August 31, 2009

WarMart Sudden Attack Tournament Results!

Here's the results for top4 teams!

1st : FMJ| (RM3000)
2nd : [ESP]Naga (RM2000)
3rd : 30.4 (RM1000)
4th : TeamLZ



The Spotgamers Team would like to wish all our readers and all Malaysian a Happy 52nd INDEPENDENCE Day!

As time goes by, we should all look back on how our forefathers have fight for our nation freedom. With great power comes great responsibility. So we as the younger generation should keep this in mind never forget the sacrifices been made for us today to live happily and peacefully.

Today we shall cherish our nation freedom. Today we shall protect our nation freedom. And today we shall celebrate our nation freedom.



The MOL Cup is Here!

by Han
published by Rinie 31 August 2009

On the 6th of September, gladiators from all over Malaysia will gather and do battle in Berjaya Times Square to earn the right to represent Malaysia in the One Asia Cup for FIFA Online 2. The MOL Cup Final will also be used to select 6 players to represent Malaysia in the inaugural One Asia Cup which will be held in Singapore. Getting selected is a big deal-there are up to USD100K up for grabs in the One Asia cup, thus every single competitor will be training hard hoping to make the grade. Also, there is a small matter of representing your country, as they go up against the best gamers in the South East Asia region. Qualification would mean a shot at one of the most prestigious E-Sports tournament ever, in terms of prize money allocation.

The groups for the MOL Cup Final will be as follows.

Group 1

LeENiNeFoLd (Arsenal)
kEnZO (Aston Villa)
palohPASIRMAS (Chelsea)
TBA (Liverpool)

Group 2

TheOneZ (Tottenham)
TBA (Bayern Munich)
RuudvanNorman (HSV)
TBA (W Bremen)

Group 3

xAJOIx (Juventus)
tuanmuda (AC Milan)
TerminalTwo (Roma)
TBA (Bordeaux)

Group 4

hardcorayZ (Celtic)
RyaNLeo (Rangers)
ahzZzmOnk (Marseille)
TBA (FC Basel)

Group 5

WindsVin (Atletico Madrid)
UncleMuaz (Barcelona)
cest (Real Madrid)
TBA (Ajax)

Group 6

TBA (PSV Eindhoven)
AFNA (Fenerbahce SK)
jbarsenal (Valencia)
TBA (Sevilla)

Group 7

BallacKaka (F.C Porto)
KongNyet (Firoentina)
yaknij (Inter)
TBA (Manchester United)

Group 8

TBA (Villarreal)
xxrezaxx (Feyenoord)
boneng (Sporting Lisbon)
TBA (Lyon)

Players will use custom teams with identical stats for this tournament on accounts provided by the organizer. The teams players will used are indicated in the brackets next to their names. Spots marked TBA indicate that the player due to play there has not replied indicating their availability on the day.

After representing Malaysia in the EWSC and in the Hyundai Motor Cup, [W|nDs.T2]vin will start as the favourite to qualify as the representative for Malaysia. His clan mate, BallacKaka would also try to join him, but first they have to negate their way through their respective groups.

To find out more about this tournament, log on to the official FIFA Online 2 website or stay tuned to Spotgamers for the latest info, updates and interviews.


August 30, 2009

District 9 Turn Into Game?

by c.J
published by Rinie 30 August 2009

The odds are pretty decent if you spent at least two hours of this weekend watching Neill Blomkamp's innovative, intense alien action film District 9. And if you're anything like us, you walked out of the theatre thinking a few things: (a) that Neill Blomkamp should direct a Halo movie and (b) District 9 would make a kick-ass video game experience. It could be something along the lines of Halo meets Call of Duty, Resistance 2 meets inFamous. The film comes to us from the folks at Columbia Pictures, whose brethren, Sony Interactive, has some experience delivering some badass gameplay, so it got us thinking that not only is District 9 about to become a recognizable brand name, but it has all of the essential elements for a great action video game.

Three Distinct Playable Groups – Military/MNU, Gangs, Aliens

Every massive game needs good guys and bad guys. In this case, we have multiple sets of bad guys, a few sets of good guys and blurry lines all over the place. In a game version, D9 could include gameplay as main alien character Christopher Johnson, MNU agent Wikus Van de Merwe, one of the MNU soldiers and one of the members of the Nigerian gang. Or better yet, levels that allow you to play as different characters with diverse objectives. As well, we also have the element in which Wikus is undergoing a transformation throughout the film — something that could be explored in the game.

