holding it down south at A'Famosa Resort, Melaka. The date remains as announced earlier, 27 to 29 November 2009.

Here's the official statement released on SMM Official Website

DotArians are now welcomed to spend the night at the A’Famosa Resort throughout the tournament 3 days stint with a discounted price set by SMM, offering a complimentary 2 days stay for the price of one (RM 288) at the hotel’s leisure family suite that comes fully furnished with a living room, a kitchen and 2 double-size beds – forming the best possible comfort zone to recuperate and refurbish DotA’s weary warriors, throughout the Grand Finals stage.

Hotel reservations at the A’Famosa resort will be open for signing-up on the 24th of September 2009. Further details on the overall format & procedure will be disclosed shortly at our Official Website. International Participants interested in joining the SGNDT 09’ Grand Finals at the A’Famosa Resort can now make registrations at our SGNDT Registration Page @ International Participants. Upon registration, all International Teams will be short-listed based on eligibility and approval prior to confirmation and/or participation.

With the stunning announcement by SMM, we could expect that the teams would be doing serious business there, despite the lure of attraction of nice and cozy resort.

We will be updating more news and updates about SMM Grand National DotA Grand Finals 2009 as SMM would reveal more surprises soon.


September 15, 2009

A Glimpse of What Malaysian E-Sports Can Achieve

by Han
published by Rinie 15th September 2009

Bacchus OSL Finals [22 August, 2009] Opening Ceremony

OSL Golden Mouse Never Ending Story........

It is well documented in this blog, or any other gaming media that there is very little coverage, or attention given to Malaysian E-Sports. The lackadaisical attitude in organizing tournaments (look at this year’s WCG.MY), lack of sponsorships, lack of tournaments, prizes and of course media coverage. All these weakness has certainly left a lot to be desired for the gamers. Unlike Korea, who seem to worship gamers (some even brace the rain to watch tournaments), Malaysia has certainly been lagging behind in terms of E-Sports popularity. Today, the Spotgamers team will show our readers what we can aim to achieve in terms of E-Sports popularity, based on the opinions of Underminer.

“ I have been following the Korean Starcraft scene for some time now and found this clip on Youtube which puts some visual to what E-sports should achieve in Malaysia in the not so distant future.” Underminer said. Check out the reception, coverage, and commentary given to the gamers. You would be forgiven for thinking such adulation is only reserved for the top sports stars or artists of the country.

Of course, Korea is famous for its Starcraft exploits. Thus, we felt it is necessary to show how big Stracraft is like in Korea. “The video is about the annual Ongamenet Star League Grand Finals where the best player of Starcraft to date won the GoldenMouse (he won it 3 times). Its considered the most prestigious individual title of Starcraft and only 2 players before him won the GoldenMouse before.” Underminer quipped.

Now imagine the response we could get as gamers if we get this kind of coverage.
And start pondering about these questions that have yet to be properly answered.
Would it be a dream for you to make a living out of doing the things you love? How can Malaysia help achieve such coverage for E-Sports? How can we push E-Sports forward in Malaysia?


September 14, 2009

Asian Dota Championship III Report and Results

by Underminer
edited by Han
published by Rinie 14th September 2009

Round 1 Schedule: 20th August - 26th August

Razer.CGC 2:0 Digi Resurrection

MCiTY 1:2 Mineski-DotA

Sponsor us Please! 1:2 StarsBoba

Err0R 1:2 Cybertime

Darksector.Trust 0:2 CommeDieu

The surprise of the week was Cybertime and Starsboba both dropping a game against their less fancied opponents.

Meanwhile, cD and Razer.CGC both showed their dominance by nailing their respective opponents 2-0.

As the newcomer of ADC, Mcity from Australia put up a good fight but somehow failed to overcome a revamped Mineski side. With only their captain left from the roster of the last ADC, Mineski seems to have infused a cutting edge both in skills in game and strategies used. The strat in game 2 is probably 1 of the most innovative strats Dota has seen in a while. One could only wonder how the game will be like if the range creep can be pulled as well (as claimed by Mineski possible during numerous training sessions).