Wicked Vehicles, Alien and Human

In the film, there are several high end vehicles in both the human and alien arsenals, but those are just starting points. Game creators could expand on the concepts presented in the film to bring to life cool MNU assault vehicles and alternate alien technology, creating a user experience that is much more than just one character walking with a badass gun. Who wouldn’t love to take a spin in the alien command module or defend humanity from an awesome MNU armoured vehicle? I know I’d like to have that happening in my life.

Human-Alien Co-op Mode / Online Multiplayer

The film’s climactic sequence is one in which Wikus (human) must help Christopher Johnson (alien) avoid the fire of the army in order to reunite his son, the ship and ultimately his way home. This screams co-op, which can be played both in person (2-player mode) and online. As well, my gamer-sense tells me that players around the world are always itching for a cool property to play online, in massively multiplayer ways. If executed properly, a D9 game could be the online multiplayer experience that keeps those bean bag chairs wet.


August 28, 2009

Call of Duty 4 Multiplayer Tips And Tricks

by c.J
published by Rinie 28 August 2009

Would you like to be master of the battlefield in Call of Duty 4 Multiplayer? Brush up on some tips from the Spotgamers’ experts.

1. Always use your environment.

Remember, use enviornment as you would in real life as your modern arsenal and the ballistics it packs can punch through a lot of the cover you would normally think of. So think again about what you use for cover and be sure to use hardcover as high ballistic weapons and shoot through small weak material like wood, plaster, or sheet metal. Same goes for when assaulting, see an enemy run up stairs, and know he's hiding in the corner? Try shooting up through the floor to kill him or distract him while your buddy goes up and finishes him.

2. Customize your weapons.

You are able to fully customize your weapon load out to your playing style. You can opt to fully customize your primary and secondary weapons, add attachments such as sights, scopes, hand grips, or grenade launchers. Please do take into consideration customizing your perks to your liking. If you are a stealthy guy who loves to pull out a silent knife kill whenever possible, customize your perks with UAV Jammer so you don't show up on Enemy UAV Radar, or add a suppressor to your weapon so you don't show up when you fire. Wicked stuff.

3. Use your support by staying alive.

In the event you stay alive long enough to get 3 kills, 5 kills, and 7 kills without dying, you'll be able to utilize some dreaded support from the sky. For example kill 3 enemies without dying and call up 30 seconds of UAV Recon (radar) for your entire team, continue your warpath to 5 kills to get the ability to call in an Airstrike anywhere on the map you choose, or even 7 kills without dying to radio in Helicopter support which will fly overhead taking down any enemies it sees and allowing some valuable distraction for you and your squad.

4. Study the battlefield.

You're going to have 16 Multiplayer Maps at launch, putting you in the middle of the action all fights and cocks, and be sure to take the time to learn them so you can communicate and move smoothly as a team. Observe crucial markings on buildings so you can call it out to your team mates and work better as a squad. For example, if you see an enemy run into a small cafe, be sure to alert your team there's enemies in the small cafe to the north.

5. Communicate.

Use your voice communication to call out enemy positions and direction to keep your entire team informed as what's happening around them. Communication is the key to victory, so watch your kill cam, which shows the perspective of the killer when he killed you so that you can possibly call out key sniper positions or where the enemy is holding up. Simple yet efficient.

6. Silent kills mean better kills.

Remember, if you come up behind several unsuspecting enemies, don't give away the element of surprise by opening fire and alerting the rest, use your Knife melee to get some swift and silent kills so you don't make a noise and don't show up on radar.

7. Use your perks sensibly.

You know you have Perks in multiplayer, which allow you special abilities, use them wisely depends on the game type or map your on. You can save up to 5 custom classes at a time, which you should use to secure a specialized class for each major game type you play. If you're playing Team Death match where kills mean victory then maybe take the Bandolier perk so you have extra ammo or Stopping Power for increased bullet damage. If you're playing Domination or an objective gametype, maybe take Extreme Conditioning which gives you extended sprint so you can get the objective faster than the enemy.