What is shocking is how tamely the Indonesian representative wernt down to Razer.CGC. It would seem that after the retirement of Xcn/Fnatic/dmw, Indonesia have lost the competitive edge needed to compete at the highest level. Hopefully [R]Digi will bounce back over the course of the season.

Round 2 Schedule: 27th August - 2nd September

Razer.CGC 2:0 Mineski-DotA

Digi Resurrection 0:2 StarsBoba

MCiTY 1:2 Cybertime

Sponsor us Please 0:2 CommeDieu

Err0R 1:2 Darksector.Trust

Round 3 Schedule: 3rd September - 9th September

2:1 StarsBoba

Mineski-DotA 0:2 Cybertime

Digi Resurrection
2:0 CommeDieu

MCiTY 2:1 Darksector.Trust

Sponsor us Please! 2:0 Err0R

Round 4 Schedule: 10th September - 16th September

Razer.CGC 0:0 Cybertime

StarsBoba 0:0 CommeDieu

Mineski-DotA 0:0 Darksector.Trust

Digi Resurrection 2:0 Err0R

MCiTY 0:0 Sponsor us Please!

The round 4 of the fixtures are yet to be played, but as always the Spotgamers team will be on hand to provide the latest results. Stay tuned for the latest round of reports from our regional dota expert, Underminer. Or you can check out for more information.


September 10, 2009

Sudden Attack Girl Search Final Results!

Top 5 Winners : Jane Kwan , Choy Sis Ping , Shirlaine , Michelle Siew , Jenvine Ong
Most Popular : Choy Sis Ping

Congratulations to all winners , sorry to say but i think Jenvine deserved the "Most popular" title !!

image credit offgamers


The Asian Dota Championships

by Han
published by Rinie 10th September 2009

The regular season of Asian DotA Championship III finally begins after narrowing down 400 teams participating in the qualifying stage to a mere ten teams, each one representing their own country. The top two teams will secure their spot in the playoffs where they will face the winner of the third versus sixth, and fourth versus fifth team in double elimination and BO3 format.

In this new season of ADC, the organizers have decided to include an upcoming region in the world of competitive DotA, Oceania, to increase the challenge and strategy varieties of the tournament. Besides that, ADC will be using the newest stable version, 6.62 and to spice things up a litte, no heroes will be autobanned including the new Tauren Chieftain, Batrider and the recent revamp of Lightning Revenant.

As always, the prize pool turned out to be pretty magnificient, pooling up to $4350 for the regular season and more prizes to be announced for the playoffs.

The Championships is played online, where players from different countries will experience different play styles and strategies. The tournament is now in its regular season stage, where the qualifiers are duking it out in the League format. Stay tuned to Spotgamers as we continue to bring you the latest in this event.

10th place= $100
9th place= $150
8th place= $200
7th place= $250
6th place= $300
5th place= $350
4th place= $400
3rd place= $600
2nd place= $800
Champion = $1200



September 9, 2009

One Asia Cup Qualifier: [T2.WiNDs] A13x Stops [T2.WiNDs]Vin Winning Streak

The front row is Malaysian's lineup for One Asia Cup

Good day ladies and gentlemen. Last Sunday, SpotGamers was in MOL iCafe to cover on FIFA Online 2 Malaysia Final Qualifier for One Asia Cup. The participants were chosen from 28 top qualifiers from the online qualifier, 3 qualifiers from top World Tour Points and not forgetting, our own FOL2 representative for Hyundai Cup, [T2.WiNDs]Vin who automatically qualified for the Final Qualifier.

The format of this tournament is quite confusing as it was held to choose 6 representative where 2 players will be playing 1 vs 1 and another 4 would make up 2 teams for 2 vs 2.

After a hot and intense contested battle, [T2.WiNDs] A13x finally ends [T2.WiNDs] Vin after winning the best of three matches on straight set where he won the first match 2-1 and the second match 4-1. With that, [T2.WiNDs] A13x will play for 1 vs 1 while [T2.WiNDs] Vin will play 1 vs 1 for Country vs Country match.