8. Always stay moving and in cover.

Use your aptitude to sprint to transverse wide open spaces and get cover, never stay in one spot too long especially after a kill because all enemies will be converging on your spot. Sprint is limited as you'll get tired, so use it wisely and to get out of a sticky situation.

9. Explosives are your best friends.

Taking an M203 or Claymores out to the fight with you can make a huge difference in Objective game types. If playing Headquarters, once you've taken over the HQ and are defending, set up Claymores around the major doorways to do the work for you while you watch your six. Or put some M203 rounds down range onto an objective to keep enemies from camping on it and capturing it.

If you guys have anything to add on or disagree with our tips & tricks, please feel free to comment ^^


WarMart Sudden Attack Tournament @ CIMB Perfect Livin’ 09!

by Han
published by Rinie 28 August 2009

Sudden Attack is back, and this time the big boys are out to play. Organised by Asiasoft, this exciting tournament will feature the best Sudden Attack teams in Malaysia who will battle it out for cash prizes and unlimited bragging rights! And talking about cash prizes, this time the moolah on the table for the champion is RM3000!

The popular First Person Shooter game will have another junior tournament held during the competition as well. It is a 3v3 format, so players who have not registered can still participate competitively. All they need to do is to show up at PWTC and register on the spot on the 28th August (Friday) 2009.

Here are the details for this tournament, with the draw for the match-ups:

Date: 28th – 31st August 2009
Time: 10am – 8pm
Venue: PWTC, Hall 2

Champion: RM3, 000
1st Runner up : RM2,000
2nd Runner up : RM1,000

Who would emerge victorious in this blood bath? Who would crumble under pressure? Would Team LZ win another FPS tournament? Answers to all these questions and interviews will be posted once the event concludes. So stay tuned to Spotgamers.


August 27, 2009

Spotgamers and Rapture Gaming Announces Collaboration

Early last week, Spotgamers has reached a collaboration agreement with Rapture Gaming, with a vision of sharing and disclosing gamer information. This collaboration is a significant milestone in the progress of Spotgamers.

Rapture gaming aims to put spotlight on gamers of the gaming community. Gamers achieving success worthy of mention will have their information published on Rapture gaming, Their featured writers also prepare interesting columns like Agony Art, Sheepink, and plan to include other features in the near future like Where are They Now, Events Calendar and Team Profiles. Their dedication to the gaming community deserves attention and now the collaboration with Spotgamers will see their news published here as well.

Spotgamers is a gaming media which focus niche is on gamers alone. There are currently a lot of gaming media out there which talks about the latest games & gadgets but sadly they always forget about the backbone of the gaming community, which is the GAMERS themselves. So gamers find it hard particularly to get exposure and recognition for their hard work and achievements which in return affecting the growth of the pro-gaming scene

The collaboration between us can only help the gaming community. With more news being published, more interviews conducted, and more events covered, there is only 1 way the gaming industry can move-Forward. Therefore, to kick start our collaboration, we have interviewed a staff of Rapture Gaming, Ecalyte.

1. There are many types of gaming media on the internet. Why did you choose Spotgamers?

Rapture Gaming wishes to extend their reach to all the countries in Asia and Oceania. SpotGamers was an obvious choice in Malaysia, as they represented a unique blend of writers with an eye for creative content. Being a fore-front leader in Malaysia’s e-Sports coverage, it was natural to select SpotGamers.

2. What are your objectives for collaborating with Spotgamers?
Our main content direction is to spotlight the players. By growing the player’s profile and personalizing them to the audience, we will be able to increase the likeability factor of e-Sports, an important first step to growing the industry. However, this is ultimately to reach an ultimate goal. Increasing awareness and acceptance of e-Sports. To do so, we need to reach the greater audience. SpotGamer’s reach in the Malaysian e-Sports community is vital to this goal, and in return we offer awareness of their portal in our website.

3. Do you think we can help you achieve that objective?
If we weren’t confident that SpotGamers would not help us achieve that objective, we would not have approached SpotGamers with the possibility of such a collaboration! I have faith and trust in the writers of SpotGamers to keep true to the goal of profiling our regional e-Sports athletes!
4. How would our collaboration be considered a success?
I think there are many different milestones to achieve. Success comes in many phases, and it would be folly to keep content at certain ‘successes’. I believe this question is better answered as to what we will try to achieve together, and work our hardest towards it.

1. More awareness to the public about our e-Sports athletes
2. Acceptance of the public for e-Sports as a real and meaningful achievement
3. Increased awareness and growth of both our portals

There are many more milestones apart from the above-listed, and I feel there are too many to list. But the 3 illustrates the direction in which we are taking.

This we believe is a great collaboration to expose Malaysian and Singaporean gamers in both country. So if we did any gamers profiling, be sure to be excited as you will be featured in Spotgamers and Rapture Gaming. You gonna be famous in Malaysia and Singapore and some say Batam. ^^

August 26, 2009

COD 4 No.1 Clan In Malaysia: ESP

by Han
published by Rinie 26 August 2009

From left : ESP.Nobie, ESP.quack, s u n d a e(organizer), ESP.Holyboy, ESP.Pikachu, ESP.susu (bottom)

There is no doubt that COD4 is 1 of the most, if no THE most popular First Person Shooter (FPS) game in Malaysia. And there is no doubt that the number 1 COD clan in Malaysia is Clan ESP, which stands for EAT. SLEEP. PLAY. Thus, the Spotgamers team feel it is necessary to interview them due to their recent successes. Presenting ESP. Holyboy, who took some time out to conduct this interview with us.

1. Since when did your clan started playing COD competitively?
ESP has been playing CoD4 competitively since the beginning of the game’s release. I think it was about 1 year and a half ago, the first tournenament was in Tbun Aman Suria
Since then we have been moving from different competitive Mods like from Stock mod > Pam4> Promod v3> and the recent Promod Live mods.

2. Your clan has a unique name. Do you guys only eat sleep and play?

(Laughs) That’s not true, we do not only eat sleep and play, as ESP is not only a competitive gaming clan. We are also a bunch of close friends from different genre of games coming together forming a clan under the name ESP. Our Full clan name is actually ESP.Gaming because we also have players in Competitive RTS games such as Command and Conquer, we had a CS clan before and also a Sudden attack team. As I was saying the clan is a band of friends ranging from players, supporters and sponsors, if I’m not wrong we also have a paintball team =P

3. What are the greatest achievements of your clan?

As of now our greatest achivement I would say in CoD4 is placing 1st and 3rd during WGT MY last year, our core CoD4 team ESP.BZ has also recently won an Asian CoD4 League placing 2nd in South east Asia.

4. What are the goals for your clan in the future?

As for future goals, we hope to expand the CoD4 community and hopefully get it the level of attention CS gained.

For more information, go to for the latest news and information about clan ESP and the SEA COD4 community.

This article is also featured at


August 25, 2009

CS 1.6 Amateur Cup 2009 (2) Champ= Team Amateur!

Heyya guys, SpotGamers was in One Utama Shopping Centre, Bandar Utama for Counter Strike 1.6 Amateur Cup Part 2. This tournament was being held in conjunction of Digital & Gadget Fair which is also being held at the same time.

This tournament is unique because it only opens to amateur teams and professional teams are banned from joining the tournament, including the previous Amateur Cup winners and first runner-ups. 15 teams have registered themselves to test out their skills against their opponents.

The tournament was being in single elimination for the first round and double elimination stage from the second round onwards. After 3 days of hectic battle, Amateur bounced back all the way from the loser bracket after losing the second round, wins the tournament, beating TYT who advanced from the winner bracket. PlayNation gets third place after losing to Amateur in the loser bracket final.

1st: Amateur

2nd: TYT

3rd: PlayNation

With that, Amateur and TYT would be banned from the upcoming Amateur Cups since they already qualified to the grand final. You can view the pictures from the tournament, courtesy of E-Club Malaysia

CS 1.6 Amateur Cup (2) Pictures

A big thanks to E-Club Malaysia for making a very good effort in nurturing new talents for e-sports community and congratulations to Amateur and TYT for securing the top 2 in the tournament (and get banned as well :P)

With that, SpotGamers signing off for now. Cheers! xD


August 24, 2009

FIFA 10 Preview

by Han
published by Rinie 24 August 2009

One of the most anticipated game release of the summer, FIFA10 is about to hit the streets in a couple of months. So what is new in this game that we can expect? Did they fix the bugs? Are the players moving more realistically? Can we still see Ronaldo’s mole when he is celebrating a goal? Here are some changes we can expect from EA’s most popular game.