As for 2 vs 2, a shocking result for one of the FOL2's best tag-team, RyanLeo and Kenzo as they were eliminated from the knockout round. Instead, we have the randomized team of HardcorayZ and [T2.WiNDs]Leoninho facing Leeninefold and TheOnez in the final match.

It was a tight match as the winner is decided in a one-match sudden death and the team of Leeninefold and TheOnez prevailed after beating the team of HardcorayZ and [T2.WiNDs]Leoninho with the score of 2-1.

With that, here's Malaysia's line-up for One Asia Cup which will be held on 19-20 September 2009 in Suntec City, Singapore

1 vs 1
[T2.WiNDs] A13x
[T2.WiNDs] Vin

2 vs 2
Leeninefold and TheOnez
HardcorayZ and [T2.WiNDs] Leoninho

Country vs Country
Will be decided among the team members soon.

With that, SpotGamers would wish all the best to the representative for One Asia Cup. Make Malaysia proud and bring back the glory for our country. Malaysia Boleh!


Gaming: Laptop Vs Desktop

by Han
published by Rinie 9th September 2009

Whether you're shooting down enemies in Half Life 2,beating the stars out of your opponent's hero, or dribbling your way towards goal, computer gaming has been a popular hobby for more than a decade. Some even play games professionally. Gamers have a choice when it comes to what they play with. They can sit at a desk with their tricked out desktop PC, or travel from cyber cafe to their granny's house playing games on their laptop. If you're trying to decide whether to invest the portability of a laptop or the affordability of a desktop, there are some issues to consider.


Laptops, of course, are more portable. It's easy to unplug this thin computer from the wall, put it in a bag, and carry it to a party or friend's house. With desktop PCs, this is a lot harder. Desktop towers are heavy and bulky. Not only that, there are many components to a desktop that would be needed as well, including a large monitor and the keyboard and mouse. Since all of these things come in one tiny package, the laptop wins the portability debate hands down.


Since gaming technologies get more advanced every year, the components of your computer will become obsolete before you know it. New computer games are always demanding the best possible equipment. Because of this, you'll need to be able to upgrade the components of your computer pretty easily. This can be done cheaply with a desktop computer, but is almost impossible with a laptop. Most laptops don't allow upgrading for parts like hard drives and graphics cards. Even when they do it would cost half a bomb. This means that if you do get a laptop, you'll probably have to replace it after a year or two.


In line with portability, there are some vast size differences between desktop and laptop PCs. Since laptops have all of their peripherals built into the unit, the size can be pretty small. Desktops, on the other hand, have big and bulky parts that come separately. Size matters. If you like it small, go with the laptop.

LAN Parties

One of the geekiest of all gamer activities is LAN parties. Bring your computer to a friend's house and network all the computers to play games together. Although a lot of the LAN party participants bring along their desktop computers, it's easier to bring a laptop. Still, a large part of LAN parties is showing off your hardware. Desktop PCs often seem way more impressive than laptops because the cases can be customized and they can hold better equipment. If you want the prestige of a nice setup, choose a snazzy desktop. If instead you just want an easy computer to bring with you, choose a laptop.

Value for Money

Since money is an issue and selling point for people, this is the most important category when choosing a computer. The unfortunate fact is that laptops are a lot more expensive than desktop computers. Their portability and small frame being their main selling point. If your wallet is tight, the practical idea would be to purchase a desktop, as you can save money and still get a powerful enough computer to run Crysis. However if you have a wallet like Abramovich, and do not mind paying over the odds (just like him), then go ahead and grab a powerful gaming laptop.

The choice between laptop and desktop gaming is largely a personal one. The knowledgeable consumer will have to decide whether price or portability is more important to them. Research each computer well before making the purchase. Either way, be happy with what you get. Whichever you choose, you'll still be able to kill those zombies with ease. If you are good enough.