Innovative Player Control
360ยบ Dribbling

The first-ever true 360° dribbling system in a football game gives you precise control to skillfully play spaces between defenders that previously were not possible.

-Imagine the defender’s face when you spin past them for the 3rd consecutive time.

Innovative Player Control
Skilled Dribbling

Advanced animation warping technology lets skilled players face defenders and maneuver around them with highly-responsive lateral dribbling, just like the game's

-Think of Ronaldo, Robinho, and Torres etc.

New Practice Arena

Work on individual skills in a fully featured practice mode before stepping on the pitch. Select exactly how many attackers and defenders you want in play, and practice set pieces.

-Now you can have 2v3, 5v2, or even a 1 v 5 match up to practice your skills. Something they should have done with earlier versions.

Customisable Set Pieces

Design and record your very own dead ball moves on the training ground for use on match day to outwit your opponent. You have complete control over your players, with the ability to assign a specific role and movement to every outfield player on your team one at a time, and then combine them for the perfect set piece.

-Ever wanted to ghost in behind a defender when your team have a free kick like Ruud Van Nistelrooy? Now you can!

Improved Trapping Intelligence

Players now have a better awareness of where the easiest, most natural trapping position is so they can get the ball on the ground and under control easier and earlier.

- The amazing 1st to of Messi and Berbatov, now shown step by step in FIFA 10

At Halftime, the Arsenal team practiced their jumping skills with Berbatov.

here are many other features; here are the best of them:

  •  Pre-season friendlies will be introduced to the next-gen versions of the game, which will be organized by the club's assistant manager for a chance to flatten out any wrinkles in a club's lineup before the domestic season begins.
  •  A Live Season feature has been implemented within Manager Mode. As players' forms rise and fall based on performance (within Manager Mode itself, not real-world events), players will receive a temporarily higher or lower rating along with temporarily higher or lower stats to implicate the authenticity of player form.
  •  The fatigue of players will be more authentic and realistic, eliminating the problem in which lower-level teams suffer from incredibly low energy levels throughout a series of matches. (Thank God for this!)
  • > Total Football Experience will be a new feature in which football news around the Manager Mode world will be visible, including player transfers, fixtures and results in foreign leagues.
  •  A new mode which has been revealed is the "Set-Piece Creator". Using this, runs can be assigned to specific players for different directions. It is not known yet whether this will be available on online play, as revealed by producer David Rutter.

With so many new features and improvements, it is no wonder that many players cannot wait for the release of FIFA10. EA will release a demo soon, and gamers would get to test how FIFA 10 would be like. Here are some useful links for the readers who would like to know more:


This concludes our preview, until next time, enjoy your football.


Chics And Babes

by c.J
published by Rinie 24 August 2009

Heard of Christmas in July?

Well, it's August, but we're still going to give you an early present this year: a look at the ladies who will be red-ringing your eyes all winter long. We included titles being released between mid-September and early December, but buyer beware: drop dates are always subject to change, so please don't stab us with virtual pitchforks if your pixel satisfaction gets put on hold. Good? Good. Now let's go...

Rachel, Ayane, and Momiji (Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2)
Release Date: September 29, 2009

Mr. Ryu Hayabusa definitely has the edge when it comes to the female department, especially in the upcoming game exclusive to the PS3. Ayane, of Dead or Alive fame, Momiji, from Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword on the Nintendo DS, and Rachel, from the original NGS, will all make appearances and be playable in the game's online co-op mode. Unfortunately, you'll have to give up on turning your ruminations of playing Crouching Tiger and Hidden Dragon with them into reality—they just want to slice people's faces off.

Elena Fisher and Chloe Frazer (Uncharted 2)
Release Date: October 13, 2009

As if Nathan Drake didn't have enough girl problems the first time around, he not only has to deal with nosy journalist Elena again, but also Chloe, a tall, skinny treasure-hunter after the same gold as Drake. Get yer popcorn ready, guys: The best cat fight in video game history is about to go down.

Alisa Boskonovitch (Tekken 6)
Release Date: October 27, 2009

As much as we'd like to talk about the other women in the new Tekken game, we're focusing on the newest addition to the group: Alisa. She looks like she belongs in a theater production of Swan Lake, but her cutesy demeanor is just a front. She's a military-grade weapon with the ability to summon chainsaws and airplane wings. Yeah, this is where you cry Uncle.

Ada Wong and Claire Redfield (Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles)
Release Date: 2009, maybe?

These two have been around for quite some time, but we've only been privy to their beauty while they were busy shooting lead into possessed beings. Why not relax a bit, girls? Maybe take a vacation, say, to a beach with the Dead or Alive girls? Just sayin'.


August 23, 2009

First Games For DreamHack Winter Announced

Heyya guys, we are bringing you updates from the mother of all digital festival, DreamHack Winter 2009.

Yes, DreamHack has announced their first list of games for DreamHack Winter 2009 which will be held in DreamArena Extreme, Jonkoping, Sweden on 26 to 29 November 2009.

According to DreamHack representative, the first games for DreamHack Winter 2009 are as follows:-
  • Counter-Strike 1.6
  • World Of Warcraft
  • DotA
  • Street Fighter IV
  • Tekken6
  • Quake Forever: Quake World
  • Quake Forever: Quake Live

From our point of view, we are not sure which single player game would be chosen as the representative for Team Malaysia in DreamHack Winter 2009, but as the list was announced, it seems that Street Fighter IV players might have a chance to make a trip to Svenska

After all, we just have to wait and see for any further announcements from Go International Group regarding this recent developments.

For the time being, DreamHack Malaysia Qualifier is taking a break for Ramadhan and will resume the action with qualifiers waiting for us in Johor, Sarawak and Selangor before embarking to One Utama for the Grand Finals on 17-18 October 2009

So, as usual, as watch this space on SpotGamers!

Source: DreamHack Official Website


SONY FIFA PS3 Challenge

Heyya guys, SpotGamers was in Mid Valley Megamall to cover the SONY FIFA PS3 Challenge. The tournament was being held in conjunction of SONY FIFA World Cup Roadshow which reaches the final venue, none other than the place near their own headquarters :P

The tournament was being played in single elimination format, with 32 gamers battling it out for the lucrative prize of 1 PS3 (not the slim one) and 1 PSP (not the GO one). And only COUNTRY can be selected in this tournament, maybe due to the fact that certain clubs are too powerful to be used

After a tough battle, 2 gamers managed to go home RM1599 and RM899 richer as they managed to qualify to the final match. In the end, [MyFES]Solidsnake shows his dominance in PS3 format of FIFA after thrashing Akmar from GamersUnite with the score of 8-3

Therefore, Snake goes home with a PS3 worth RM1599 while Akmar went home with a PSP. The prize was being given to the winners by Senior Executive of SONY Malaysia, Mr. Teoh Wah Keong.

Enough with the rants, let's go to the pictures shall we?

There You Go. Fasting Is Taking Its Toll :D

The Semi Finalist

The Final Match-up

The Runner-Up - [GamersUnite]Akmar

The Champ - [MyFES]Solidsnake

The New Owners of PS3 and PSP :D

That's all from us now. Folks! Cheers! xD


August 22, 2009

Then and Now

Video game heroes have changed significantly over the past few years. They have transformed from 2-D to 3-D, posses crazier powers and can sometimes choose between taking the moral highroad or getting the job done by any means necessary. They still all have one thing in common -- they're all devoted to saving the day and fighting evil. This week's Retro Rewind pays tributes to video game heroes of all stripes, from then ... and now.

Then: One Man Army: Solid Snake (Metal Gear series)

Solid Snake has been fighting through the Metal Gear games since the series kicked start in 1987. He uses his survival instincts to stay one step ahead of his enemies, and uses stealth to stay away from danger. Sure, he's a much older man now, but he's still as deadly ever. Something tells us we haven't seen the last of Snake...

Now: One Man Army: Cole McGrath (Infamous)

A bike messenger who gets caught in the middle of a powerful cataclysmic blast that rocks Empire City to its very core, Cole McGrath emerges from the wreckage with a newfound power -- electricity. It's up to the player to decide whether Cole will use these powers for good or evil. Going with good enables him to destroy bad guys using concentrated blue energy, without the assistance of police or fellow citizens. Granted, there's also the option of embracing the dark side and frying everyone to bits with red energy. The choice is yours.

Then: Evergreen Hero: Mario (Super Mario Bros.)

Mario's been stomping Goombas and saving princesses since the early '80s. He got his ass to start jumping barrels and hammering fireballs in the original Donkey Kong, and has since moved on to plat forming infamy in the Super Mario Bros. series. No wonder he's considered the Mickey Mouse of the gaming world.

Now: Evergreen Hero: Mario (New Super Mario Bros.)

It shouldn't be a surprise that Mario is as powerful a video game hero as ever. He'll be back later this year, helicopter hat and all, in the multiplayer Wii game New Super Mario Bros., and next year he'll be straddling Yoshi and flying all over the universe in Super Mario Galaxy 2. Needless to say, this plumber's work is never done. We wouldn't have it any other way.


August 21, 2009

Study: Average gamer is 35, fat and bummed

GTA 4 After This?

A new study says the average age of video-game players in the United States is 35, and oh, by the way: They're overweight and tend to be depressed.

Investigators from the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Emory University and Andrews University analyzed survey data from 552 adults in the Seattle-Tacoma area. The subjects ranged in age from 19 to 90, according to the study, published in the October issue of the American Journal of Preventive Medicine.

The hypothesis was that video-game players have a higher body mass index — the measure of a person's weight in relation to their height — and "a greater number of poor mental health days" versus non players, said Dr. James B. Weaver III of the CDC's National Center for Health Marketing. The hypothesis was correct, he said.

That statistic is for the US. What about Malaysians?

Are we actually fat, old and depressed? Do we spend countless of hours behind the computer playing games, thus neglecting the essential activities for good health?

There are always 2 sides to any story. On one hand we can argue that a suitable amount of time spent on gaming can be beneficial to us. Or we can counter that saying by stating that gaming has caused many people to become a couch potato, just like the US. So far there are no conclusive studies to prove Malaysian gamers are obese and depressed, but personally I can see that is not the case. Ask any casual gamer, and they will tell you that by playing games, it serves as a platform for them to release stress, relax, and get away from reality-for a short time. This is of course, not true when he counts gaming as an obsession, where every minute of his meaningful life is spent behind a console.

Take a look at the top professional gamers. Look at our representatives at the Asian World Cyber Games. They are young, fit and (maybe) good looking. They represent our country; they make money by doing the things they love. A depressed bunch of individuals? You got to be kidding. To further illustrate my point, look at our editor in chief and former Asian Champion, Si Jali. He sure looks obese to me.

Perhaps there are actually many people that are obese. They may also be above 35. Some may also suffer from depression, like anyone would due to nature of their life. But because they do play games a hobby, they are part of the statistic that says-gamers are above 35, obese and bummed.

With the Malaysian government having a different outlook on gaming these days, it would be sheer folly to dismiss video games as a hobby that is nothing but detrimental to our health. Of course, we will never realize the exact extent of the damage done to us because of gaming (For instance radiation or fatigue). But to categorize gamers that way due to a few rotten apples who do not lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle would be unfair indeed.


August 20, 2009

Garena's Nation War Invitational Tournament Event Summary

by Underminer
edited by Han
published by Rinie 20 August 2009
Thanks again Underminer! ^^

For those readers who just returned from Mars, Kingsurf’s magnificent triumph for Malaysia looks like this: (Useful for players who intend to buck up and play competitively)

Game 1: Ks vs StarsBoba (AWCG 2009 Gold Medallist)

Ks: Enchantress, CM, POTM, Tide, Phantom Lancer
SB: Lion, Vs, Slardar, Morphling, Lion

There was a slight dispute in this game when Starsboba's carry hero Morphling dropped at the 12th minute and Kingsurf refused to have the game remade after finding out that the dropped player has lost his save file due to a restart of his computer in a Net Cafe.

Ks dominate the kills during the early game but SB destroyed 1 tower more than Ks at the time of the disconnection.
Here is the official calculation in accordance to the rules.

Ks : 10 kill + 1 tower = 13 points.
SB : 2 kill + 2 tower = 8 points.
Difference: 13-8 = 5 points (Ks is deemed to be in favour to make a decision)

As per the calculation, Ks have the right to call for the game to carry on 4v5. Knowing that it was impossible to win the game in that kind of situation, Starsboba forfeited. What would have happened had the disconnection not occurred? Your guess is as good as mine.

Game 2: Ks vs Gv

Heroes :
Ks : SF, Cm , Bb, Enchantress, ES
GV : Viper, Sven, Lion, Undying, Warlock

Ks dominated the lanes. Earthshaker proved crucial in the counterting of Undying's supposed strengths in the game.
Yamateh managed a Beyond godlike streak. Surprise, surprise.
Game ends at 36 minutes.

Game 3: Ks vs G4v

Ks : PL, KOTL, Lion, Es, Morph
G4v: Undying, Necro, Enigma, Zeus, Tide

Both teams are quite even during early game.
Utilising the 3 what they learnt in CAPL (the 3 lane pressure technique), the game was over when they downed the first 3 towers of the opponent.
Yamateh, Beyond Godlike, again
Game ends at the 32nd minute.

Game 4 : Ks vs A13

Ks : DP, POTM, Sandking, Axe, Crystal Maiden
A13 : Brood, Morphling, WL, Tide , Lion

In this match, Broodmother was having a hard time. He kept getting caught with ward support from CM and Sandking completely destroys its invisibility advantage under its net.
31 min : This battle proves to be crucial. Ks won the battle at their mid tower 4v5 while the DP cleared A13's top rax.
37 min : After Ks won the battle in front of A13's base, A13 forfeits. Kills 29-13

Game 5: Ks vs Masta

Ks : SF, Darkseer, Axe, CM, POTM
Masta : Necro, LOA, Brood, Undying, Enigma

This game saw Ks giving away the 2 most imbalanced heroes of ACG 2009: Necrolyte and Undying, in addition to Broodmother, Lord of Avernus and Enigma, making Masta's draft looks like a dream draft for any team in such an important match for Team Vietnam.
Little do they know, Ks planned to finish this Nation War with a blast. Using his favourite hero, Yamateh dominated the game from early till the end culminating to a 30 min Rapier with 0 towers lost for Ks.
Yamateh finished with a Beyond Godlike streak.
Owning made it a double delight for Ks with another Beyond Godlike streak.
Game ends at 37 mins.



The Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) is a self-regulatory and non-profit organization established in 1994 by the Entertainment Software Association (ESA), a trade group representing video game makers. Like the MPAA does for the film industry, this group rates video games with a similar series of letter grades. An M rating (for "Mature") is roughly equivalent to an R rating for a movie; a T (for "Teen") rating is like a PG; E ("Everyone") is like a G rating and so on.

The ratings, like movie ratings, are voluntary, but retail outlets generally won't carry games that don't have a rating -- much like mainstream movie theaters won't show unrated films.

While store clerks are not supposed to sell M-rated games to children, young people obviously do get their hands on age-inappropriate material, in much the same way kids can be let into an R-rated movie by an inattentive ticket clerk. However, the Federal Trade Commission has praised the video game ratings system, and gradual improvements in retailer practices. In a 2006 study, the FTC sent undercover minors sent into stores to try and buy M-rated games, finding that only 35% of the kids were able to buy an M-rated game, down from 85% five years earlier.

While this is still a major problem, the ESRB points out that out of the 1,285 games they rated in 2006, only 8-percent carried an M rating (although they accounted for 15-percent of games sold).


August 19, 2009


Yesterday we posted some screenshots of the popular Pro Evolution Soccer. Today, we present the screenshots of our next game, FIFA 10. FIFA 10 will be the next installment of Electronic Arts' FIFA series of football video games. Developed by EA Canada, it is published by Electronic Arts worldwide under the EA Sports label. It will be released on 2 October 2009. The feature players for FIFA10 are as always, Rooney and Ronaldinho. While waiting for the release, here are some pictures for you fans out there.

Like a salmon

Used to be the best in the world.

Looks like Fabregas is not goin to Spain.

Heads up!

Looks like a thief eh?

How many men does it take to stop him?

The striker for you team... in your dreams!

With Ronaldo gone, i now have the ball to myself.

Those are interesting screenshots right? Which game has the better graphics? Or used to have the better gameplay? Which football simulator is your preferred choice? We await your answers. In the meantime enjoy your games; we will cover as much as possible for both the titles,